Cult X Vans Tire


Be ready to see these fly off the shelves! The Cult X Vans tires have had a lot of you excited and those of you will be happy to know that they will be out next month in black and a hefty 2.35 size. Maybe a gum version will be next…?

The Union Products: Vol. 103


For this weeks edition of The Union’s Products we get a good look at the Aaron Ross signature Motoross frame from Sunday Bikes, the Bold Topload stem from Kink, the 4140 Eon pegs from The Daily Grind, the Helm spline-drive sprocket from Madera and Kurt wraps it all up (pun totally intended…) with the Warhead XL lock from Subrosa.  Head over to The Union for the full specs, prices and details on how to get your greasy mitts on all of it.

Merritt Insert Bar End Test

Merritt‘s new Insert bar ends are available now. Even though they look almost identical to a regular push-in nylon bar end (and not to mention cost the same) they addition of a steel insert really seems to make these things indestructible, as seen here in this funny promo video they put out. Hammer test approved

Justin Cares tests out our new Insert bar ends. They are a nylon bar end with a steel insert molded into it to stop your bars from cutting right through them. They are available now at your local shop for $4.

The D Key


This got sent to me by a friend and to be honest it’s a really simple but clever solution to carrying tools around with you. The D Key is essentially an regular allen key, but features a flat “key-like” end which not only lets you to clip it to your car keys, but also allows you to put double the force than you would with a regular box standard allen key.

Find out more about the D-Key HERE…

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The Union Chris Silva Animal Axle Nuts Interview


Jewels!’, ‘Nads!’ i hear a lot of riders howling on facebook over the subject on Animal‘s yet-to-be-released Chris Silva signature axle nuts but unlike it’s predecessors it’s available for female axles; of which are usually a massive pain in the arse for us grinding-pegless folk (*sticks out chest*) Interestingly, the female option comes with an added recessed allen key slot inside the socket fitting.  Head over to The Union to read the interview Kurt did with Chris on the subject of these nuts and grinding in general, ’tis a good’un.

Odyssey Gary Young Grip Promo

This promo video does not only contain Gary Young getting wild as hell, but also explains what went into designing his second signature grips from Odyssey BMX. These grips might not be to everyone’s taste but Gary sure had a lot of input into them which I really respect and they seem to be working for him! If a slightly thicker, more durable grip is up your street, then these could be for you…

When it comes to grips, Gary has very particular ideas and preferences. Click play to find out the details on Gary’s new grip from the man himself and to watch some great riding. Enjoy!

GARY YOUNG 2 GRIPS are available now in Black, Red, Royal Blue and Tan/Black Swirl.

Merritt P1 Pedal


Here’s a look at the finished version of Merritt‘s P1 plastic pedal which have been in testing for a few months and should be available pretty soon. I’m really liking the slim profile and knurling on these. Also Gum pedals are going to look awesome with matching tires or grips…

LUX BMX Leopard Wheelset


We posted this up on our Facebook page this morning and it got a huge amount of you talking. Here is a one off wheelset that Aussie store LUX BMX put together for team rider Tom Stretton. At a guess I would say the guys have taken a set of Colony Rims and hydro dipped them in a very similar way to many of these new Camo parts are being made. These are one off at the moment but after the reaction we received and the popularity of hyro dipping BMX parts right now, I find it very hard to believe that some brand wont step up to the plate and offer a production run in the near future.

I’m sure Sean Burns and the Bone Deth crew are stoked on this…

Mutiny Grant Castelluzzo Frame


Head over to the Mutiny site for a look at team manager and technical grind wizard Grant C’s new ride. Grant is rocking a sample of his signature frame which will be available later this year.

“The specs are 75 ht, 13inch rear end slammed, 11.8bb, 70-degree seat tube, 8.8″ stand over, smaller drop outs that sit more flush with my peg, and a bunch of top tube sizes ranging from 20.2 all the way to 21.1. We are using a few different tubes than our last frames and it will be completely brakeless. The reason for these changes is to help keep the cost down. We want it to be as close to $300 retail. I want as many people as possible to be able to ride my frame. I couldn’t be anymore psyched on the way it is all turning out.”

