Eastern “Oil Slick” Frame


This new “Oil Slick”, “Disel”, “Rainbow” or whatever you want to call it finish, is without a doubt the hotest new craze to hit the factories and catalogs of bike manufactures in Taiwan this year. Eclat were the first, Odyssey and Kink followed, and now Eastern are the next to bring out this crazy ED/Multi-coloured finish on this prototype Frame they posted a sneak peek of on Facebook today.

I’d expect to see even more of this new crazy coasting until it’s inevitably played to death and only available on Walmart completes. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a premium to pay to have a Frame done in this way, much like you have to pay extra for Chrome.

Are those dropouts the crazy ones we saw last month?




  1. boingyboing

    Never going to come out. This finish is insanely expensive to do an a frame, it would cost more than the frame itself.

    • hamish

      Its not that expensive because all they have to do is over heat the frame and it chages color its self and then smove it off

  2. logan

    the frame is made of titanium. thats why its expensive and it will not be sold for public use. its like owning a veyron.. u have to be invited or asked to buy the frame

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