Exclusive – BSD Safari Pedal Promo and Interview

BSD make pretty much every part under the sun, but until now they were lacking a pedal in their extensive range of simplistic and well designed parts. Unless you have been sleeping under a rock this year, you will have noticed that Reed Stark is an absolute animal on a bike (check the above promo for proof of this), but many of you dont know how much into product design he actually is… BSD always work closely with their riders on their signature products so when Reed had an idea for a pedal, he sat down with brand owner Grant Smith and they came out with a simple but unique design which was the perfect answer for what good pedal should be.

The Safari Pedal just hit the shelves so we decided it would be greta to not only premier the promo video, but to hit up Reed and find out more about the pedal and what went into designing it. Check it out…


So the Safari pedal is your second signature product from BSD, you must be stoked! How long was this project in the works for?
No doubt! It’s crazy seeing something you designed come to life. I told Grant I wanted to make a signature plastic pedal in 2010 after getting on BSD, but we didn’t start working on it until May 2013. Since then we’ve been constantly emailing, texting, and calling each other to make sure it turns out dialed.

How much input did you have with the design?
100%. I sketched out the pedal’s pin arrangement, took a photo, and sent it to Grant. From there we worked on specific features that I wanted such as the hexagonal pin shape, three-pin arrangement, knurling, concave platform, and material. I used the Safari Pedals as a topic for multiple school projects and researched the product category for over six months.


What makes the Safari pedal different to other plastic pedals out there right now?
I can ruin a pair of normal pedals in one session due to how often I eat shit. If a single corner pin grinds down from a tumbling bike then the pedals are worthless because your foot will slip off. The unique three-pin arrangement in high impact areas makes the Safari pedals grip your foot longer and better than any other available plastic pedal in the market.

How long have you been testing the pedals? Are they noticeably longer lasting than the last pair you were riding?
I’ve been riding the first set for 2 months now. Plastic pedals usually last me less than 2 weeks.


First the Giraffic bars, and now the Safari pedals? Where did the name come from and what’s with the animal references?
BMX is a savage journey. We’re all animals.

So this year has been a tough one for you. I know you were off injured for a while and also had a lot of school work, can we expect to see more riding from you for the rest of the year?
Breaking the wrist in Puerto Rico was grim. Six months off the bike was even worse. Fortunately I graduated from college in May and am healthy as can be. My apartment lease is up at the end of August so I’ll be traveling and riding loads after that.


What other plans do you have with BSD for the rest of the year? Any more trips or signature stuff in the works?
Pretty sure we’re taking a trip to Space in December, but Grant needs to fix up the rocket first.

Anything else you would like to add?
Thanks to BSD, etnies, Sun Ringlé, The Gully Factory, Albe’s, and RAWr Superfoods for keeping me rolling. Shouts to friends, family, Luke Kaney, Jack Carlson, and Professor Jennifer Johnson for keeping me steady.


The Safari Pedal is available now from BSD dealers worldwide. For more info on the Safari pedal and other BSD products go hit up the website HERE.

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