Stranger Switchable Cassette/ Freecoaster


The next coaster related news of the day comes from Stranger who posted this snap of their soon-to-be-released switchable freecoaster/cassette hub.  From the name we can tell this is going to adopt the newer and lighter retention ring system (used by Kink, Vocal, etc) rather than KHE licenced internals.  More info and mysterious instagram snaps as they come.

Primo Pro Seat in Camo


Primo‘s Pro seat will be available soon in Camo. Whilst there are a few Camo seats out now, I’m really into the grippy side panels which are bound to help a bunch when throwing the bars. Look out for this and a bunch of other new Primo products dropping later this year.

Odyssey La Guardia Sprocket Out Now


The new Odyssey La Guardia sprocket will be hitting your local shop any day now. The successor of the popular Million Dollaer Sprocket, the La Guardia isn made from 7075 aluminium, will come in either 25t or 28t sizes, and will be available in black or silver.

Interesting to see if Odyssey bring out a socket-drive version of this one after the sneak peeks we’ve seen…

Cult X Clockwork Orange OS Frame


Cinema tweakers and movie fiends rejoice (I know my twisted ass is) here, my little droogs, we have lashings of ultra-rare Cult OS frames with decals inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s cult film A Clockwork Orange.

Only 20 of these are being made (10 in 20.75″ TT and 10 in 21″ TT lengths) and they are only available through Australian Cult dealers as well as 20Twenty BMX in Scotland.  These frames also come with a sticker pack and a limited edition snapback hat to boot.

Demolition X Markit Pivotal Seats


The original Demolition X Markit Seats has to be one of the most popular pivotals of all time, I swear I cant go a day without seeing someone riding one! Well the boys have done a new version which uses the same Denim cover as their Tripod version, as well as using an updated stronger pivotal base. These are available now from Demolition dealers worldwide, go cop one!

Wethepeople Helix Frecoaster


Wethepeople have been busy bees recently and the fruits of their labour are starting to come to… erm…. fruition.  Here we have a sneak preview of the yet-to-be-released Helix freecoaster hub (yeah that’s right kids, oil slick hub shell…) as seen on their Facebook page;

We took the tried and tested features from the best freecoasters to date and then developed our very own patented clutch retention system making this thing the most durable and reliable freecoaster of it’s kind. Paired up with our new freecoaster hub guards, the Helix hub will take you backwards in style and hold up to any peg abuse that comes it’s way.’

Being a purist at heart, you’re unlikely to see me trading in my cassette for a freecoaster but if any coaster could sway me into riding backwards on the regular, I think it might be this one…. as long as it comes in black.  No solid word on when this hub will hit the shops for Joe Public to buy but word on the streets says it’ll be soon.  Watch this space.

Odyssey Crackled Pedals


Odyssey never fails to disappoint with their pedal colorways. These Crackled PC Pedals will be out soon in Black, Green and Orange. Kinda looks like molten glass or some wild Lord Of The Rings prop but will be available from your local Odyssey dealer real soon.

Spotted – Cult Tires in Dark Gum and White


Check out the Cult Dehart 2.40″ Tires in both Gum, and the new colours White and Drak Gum which will be available in September on all of their Tires. This Dark Gum colour is a closer match to their grips and also the colour you will find on the gummy sole of a Vans shoe, which means you can expect to see the Vans tire get the same treatment…

Merritt Trifecta Tool


MERRITT TRIFECTA TOOL from Merritt Bmx on Vimeo.

Merritt are the latest brand to join the war against carrying a back-breaking bag of tools with this tidy little offering; the Trifecta tool…

MERRITT TRIFECTA TOOL from Merritt Bmx on Vimeo.

‘The Trifecta multi-tool is a simple, pocket size, and inexpensive tool that is perfect for the most common fixes. Includes a 17mm socket, 6mm and 8mm allen keys in an assembled packaged, so there are no parts to lose. Includes velcro straps to attach to frame.’

The Merritt Trifecta tool is in stock now and looks to retail at around 35 dollars according to their Facebook page.

Spotted – Sunday Radocaster Frame


Bikeguide is stoked, Sunday have a new frame in the works. Seen here is a sample, trans red, 20.5″ TT Sunday Radocaster frame is shipping out to AM rider Sharrif for testing. The Radocaster has a 75 HT, 71 ST, 11.5″ BB and 13.25″ chainstays. The frame will be available in 20.5 or 20.75″ tob tubes and features a much taller, 9″ standover height. Expect the Radocaster to be available later this year.

The Union- Products: Vol. 113


For the 113th week running Kurt from The Union brings you a look into 5 popular components of which you could do worse than running on your own bike.  This week we get a glimpse at the new Raptor freecoaster from The Shadow Conspiracy, the limited edition French flag colourway Mini and Elite hubs from Profile Racing, the Octave fork from Sunday Bikes, the plastic Butter pegs from Cult, then we will wrap things up with the bearingless Senec plastic pedals from Kink.  Head over to The Union for more on these great parts.