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Kink Stealth Pivotal Seat Tutorial

Kink dropped this little tutorial video explaining the benefits of the Stealth Pivotal Seat and Post. The main benefit other than the obvious aesthetic reason of getting rid of that fiddly old rubber flap is that you don’t necessarily need one to run the other if you’re on a tight budget; you can run an old pivotal seat on a stealth post and you can (if you’ve got a long enough allen key…) put a stealth seat on your old pivotal post.

Kink 2015 Complete Bikes


…Aaand the 2015 complete bikes keep coming. Here is Kink Bike Co‘s latest range, which if I do say so, is easily their best yet. This years line up of bikes feature a variety of prices points and setups to suit any rider weather you’re a 10 year old beginner looking for his first bike, or a more advanced rider wanting the Sean Sexton or Tony Hamiln signature models. Look out for the new Lloyd Writ signature tyres, the new Stealth Pivotal system and other new Kink aftermarket parts which are feature across the line.

These bikes will be available early June, so go hit up your local Kink dealer today to get your order in!

Exclusive – Kink Stealth Pivotal Seats

Kink Stealth System with 5mm Allen

Our friends at Kink Bikes just hit us up with an exclusive first look at their new Stealth Pivotal Seat system which they have been working on for a few years now.

I first saw the idea when they had it on show at Interbike two years ago and was intrigued as to how it works. With the pivotal bolt tightening from directly under the seatpost, it removes the need for a slit on the top of the seat giving it a much cleaner look. Matt from Kink got in touch and explained their new take on the Pivotal system.

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Kink Tech Talk – Senec Pedals


I seem to keep getting lumped with all these new types of pedals to research and explain to you guys but I can’t say it’s not exciting… here are the new Senec pedals from Kink that are out now at all good bike shops and mail-orders worldwide.  On all outward appearances you’d be forgiven for thinking these are just your normal run-of-the-mill plastic pedals but these have been designed from the ground up to be easy to maintain, remove and replace the bodies.  Walk with me…

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Sean Sexton Bike Check

Everyone like a good bike check, and Sean Sexton has one of the most dailled bikes in the game, especially now as has just received the jump up to Odyssey‘s Full pro team (he just left Cinema). Check out his latest whip built around his signature frame from Kink and Odyssey’s finest parts, which will so include a prototype of their new Freecoaster apparently;

Well, if you want to get technical, Odyssey doesn’t make a freecoaster at the moment, so he’s mostly on our wheels.  But, even more good news, we’ve been working on a new freecoaster design for the past six months, and Sean will be on a prototype very shortly.  More details soon!

Kink CST Forks Out Now

Kink‘s long-awaited CST forks are now available through Kink’s dealers and distributors worldwide.  These lovely-legged babies come with 10mm slotted, 6mm thick investment-cast drop-outs keeping them flawlessly smooth and tidy, 165mm long steerer tube and tapered legs with internal butting.  All that and the whole package has been constructed from 100% heat treated 4130 chromoly…  Click here for the full spec run-down Continue reading

Kink CST Forks


Kink have added a new product to their arsenal, the very tidy looking CST Fork, which is made from 100% heat treated 4130 chromoly and has tapered and butted legs to boot.  This very modern fork comes with a built-in headset bearing race for campy-type headsets and thick 6mm investment-cast dropouts slotted for 10mm axles with a short, responsive rake of 28mm to help with front wheel tricks. forks_cst_Chrome1

Full specs; Click for more….. Continue reading

KinkTech Talk- Senec Pedals

Kink just dropped their latest Tech Talk where Matt Antes sits down to talk about their new Senec Pedals that feature an oversized spindle and bushings instead of bearings. These Pedals also fetaure universal (Right or Left compatible) replaceable pedal bodies making them perfect for those of you who go through cheap plastic pedals pretty quickly. Head over to the Kink site for more info on the Senec Pedals.

“Senec Pedals
Weight: 15.1oz (per pair)
Oversized Forged and Machined Hollow Spindle
Unique Bearingless Design
No More Bent Spindles Or Blown Out Bearings
Installs With 6mm Allen Key Or 3/8′s Ratchet Drive
Bodies Made From a Unique Nylon and Fiberglass Blend
Universal and Replaceable and Pedal Bodies“


Kink Freecoaster


Damn, I knew Kink Bikes were working on a Freecoaster but this is devilishly simple!

It looks like it work in a similar fashion to the Eclat and Ezra Hubs in that it’s essentially 90% a cassette hub with special pawls that retract into the hub. The best feature about this hub is that you will be able to convert any Kink Cassette Hub including the 8t driver Incite (or similar hubs) into a Freecoaster just by purchasing a few small parts.


Here Kink’s product designer Matt Ante’s explains about their new design-

” Nearly a year ago we started developing our take on the freecoaster, and it’s a bit different than anything else you may have seen. 

You’ll notice this is our standard cassette driver, with a few crucial modifications. With the addition of our unique retention ring and coaster pawls, our cassette is easy transformed into a freecoaster.

it’s a simple upgrade to the existing Kink Incite cassette hub and all future Kink cassette hubs. Simply purchase a few parts to upgrade your driver to a freecoaster. Another advantage is that you can have an 8T (or 9T) freecoaster, which doesn’t currently exist on the market. Of course if you aren’t feeling the freecoaster, you can easily switch it back to a cassette.”

