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S&M Dagger Frame


Back in September, Kurt at the Union gave us this brief look at the new S&M park-specific frame, dubbed The Dagger, that they had on display at the Interbike trade show.  While information on it is limited right now, what we do know is that it has double headtube gussets, removable seat stay brake lugs, an integrated seat clamp and is going to be made in small batches; sold with a pair of the responsive 26mm offset Widemouth forks.


As well as the forks being very manoeuvrable, the frame itself is something of a nipper with it’s tight headtube angle, short rear end and low bottom bracket, all making this frame as responsive as possible.  No word on available top tube lengths as of yet but with only two weeks until it’s released, we won’t be waiting long.

75.75 degree head tube angle
71 degree seat tube angle
11.6″ bottom bracket height
7.25″ seat tube height
12.8″ to 13.2″ chain stay length

If it looks like your cup of tea, hit up your local bike shop and get them to pre-order one for you ahead of it’s release date.

S&M Stealth Pivotal Seat And Long Johnson Post


It’s been a slow start for the stealth pivotal system overall but it finally looks like companies are starting to invest into this great seat system, S&M‘s venture into the territory takes the form of the seat you see above, they’ve kept things simple on the cover but the foam follows a more ergonomic design (a little like Tree’s seat) and flicks up at the back for comfort and to keep you from sliding off the back.  The stealth pivotal issue of the Long Johnson post is much like it’s predecessors, absolutely huge.  At 32cm long this is the longest stealth pivotal post available and is actually out now.  Photo’s nabbed from The Union‘s S&M Interbike coverage.


Steven Hamilton’s S&M Intrikat




While I generally won’t post any old bike check, this bit of bike porn was too good to pass up.  S&M Bikes posted these photos of Steven Hamilton’s new Intrikat set-up; a frame not too unlike the old Federal Fraction flatland frame he rode in his heyday which contributed massively to today’s super-tight street frame geometry.

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9 Inch FU-Bars from S&M


You wouldn’t know this, but I’m a tall guy. As in, I-ride-10-inch-bars-because-I-need-to tall. So when S&M dropped the Charlie FU-Bars in 10”, you know I was stoked that a 4-piece bar was made with the proper dimensions of people my height. Sadly, a lot of you will never, ever need a 10” bar, so S&M decided to be nice and produce some 9” FU-Bars for all of you below-giant height people. Go check out the S&M website and stay tuned for release dates soon.

S&M X-Guard Full-Guard Sprocket


The guys over at S&M have this new full guard coming out soon. There’s no other info out at the moment other than the fact that it looks rad and that the team is surely putting it through hell as we speak. They’ll also eventually (and hopefully) release it in that sick S&M shield wrap they always do. You can catch more info on their other products on the S&M Bikes website.

Spotted – S&M FU Frames


After a few sneak peek’s, signature S&M frames will be out soon for Craig Passero and Charlie Crumlish! After some speculation about the geometry, S&M just leaked that Charlie’s frame will come with a 13.4″ slammed, 11.7 bb height, 9.25 standover height, and 75 degree head tube with a massive headtube. Craig’s will come with a 75.5 headtube angle. This photo spotted on their Instagram page also shows the taller headtube featured on Charlie’s frame. Hopefully we’ll have more info on both of these at Interbike next week…

S&M FU-BAR Out Now

sandm_fubar_blk SandM_Fubar_RawClear

Charlie Crumlish’s highly anticipated signature FU-BAR‘s from S&M Bikes are now available! These super tall 4-piecers are 10 Inches of pure FU brilliance and are guaranteed to give you all of Charlie’s halfcab pop and peg wizardry. Check out the incredible promo video below and go cop a set from your local S&M dealer today!

RISE 10”
WEIGHT 2.73lbs
COLOUR Black, Chrome or Clear Raw

New S&M Tires


Music to the ears of many riders; S&M have been working a on a line line of tires for a while now, and for those of you you looking for the most badass rubber out there, they are now available. With a range of treads, widths and sizes, S&M have a tire to suit anyone. Hit up your local dealer today to pick up a set.

Rubber side down… rubber the right way… how about the highly-anticipated arrival of some brand-spankin new S&M rubber? That’s right, theMainline (trails), Speedball (street) and Trackmark (race) tires are finally here! They were designed to move fast, and they are, so if you want to get in on this first batch of goodness, you best get on it.