Kink High Rise Stem


After over a year of testing from their stacked team, Kink‘s High Rise stem is now available worldwide and comes in either 48mm reach for a more responsive feel or 53mm reach for a stabler ride.  Either way if you want to put some extra height on your bars then this is a good way to do it.  Hit up your local Kink dealer and get them to order you one if that’s your bag.


Weight: 9.6oz (48mm)/10oz (53mm)
Color: Black, Raw
Rise: 31.5mm
Stack: 30mm
CNC Machined 6061 Aluminum

Can You Dig It’s Brutally Honest Certified Helmet Buyers Guide


It’s the elephant in the room again… Jon at Can You Dig It posted this highly amusing review of all the CPSC/CE certified helmets he could get his shovel wielding hands on.  He gives each of them a fair trial before listing the positives and the negatives of which if we’re honest, we’re all more concerned about here.  He even picks a clear winner, we won’t reveal it here but I can tell you it’s (thankfully) not the ugly luminous green/black one that looks straight out of Starship Troopers.

Volume Bikes The Finer Things Pivotal Seat


As the wild hipster seat cover craze rages on Volume Bikes bring these to the table.  Dubbed ‘The Finer Things‘ after their recent DVD release, this pivotal seat with it’s mid sized padding and canvas panelled cover it looks sturdy enough to take a beating from the pavement and your backside respectively.  The Finer Things pivotal seat looks to be out very soon with the tripod version coming next month so get on to your local bike shop to snap either one up.


9.2 oz Tripod
11.5 oz Pivotal


Multicoloured kaleidoscope
black and green kaleidoscope

Tree Removable Brake Mount Okan Forks


Forks with AD990 mounts are a rare gem these days but the guys at Tree Bike Co. have topped it with these super limited edition Okan forks with low profile removable brake mounts.  These are great for those who aren’t fully committed to the idea of having a pair of metal spikes welded to the front of your ride.  Head over to Tree’s webstore to snap a set up while you can.


Eclat Overguard Hub Guard


WMT’s premium brand Eclat dropped these photos via this The Union exclusive demonstrating their newest offering to the peg wielding maniacs out there; the Overguard.  This 4140 chromoly hub guard is simply mounted to the outside of your dropout to protect your frame as well as solving a whole bunch of hub/hub guard compatibility issues that some others have; especially when it comes to drive side guards. It also features anti-slip dropout bolts for both left or right hand sides as well as being drive or non-drive side compatible.  It’s good to see companies thinking outside the box whilst making things simpler for everyone.  The Overguard is set to hit shelves later his year so watch this space for more info.


Mutant Bikes Prototype Hubguard



Mutant bikes have been working on a mystical peg/hubguard combination for a few years now. We have a post from about a year ago showing it off in great detail, and Kurt over at The Union posted a review of them a little while back. The most interesting feature about this peguard is how the actual guard part rides over the drop-out, protecting for the guard and you drop-puts from getting bashed. Now it looks like Mutant will be releasing this all protecting hubguard by itself, for those of you who don’t want the peguard itself, but would still like to protect your frame and hubs. Peep the Mutant bikes site for more info on when this will drop.

United Machinez Sprocket


Corey Martinez has just been graced with a sprocket from the crew over at United. This sprocket will come in 25t or 28t sizes, along with the colors black (shown), polished, and copper. You can get this with the full guard if you grind a lot, or without if that’s not your thing. Most notably is the fact that they chose to go with Odyssey’s socket –drive option or a 19mm, 22mm or 24mm, 48 spline drive spindle. Although not being the first company to do so, they might be the first to make it look this good. Hit up the United site for more details, and click down below to see more photos, including the non-fullguard option.

Update: Sprocket will have adapters to fit spline-drive cranks, in 19, 22, and 24 mm. Click through to see the full line of sprockets with the adapters!

