Radio Bikes 2016 Green/Black Fade Stem And Sprocket


While Radio‘s new 2016 green-to-black fade might not be everybody’s cup of tea, the products themselves have been designed to the high standard of all other WeMakeThings parts and have had full input from the Radio team. Here their Canadian shredder, Spencer Ryan shows off the prototype 33mm rise top loader stem with wider top plate and larger headed allen bolts as well as the 7mm thick team sprocket with flush spacers to convert between 24, 22 and 19mm spindles without affecting your chain line.  It will be available in 25, 26 and 28 tooth sizes and has 4 crank bolt holes to rotate between to increase longevity (stay away from single holed sprockets kids!)


The Daily Grind Barkeep Stem


The guys at The Daily Grind dropped this exclusive with The Union featuring their new and wild looking Barkeep stem.  Some of you eagle-eyed BMX nerds will notice the similarities between the Barkeep and this mid-school stem from Haro but hey, even Primo Powerbites are GT copies… This beefy lump of 6061-T6 aluminium has a 50mm reach and 35mm of rise and is held together with 6 solid chromoly bolts and should look to go for around 70 bucks within the next few days. I’m particularly feeling the classic, rounded, knee friendly rear of the stem in contrast to the overall block shape.


New Tractor and Tractor XL Sprockets from Fly Bikes

Tractor Single

Ever since I was able to ride a Tierra a few years back, I’ve been extremely appreciative of Fly’s minimalistic, but efficient products. Everything they put out tends to have a real clean and simple look to it, and these new sprockets are no different! Here we have two new versions of their new sprocket dubbed the Tractor and the Tractor XL, respectively. The Tractor is made from CNC machined 7075 alloy, and is 6 mm thick all around. It comes in 25 and 28 tooth sizes, in black, misty silver, and one colorway that they’ve yet to release. Click through to see more photos, along with info on the Tractor XL.

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Colony & Locals Only Collab Floral Seat

Locals Only X Colony

Colony has partnered up with Locals Only to bring you one of the nicer patterned seats that we’ve seen in a while. With other brands bringing in a rainbow of floral print along with tie-dye, it’s refreshing to see a simple black and white floral seat being put out. For more info on this seat, you can peep the Colony site here, and Locals Only site right here.

The Daily Grind Millennium V2 Sprocket


The Daily Grind just dropped the second version of their ever popular Millennium guard sprocket and it looks every bit as solid as the first but with some minor changes; the centre bore now comes in 24mm with 22 and 19mm top-hat adaptors rather than just a 22mm bore and there’s better clearance between the guard and the teeth for thicker chains as well as some extra material around the outside of the spokes to beef it up.  They still come in either 25 or 28t sizes, black or polished and you can get them at any of their stockists or directly from The Daily Grind webstore for $64.99.


Fiend Palmere Frame in New Colors

jj frame

Jj Palmere’s signature frame has been a popular frame for a lot of riders ever since it’s been out. Because of it’s popularity, it’s also gone through a lot of colors. First it was black and avocado green, then it was eggplant purple and carrot orange. Now he’s kept the theme of food, but decided to go towards the opposite spectrum from healthy: candy. You’ll soon be able to pick up his frame in a cacao bean maroon, and a cacaco butter yellow with some updated graphics to match. Can’t wait to see what’s next for Jj’s frames.

Here are the frame’s specs in case you were thinking of picking one up:

Head tube: 75 degrees
Seat Tube: 71 degrees
Chainstays: 13.5″
BB Height: 11.5″
Standover: 9″
Weight: 4.75 lbs

For more info on this frame, and all other Fiend products, check out their site here.

Fitbikeco HartBreaker Frame


Trail killer Chris Harti has been blessed with a brand new USA made signature frame dubbed The Hartbreaker from Fitbikeco and it’s looking a little different from the usual cookie-cutter type frames.  With a traditional, trail inspired design, Fit have opted for features little seen on frames these days like chain stay welded on AD990 mounts, welded down tube cable guides as well as seat tube cable routing and a lack of an integrated seat clamp; something I have personally missed.
Geometry wise, this thing is long and super stable with a 74.5 degree head angle, a slammed 13.8 inch rear end and probably the lowest bottom bracket height available since the Hoffman Bama frame at 11.35 inches; perfect for keeping steady at high speeds.


