The Union Insight: The Shadow Conspiracy Valor Tyre.


Kurt just whacked up this Insight feature onto The Union all about The Shadow Conspiracy‘s new 2.4″ Valor Tyre.  As would be expected from the above photo, this is a street orientated tyre with deeper, more aggressive tread on the sides and thick sidewalls for grip and longevity respectively as well as a low resistance pattern on the centre for high-speed straights.  If like your’s truely you’re not overly into the whole 2.4″ tyre thing, a more modest 2.2″ version is set to follow shortly.  Head over to The Union for more info on this tyre and how to get hold of one (or two)

Spotted – Fly Bikes Cassette Hub


Up on FlyBikes‘ site is this brand spanking new bike check from Stefan Lantschner featuring the Montana frame and bars in this awesome stainless finish I hadn’t seen previously as well as what looks like a fresh sample of the infamous FlyBikes prototype cassette hub, the last of which seemed to be better traveled than Stephen himself.  Read the story here and/or head over to Fly’s site for a closer look at Stefan’s steed.

We are working on an interview David from Fly all about the Cassette hub which should shed some light on the barrage of questions we’ve been receiving over the years. Watch this space.

Spotted – Geoff Slattery Signature United Frame


Eclat popped this little bike check with team rider Geoff Slattery online the other day and word on the grapevine is that the frame is a new version of Geoff’s United The Voyage frame which we got a sneak peek of last month.  The frame is getting a full redesign and will be called the G-Slatt. The headtube engravement is looking spot on and I’m sure it’ll be popular when it comes out in July, because let’s face it; Slattery’s a boss. Hit up Eclat‘s site for the bike check in it’s entirety.

FIT T/A Tire Promo

Two banging tire promo’s in one day? Dan Conway coming through with some show and tell on Fit Bike Co’s new T/A (Traction Advantage) Tire. Available now in Black, Gum and Gum/Blackwall. Go cop a set!

The T/A is our newest street tire. The gum rubber is a little stickier than the black but the black lasts a little longer. Both work really well and look sick! These were a big hit at Interbike this year. Dan Conway’s been riding these tires for a long time and loves them!

- Max Pressure 110 psi
- Width 2.3” or 2.4”
- Weight 29 oz. (2.4”)
- Thicker 2.5mm smooth tread, shoulder knobs, and sidewall
- Available in Black, Gum/ Blackwall and Gum<

Merritt 1UP Bars


Merritt decided to give Brian Foster and Brand Simms’ signature bars a bit of a boost, 1 inch to be exact. The new 1UP versions will be available in June and feature the same great signature specs but in a taller version. The original 8.5 and 8.25″ versions will still be available for all of you who aren’t into having a super tall front end.

Brian Foster 1UP Bars
- 9.25 high
- 29.25 wide
- 2 degrees up
- 12 degrees back
- Black or Chrome

Brad Simms 1UP Bars
- 9.5 high
- 29.25 wide
- 1 degree up
- 12 degrees back
- Black or Chrome

Stranger Native Seat


For those of you who have been sweating Stranger‘s Native pivotal seat since they first released the sneak peek back in September, the wait is finally over and you should eb able to pick one up from stranger dealers worldwide around now.

Native Seat
• Custom sublimated pattern
• Matching hat available
• Fat Pivotal base

Lahsaan Kobza – Subrosa Power Pegs Promo

Subrosa just put out this new promo video featuring Lahsaan Kobza putting his signature Power pegs to the test. Take a peek, then go to your nearest Subrosa dealer and pick up a set!

“Subrosa pro rider Lahsaan Kobza shows you a few things that his signature Power Pegs were made for.

Designed to be strong, so they don’t wear down fast, and light weight so if you’re running 3 or 4 your bike too heavy.

Full T5 Deathproof heat treated 4140 chromoly, 4″ length, 34mm diameter, and includes free wax for smoothing out your favorite spot!

Filmed and Edited by Bobby Kanode

Fit 2pc 24mm Indent Cranks Available Now


After a long wait  Fit Bike Co‘s 2pc 24mm Indent Cranks and spline drive sprockets are available now. The when combined with one of their 24mm spline drive sprockets, the new two peice indent cranks are way lighter than any other crank out their right now and only use one bolt to tighten them up.

Take a closer look HERE.

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Odyssey’s new PRO Headsets are available now! Designed using high-quality sealed bearings and a precision tapered wedge to keep the headset tight at all times. The PRO headset is an updated version of Odyssey’s current integrated headset with taller spacers.

High-quality sealed bearings.
Color matched spacers included.
10mm, 3mm & 2mm (15mm total)
Laser etched Odyssey bearings.

Campagnolo standard spec. 1-1/8 integrated headset.
45º tapered bearings
41.8mm outer diameter (fits 42mm BMX head tubes).

Spotted – Fit Tripod Seat

TroyBlair_BikeCheck_f-1080x607 (1)

Its look’s like Fit have decided to join the masses and do their very own Tripod compatible seat. Spotted on Troy Blair’s new bike check is a look at their prototype which will be available on soem of their 2015 complete bikes as well as separately. Is it me or does it have a Tommy Dugan vibe to it hmmm?…

Get another look at the seat and Troy’s bike HERE-  Continue reading

Carson Leh Seats Promo

Damn this is rad. If you liked the look of Carson Leh’s custom leather seats we posted last week, you should make sure you check out this rad promo video he just released giving you an in depth look at what he does.

Carson Leh has been making custom leather bicycle seats and cycling accessories for 4 years. He started in 2010 recovering torn BMX saddles and in 2013 he founded Leh Seats. He not only manufactures leather bike saddles and handle bar tape, but has recently branched out with new leather goods such as Macbook cases. He produces small production run leather goods for contract in the USA. Filmer Brian Chace of visited his Austin based workshop this winter to speak with him about his work and inspiration from brogue wingtip dress shoe and boot making. This short film shows the process of one of his custom made BMX seats. Each BMX seat is guaranteed for life against tears. You can find him at or on Instagram @lehseats.

Primo Pro Fork


Primo‘s Pro Fork has been out for a few months but is now available in your choice of Black, Raw or Chrome. This simple, strong no nonsence fork should be worth looking into if like a steeper front end with it 26mm offset droputs.

-Features a 1pc machined steer tube and post weld heat treated chromoly
-Alloy top cap that accepts 6mm and 8mm allen keys
-6mm investment cast dropouts
-26mm offset
-35.5 oz

Cult X Vans Tire


Be ready to see these fly off the shelves! The Cult X Vans tires have had a lot of you excited and those of you will be happy to know that they will be out next month in black and a hefty 2.35 size. Maybe a gum version will be next…?

Get a closer look at these things HERE! -  Continue reading

The Union Products: Vol. 103


For this weeks edition of The Union’s Products we get a good look at the Aaron Ross signature Motoross frame from Sunday Bikes, the Bold Topload stem from Kink, the 4140 Eon pegs from The Daily Grind, the Helm spline-drive sprocket from Madera and Kurt wraps it all up (pun totally intended…) with the Warhead XL lock from Subrosa.  Head over to The Union for the full specs, prices and details on how to get your greasy mitts on all of it.

Merritt Insert Bar End Test

Merritt‘s new Insert bar ends are available now. Even though they look almost identical to a regular push-in nylon bar end (and not to mention cost the same) they addition of a steel insert really seems to make these things indestructible, as seen here in this funny promo video they put out. Hammer test approved

Justin Cares tests out our new Insert bar ends. They are a nylon bar end with a steel insert molded into it to stop your bars from cutting right through them. They are available now at your local shop for $4.