Excited to see more on this one. Read more on the Kink website HERE.

Kink Universal Drive-Side Hub Guard

Kink‘s new heat-treated chromoly hub guard is now available worldwide.  This hub guard, although made mainly to be used on the driver side of your hub, can be used on the non-drive side too which should save you a whole bunch of money.  Also did I mention it was made of heat-treated chromoly? These things are made to take pretty much any damage you can chuck at them.  Get your local shop to hit up Kink’s distro in your part of the globe to get your mitts on one of these.
Weight: 2.1oz
Available in: Black
Heat-Treated Chromoly Steel construction
Fits Most Current Cassette Hubs (8t/9t drivers)
Slides Between Hardware and Dropout For Easy Installation

Available Now- Kink Senec Pedal


Kink’s Senec Pedal has been in development for over two years now, and much to our joy is now available from Kink dealers worldwide.

Using an oversized forged and machined hollow spindle, the Senec pedal uses a universal and replaceable nylon pedal bodies with a unique bearingless design. This means no more bent spindles or blown out bearings. The bodies fit either left or right pedal, simply slide on/off the spindle and install with a 6mm Allen Key Or 3/8′s Ratchet Drive. Weighing in at 15.1oz (per pair) they only come in Black for now.

I’m a big fan of these, and cant wait to try a pair out for my self!


Tech Talk With Kink’s Matt- Kink Ben Hittle Stem

In this Tech Talk video, Matt from Kink gives us a complete run-down on all the design aspects of the new Ben Hittle signature stem. This incredibly simple yet well thought out stem is definitely one of the top contenders in the top-loader market right now, especially with it being Forged rather than CNC’d, which keeps the cost down whilst being stronger.


Full spec-

Weight: 10.5oz
Colours: NEW Blue, NEW Bronze, Black
Reach: 52mm
Rise: 24mm (8mm Inverted)
Stack: 32mm
Forged From 6061-T6 ALuminum For Superior Strength
M8x1.25mm Solid Stem Bolts

Be sure to hit up Kink‘s website to find out who distributes Kink in your part of the world and hassle your local shop to get you one of these badboys.

New Kink Product

titan_group mudrunner_group

Kink had a bunch of new product on display at Interbike a few weeks back and by the looks of it some of it is now available. For 2014 they have introduced two new frames, the Mudrunner and the Titan, both of which are now available worldwide. The Mudrunner is built for going fast in cement bowls or hitting the biggest sets of trail and comes in either Black, Grey or Ben Hittle’s signature colourway Gloss Navy. The Titan on the other hand is more street orientated and comes in Black, Blue or Aaron Smith’s signature Burnt Orange. Head over to the product pages to check them both out in further detail.

What would a trails frame be with out some brakes? Good think Kink have you covered in that department. To go with their already dialed brake and cable, they now offer a rather snazzy new brake level. The Restrain Lever is fully forged for superior strength, and features and ergonomically designed lever and oversized bushings for smooth pull. Currently available in Black, Blue, Bronze and soon this new Raw colour that will be an option on the whole range later this year.



As always, be sure to hit up the Kink Bikes website for more information on all of these products and to check out what the team are up to.

Spotted- Kink Titan Frame


We’ve seen a few sneak peek’s at Kink Bike Co‘s new Titan Frame over the course of the year, and here is a look at the finished version which should be available in the next couple of weeks!

The Titan is more of a team frame and features street based geometry with a short 13.25″ backend and super wide chain stays for clearance with large 2.3″+ tires. This frame also uses invest cast dropouts with integrated chain tensioners and Fly’s EBS removable brake mounts.

Weight: 4lbs 12oz (20.5″)
Chainstay: 13.25″ Slammed
BB Height: 11.75″
Standover: 8.5″
Headtube Angle: 75 Degree
Seattube Angle: 71 Degree
Material: 100% Seamless 4130 Chromoly
Internally and Externally Machined Spanish BB Shell
Integrated Campy Spec Headtube
Integrated Seat Clamp
Removable EBS Brake Mount System
Wide Chainstay Bends for Big Tire Clearance
Investment Cast Dropouts w/ Integrated Chain Tensioners
Investment Cast Seatstay and Chainstay Bridges
CNC Engraved K-Star Headtube Logo
Toptube and Downtube Gussets


You will be able to pick up the Titan in 20.5, 20.75 and 21 inch options, as well as a choice of Black, Metallic Blue or Matte Orange which will be Aaron Smith’s signature colourway. The Frame isn’t on the Kink website just yet, but expect them to have it online in further detail shortly after Interbike where this thing is bound to be on display, so we’ll be sure to get a closer look then.

Kink Tech Talk: Ideal Barends

Kink just dropped another Tech Talk video with their product guy Matt Antes, where he talks about the new Ideal bar ends. These bar ends come in two sizes depending on your preferences. With more riders choosing to run Metal bar ends because of their durability over cheap plastic plugs, it’s good to see some size options.

Weight per pair: Small 0.65oz / Standard 0.9oz
Available in two sizes, small 22.2mm and standard 31mm.
Small size stays hidden under the grip and is extra hand-friendly for barspins.
Standard size is a traditional diameter and protects the grip end.
Made from long lasting 7075-T6 aluminum.
Simple installation with 6mm allen key.
Color: Black, Blue, Bronze