This thing is ‘built like an ox’ for the trails with Supertherm 4130, wide tyre clearance, double head tube gussets and is available now from all good Fitbikeco dealers.

Top tube sizes: 21″, 21.125″, 21.5″
Chain stay length: 13.8″-14.5″
Head tube angle: 74.5°
Seat tube angle: 71°
Bottom bracket height: 11.35″
Stand over height: 9.15″
Integrated head set
Mid bottom bracket
14mm dropouts, 3/16″ Thick, 4Q Baked
Chain stay Welded 990s
Traditional Slotted seat tube
Seat post size: 25.4mm
Colours: gloss black and clear
21” – 5.18 lb (2.35 kg)
21.125” – 5.235 lb (2.37 kg)
21.5” – 5.3 lb (2.4 kg)

Fly Bikes X Etnies Tripod Seat


It looks like Etnies are following in Vans’ footsteps (pun intended) and dipping their toes (they just keep coming…) into the BMX component market, here we get a sneak preview of Fly Bikescollaboration seat with Etnies that is to be featured in their 2016 catalogue.  It looks like it’s only set to be released in a Tripod version but it will come in two colours so it will be interesting to see how the other one comes out.


Stolen Piece Multi-Tool Review


The BMX multi-tool is a product that hasn’t been around for a great deal of time and unlike the skateboard equivalent, it hasn’t yet found a ‘perfect’ archetypal design.  DK’s first incarnation of the Random Wrench was a great first go despite it being a tad large and rather cumbersome; like a car’s cross wrench.  Fast forward a few years and there are now a plethora of various multi-tools designed to aide with quick fixes like Merrit’s Trifecta tool or a full strip-down with Shadow, Eclat or Animal’s offerings.  While attractive, I personally never bought any of these tools because they simply don’t just fit in your jeans, they still require a backpack and if that’s the case, the tools I already have are sufficient…  difficult to find amongst the loose chilli peanuts and ominous black fluff at the bottom of my bag, but still… sufficient.


One day in my old workshop I sat down and put some thought into a small pocket multi-tool that you could pop in your 501’s and forget about until you needed it.  I came up with a first draft.  It included a 6mm allen key, a spoke key, a tyre lever and for no good reason, a 10mm spanner (who uses a 10mm for anything other than holding a cable pinch bolt in place?) It looked good.  A few days later I found an almost identical, albeit slicker, design on Zodiac Engineering’s Instagram account.  Dumbstruck that someone had already beaten me to it, and that I would probably never own one due to them being out of stock, I retreated to lick my proverbial wounds.


Last week while researching various BMX retailers (read; procrastinating on Dan’s Comp) I stumbled across the Stolen Piece multi-tool, of which until that moment, had eluded me completely.  Bar a couple of finishing touches and a 5mm hex bit end instead of a 1/4″ one, it’s almost exactly the same tool as Zodiac made, and all for 20 bucks.
While you’d have a hard time getting your wheels off with it if you have pegs, it’s absolutely amazing for pegless riders like myself as most wheels, stems, cranks, seats and clamps all typically run off of 5 or 6mm bolts these days.  The tyre lever and spoke key are also welcome features, trashing your rims or tubes without either can be a total nightmare and result in a very long and wholly miserable walk home, but even if you are stuck walking home, at least you have a bottle opener to help drown your sorrows.  The spoke key is where this tool excels though, the typical ‘slot’ type 3-sided key adopted by many has been ditched in favour of a 4-sided one (like the yellow Spokey ones) which has a greater surface contact area to prevent the rounding-off of nipples.  It’s solid, steel construction makes it practically bombproof and what’s more is that the Piece tool has been in my back pocket since I started typing this review and I’m still yet to get a numb left buttock. ‘Nuff said.

Fits: 3.45mm (.136″) nipples
Width: 18mm
Length: 90mm
Colors: ED Black
Weight: 2.7 oz

Morgan Long’s Signature Frame and Bars from Fit: The Hood Bird

hoodbird 1

Morgan Long is definitely one of the modern-day pioneers when it comes to pegless riding. He might make it look easy, but it’s a lot harder than it looks. I remember trying to go pegless after watching a few pegless sections, and it was a week full of cut up ankles and bruised wrists from falling and missing as often as I did. Morgan definitely knows what he’s doing, and it looks like Fit took notice and graced him with his own signature frame and bars. We have the specs after the jump. Click through for more info.

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