Merritt Insert Barends


Merritt‘s new Insert bar ends will be available in the next few week’s. Using a fairly basic and affordable nylon push-in style barend, the guys at Merritt have ingeniously put a steel washer in the end to prevent the barend being cut apart by the ends of your bars when you fall. They come in a selection of colours and retail for a very modest $4 a pair. Go hit your local Merritt dealer today and get some!

Spotted – Alienation Alloy Freecoaster Internals


Alienation are prototyping an alloy drive and clutch to fit their Freecoaster hub. According to them, this will drastically reduce the weight;

The standard freecoaster cone and driver weigh 135 grams. This alloy one weighs in at 66. Currently testing.

I’m sure the guys have done their research on this one, but who really wants an alloy driver? I know Demolition used an alloy driver in the past and it wore down faster than raw skin on tarmac. And then with the clutch, why use a softer material on a hub that suffers an incredible amount of lateral stress? I guess we’re just going to have to wait and see how this one pans out…


The Union Insight: Fit Bike Co. T/A Tyre


The Union just posted this Insight article on the 2.4″ gum FitBikeCo T/A tyres they got to sample over the winter.  These look to be available in the next few days so if you like your bike looking like a lean, mean, wheelie busting tangerine then Fit has your back (they’ll be available in black and black/gum wall too because not everyone’s gonna be into the 1989 look)

New Primo Chains


Primo just slapped this up on their Facebook, apparently they are bringing out this half link chain shown above as well as a regular 1/2″ chain with a preinstalled half link for any purists out there.  They’ll be available in dark blue, chrome or raw. Watch this space for more as it comes.

Spotted – Mutiny Lucky Strike Frame


UK pegless street god and motorcycle enthusiast Josh Bedford just built up a sample of his latest signature frame from Mutiny Bikes. The new updated Lucky Strike frame will feature a 9″ Taller stand over and shorter 13.4″ – 13.85″ chain stays. These things are built to go fast and take a beating and should be available later this summer.

Go watch Josh’s part in Tomorrow We Work NOW.

WeThePeople Volta Complete Bike Test

Complete bikes are getting so good these days that sometimes there is no real need to spend the time building up a custom build when you can get something out of the box that performs just as well if not better.

Wethepeople‘s Théo Zannettacci tests the 2014 Volta complete bike and as you can tell, it handles like no other complete bike out there. Check out this quick session where Theo throws down in front of the camera to demonstration what this bike is capable of.

For more info on the Volta head over to the Wethepeople site HERE and check it out in all it’s awesomeness.

Carson Leh Custom Seats

Custom-Leather-Bmx-pivotal-SL-Chaos-symbol-ODI-Custom-leather-lock-on-grips-hand-made-Austin-Texas-BMX-brogue-Leh-Seats  6 copy

Carson Leh is a name I had been seeing pop up a lot this past year. I first saw his beautiful handcrafted leather covered seats a few years ago and was actually one of the first things I ever posted on the site. I’ve always been really excited by custom work, especially with things that take time and dedication to learn. Carson’s seats are of an incredibly high quality and are made to order and available directly off his website.

He recently got in touch and sent over some photos of his latest masterpieces. Click through to check out some of the best custom leatherwork BMX has ever seen.  Continue reading

Available now – Primo Plastic Hub Guards


Primo‘s new snap-on plastic hub guards are available now. These nylon hub guards are designed to be run with the Re-Mix Cassette and the Freemix Freecoaster Hubs. Available in both drive and non-drive side options, they come with a special cone-nut which replaces the already installed cone-nuts and enables you to run dual hub guards without having to spread your dopouts.

Get a closer look at the new system below…  Continue reading