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Subrosa Red to Black Fade Turbo Rims


Because sometimes one colour just isn’t enough… Subrosa just brought out these flashy red-to-black fade Turbo Rims worldwide for all you colourway fiends out there.  The Tubro rims come in 36-hole only,  constructed from 34mm wide, heat-treated 6061-T6 with a welded seam as standard, they also weigh in at 17 oz/482 g.  If the whole fade thing isn’t doing it for you Subrosa still offer this great rim in black, gold and polished too, head over to their site for a closer look.

Subrosa Limited Edition Silva II Frame


Subrosa have teamed up with local Florida based BMX store Emmitt BMX to do a unique small run of team rider Mark Mulville’s signature Silva II Frame with just came out. They went with the trans black colour (which looks badass!) and a rad graphics kit which any reptile lover will be in to.

Click through to take a closer look at the frame.

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Subrosa Spring 2014 Products Print Ad


Hit the pic for a  close up of the photo and try not to dribble, here’s Subrosa‘s spring 2014 product line in its entirety on this print ad found in Dan’s Comp’s latest catalogue.  All these bits ‘n’ bobs are being shipped worldwide as I type (with one hand) and will be with your local Subrosa dealer or mail order any day now.  Watch this space for more info as it comes…. and somebody please get me one of those cool-ass rucksacks.

Subrosa Noster Joris Coulomb Colourway


Shortly after being bumped up to the Pro team, it looks like Subrosa are rewarding French ripper Joris Coulomb with his very own colourway of the soon to be released Noster V2 Frame. This amazing Trans Purple will be available in limited quantities later this year so go hit up your local Subrosa dealer today and pester them to get one in!

As seen on Data BMX.

Spotted – Subrosa Noster Bars


Here’s a look at Simone Barraco’s signature Noster Bar from Subrosa. Available in March, these bars measure up at 8.75″ tall and 28″ wide with 10 degrees back, and 3 degrees up sweep. These bars were designed with maximum input from Simone who wanted a slightly narrower box section allowing you to cut them down without having to run your grips on the bends.

spotted – Subrosa Thunderbeast Frame


Spotted over on their Instagram page is a sneak peek of Subrosa‘s new Scott Ditchburn signature “Thunderbeast” Frame which will be available this year. Looks like they’ve toughend up the Ballum, and managed to cut the price down a wee bit too which is great news. Here is what Subrosa and Scott had to say…

Something wicked this way comes. The Subrosa Thunderbeast by @ditchburn420 will be available worldwide in April. More info soon. Get stoked!

So here she is! My new frame from @subrosabrand the THUNDERBEAST. Basically we wanted to tone down the price of my old BALUM frame abit an change a few of the angles an tubes I couldn’t be more happy with the end product an hope you all check it out if you’re looking for a new frame. 

Subrosa Villicus Prime II


Hoang Tran’s signature Villicus Prime frame from Subrosa has had a few minor changes for 2014 and the V2 is what you see here. Check out whats going on with this imporved version and get ready to hit your local Subrosa dealer up to get one in for you as they will be hitting the shops in March.

“The longest running frame in the Subrosa line up just got better; again. Spec wise Hoang wanted more pop out of his bike, so we shortened the rear end to 13.5, 13.25 fully slammed. We also added our new custom Subrosa cast seat stay bridge so you can rock the Subrosa logo loud and proud! We added thicker chain stays to resist denting and increase strength, and removed some of the features that didn’t help with the function of the bike to reduce cost, making this the strongest most affordable Villicus to date. Available mid-March.”

Subrosa Turbo Wheels


Check out the new Turbo Wheels from Subrosa featuring their Turbo Rim, Straight 14 gauge stainless steel spokes laced up to Posi-Trac Hubs. They feature matching rim & hub color with black spokes in a 3 cross spoke pattern. These things will be available in Black, Polished, 69K Gold, and what you see here, Red Fade which goes well with their High Life Stem we saw last month.

These will be shipping out worldwide at the end of the month, arriving to the US mid March. Hit up your local Subrosa dealer today to get your ordered up!

Subrosa Noster II Frame


Subrosa‘s Simone Barraco signature ‘Noster‘ frame is getting a few small revisions for 2014 courtesy of Simone who fancied a steeper 75.5 degree head angle, shorter dropouts to make them flush with smaller diametered pegs and the new lug-less stays allowing them to be a little wider for big tyres (or pringled wheels- your choice…)  The ‘Noster II‘ will be available this coming April, get on to your local Subrosa dealer about ordering one of these lovely looking steeds when they come out.

Subrosa Venom Denim Backpack


A treat for all you nomads out there, a decent BMX bag!  I say ‘bag’ but this denim ‘Venom Backpack‘ from Subrosa better resembles a scaled down military bergen rucksack (which is why I would say this is my favourite BMX bag to date) with it’s detachable side bags and easy access draw-string main compartment.  Click for more…. Continue reading

Subrosa Xmas Stocking Sale


Subrosa are having a little stocking sale for a limited time and they’re packed chocka-block full of the following bits ‘n’ pieces;

1 “Get Used To It” DVD
1 pair of Subrosa “Party” Socks
1 pair of Subrosa “Party” Shades
1 Venom Denim Pin Set
1 Subrosa “Stacked” patch
Assorted Subrosa Stickers
Double sided Subrosa poster

At the heavily reduced price of $29.99 (down from $50.94) you can’t go wrong with a stocking full of Subrosa gear.  Whether it’s for yourself, a friend, housemate (buy your own socks, Jon…) fellow rider or just a really, really supportive partner, they’ll all be digging this.  Hassle your local bike shop, mail order or Subrosa themselves at their Corner store to get your mitts on one of these.

Subrosa Battle Fork


We got a look at Subrosa’s upcoming Battle Fork a few months back at Interbike, and here we get a closer look at the beefy as hell  invest cast dropouts and the packaging which looks awesome. I mean if there was an award for most original packaging in BMX, Subrosa would easily take the win.

Head over to the Subrosa site for more photos and info on the Battle Forks which will be available early next year.

Subrosa ‘High Life’ Stem


In this article on Subrosa‘s site, they explain the differences in manufacturing between the ‘Hold Tight’ and ‘Forever’ top loader stems as well as giving us a preview of the yet-to-be-released ‘High Life’ riser stem. Subrosa are making the High Life to cater for street riders who wanted riser-style stems with a shorter reach than most.  Click for more;  Continue reading

Available now- Subrosa Warhead Lock


Subrosa’s war on bike theft continues. Their new Warhead Lock is a more secure option if you’re locking to leave your bike locked up for longer. These are available from Subrosa dealers worldwide, head over to the site to check it out in more detail!

“The 2nd lock in the Subrosa Bike Thief Warfare series. This lock and cable combo is our medium level security weapon. Offers a more long term security than the Combat Lock, but is still small enough to be easily carried spot to spot.

Not recommended for long term or overnight locking, but works great on a bike rack a quick stop for some eats or just hang out.”

- High impact ABS composite cover over steel locking mechanism
– 10mm thick, 22″ long stainless steel braided cable with plastic cover
– Key entry (includes 2 keys)
– Weight: 9.8 oz
– Colors: orange / smoke