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Stranger Brooks Bar

Brooks Bars

Stranger is dropping a new set of bars, dubbed the Brooks Bars, after the one and only Gabe Brooks. Available in 9”, 9.5”, and 10” inch rises, these’ll work for just about anyone. They all come with a medium 28” wdith, and are finished off with 4 degrees of up-sweep, and 11 degrees of back-sweep. The heights will accommodate just about anyone, the width will keep the bars spinning, and the up-sweep and back-sweep will make sure your wrists feel good. They look perfect. The Brooks Bars will be available soon, so be sure to check out the Stranger website for any more info.

Kink Rex Bars


The guys at Kink have added the new Rex bar to their already booming handlebar range.  These 13 butted, post weld heat treated chromo steering wings feature a lofty 9.5 inch rise, 29.5 inch width for even the lankiest of riders as well as a 12 degree backsweep, 1 degree upsweep and a very reasonable weight of 29 oz.  Ticks all my boxes.  Hit up your local Kink dealer or mailorder to get hold of these bike bananas.

Odyssey Hawk Stem 02



Chase Hawk is getting a small overhaul on him stem from Odyssey. The little details are usually what can make something go from being just okay, to being awesome. In this case, the gold lettering really sets off this stem, and the recessed top really makes the stem look a lot smoother. The guys at Odyssey know what they’re doing, and they’re doing it well. Peep the Odyssey site here, and stay tuned for more details on this stem.

9 Inch FU-Bars from S&M


You wouldn’t know this, but I’m a tall guy. As in, I-ride-10-inch-bars-because-I-need-to tall. So when S&M dropped the Charlie FU-Bars in 10”, you know I was stoked that a 4-piece bar was made with the proper dimensions of people my height. Sadly, a lot of you will never, ever need a 10” bar, so S&M decided to be nice and produce some 9” FU-Bars for all of you below-giant height people. Go check out the S&M website and stay tuned for release dates soon.

Mutiny Loosefer Re-Issue


Randy Taylor was the first guy I’ve ever seen in a web video. Ever since, I’ve been hooked on bikes, and it’s all because of his Props bio from years ago. He will always be in my top 10 favorite riders of all time, and because of that, I am so stoked that Mutiny is re-issuing his Loosefer frame, with a few minor geometry adjustments. We don’t have any specifics yet, but based off of this bike check Mutiny posted with Mat Houck, we know that it’ll have a taller headtube and standover height than the original. Can’t wait for this to be available, and rest in peace Randy.

Spotted: Merritt Prototype Tension Hub Guard


This gem popped up on Brandon Begin’s prototype-filled bike check over on Merritt‘s site, this Tension plastic front hub guard is universal and clips on with a single spring and are also (consequently) out this coming spring according to Merritt. More on that as the info comes, until then head over to their site and check out the new black leather SL1 seat, a peek at Charlie Crumlish’s signature grips and catch another look at their prototype freecoaster altogether on Brandon’s ride.

Are Bikes As Good As They Will Ever Get?

Probably the most time saving invention to be applied to BMX’s; the press-fit Mid BB

Fourteen years have flown by since I first walked into a bike shop as a twelve year old, decided that mountain biking was far too expensive a pursuit for my budget and rather than dispiritedly retreating out the shop door back in front of the TV, I opted for a BMX bike.  For a young boy I think it was the most logical of choices, primarily for steering away from my previous life as a reclusive Playstation enthusiast but also the kind of bike I chose to do it on.  BMX caught my eye that day with its sheer stripped back simplicity that no other cycling sub-culture had bred before.

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The Union- The Art Of Headtube Badges


Kurt over at The Union posted this awesome piece on the ultimate of bike-porn components; headtube badges.  It’s well worth a read, he covers a lot of the classics like the S&M badge as well as a few you might not have seen.  I particularly liked the ‘Adam LZ‘ BMW style badge shown below because it (inadvertently, I’m sure…) reminds me of the old GSport t-shirt from way back.