Alone Maiden X Frame


Alone over in the UK have been making quality BMX products for a quite some years now. The Maiden was their first Frame back in 2004, and going into 2014 they have brought it back with the new and updated Maiden X Frame.

“Still featuring the same headtube and seattube angles of the original maiden as well as the original higher standover, but all the other features have a modern day twist on them. They Maiden X features slimmer tubes, shorter rear stays and fatter rear tyre clearance. We will also offer the frame in three styles to suit everyone’s brake needs; removable lugs for those who mix it up, welded lugs for brake lovers or a clean brake less version.”


Full Sanko 4130 Tubes
20.75″ or 21″ Top Tube Sizes,
75 deg Head Tube Angle, 71 deg Seat Tube Angle
13.2″ Slammed Rear Stays (runs at 13.25″ with room to remove chain, Still runs at 13.5″)
Fat reat tyre clearance (our 2.3″ tyre runs fine at 13.25″ even with a rear brake)
11.65″ BB Height, 9″ Standover
Tapered T/T, S/S and C/S
3 styles: Removable Brake Mounts, Welded Brake Mounts or Clean Brakeless.
Small Peg Shape 5mm Thick Dropouts, 14mm Slots
Externally butted seat tube
Dent Resistant Straight Guage 1.2mm thick Down Tube and Chain Stays.
Weight 4.8lbs
Colours: Matte Black, Matte Light Blue or Matte Maroon.
RRP: £239.99
The Maiden X Frames will be available later this year. I know a lot of riders in the South of England were super stoked on the original, so should be hyped that there is an updated version coming out. Hit up Alone for more info on where to pick one up as well as the lowdown on the rest of their product line.



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