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Exclusive First Look- Vocal Hitchhiker Freecoaster


Vocal is a fairly new brand out of the UK that has been growing in popularity within the past year or so. Run in house at Scoop Distribution they already have a solid mix of affordable and high-end signature parts.

Mason from Vocal just hit us up with an exclusive first look at their new Hitchhiker Hubs. On what at first appearance might look like a regular front and rear set, the back hub is actually a Freecoaster hub that uses very similar internals to Ezra’s Freecoaster which can be converted to a cassette Hub. These Hubs will be available in the UK in two weeks time exclusively through Scoop.

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Ezra Topload Stem


We haven’t heard much from Ezra since half the team mysteriously left earlier this year. Well it still looks like they are pushing out new product, and I’m actually really into this new Topload Stem they announced today. CNC machined 6061  Billet Aluminum, this stem also uses hardened solid chromoly bolts for extra strength which is reassuring. This thing has a mid length reach of 53mm and has a fairly high rise of 32mm, making it an option for those of you looking for a higher front end. Along with a recessed top cap (if you’re not doing this you’re missing out), and a classic looking faceplate, this stem should be available fairly soon in Black, Raw or Chrome for $49.99-54.99.

No word on how Ezra product will be distributed any more, but I’m hoping the dealer direct only days are far behind them. You can check out more photos of this stem up on the Ezra site here.

EZRA-topload-stem-chrome-6-large1 (1)

Inside The Ezra Freecoaster

Damn, I knew the internals for the new Ezra Freecoaster were simple but looking at this video from a German shop, really shows how simple it is!

Bunky over on Free-Coaster.com will have a full write up on this hub in the next few days, so be sure to check that out and hit him up with any questions.

The video bellow also shows how you can convert it from a Freecoaster into a standard Cassette Hub. If this Hub can truly stand up to the abuse, I think we might have the most versatile freecoaster to date here…


Ezra Karl Poynter Freecoaster Out Soon!


As spotted over on Karl Poynter’s Instagram, his long awaited and much anticipated signature Freecoaster from Ezra has arrived in the US and will be out soon. Word on the street is that this new coaster uses a much simpler and lightweight mechanism than the traditional Freecoaster hubs, and is much more similar to a cassette hub internally. Rumor has it that the first run is only 100 hubs, but with a much larger second batch to be released shortly after. Be sure to hit up Ezra for more info on the hub and its official release, as well as Free-Coaster.com where Bunky is sure to have the lowdown on this hub and anything else Freecoaster related!

What I would do to get my hands on one of these…

Ezra Karl Poynter Seat



Karl Poynter’s signature Pivotal Seat from Ezra is out now. Karl put a lot of input into this seat and it’s nice to see some originality with the choice of cover, looks pretty rad without the traditional rubber patch on most pivotals.

“I designed my seat with both functionality and style in mind. I chose the combination of specific materials, stitching, embroidery, embossing, and colors to bring you a product that not only adds comfort, but a lot of style to your ride.”

The seat is out now in both a black and white version, hit up Vien for more photos and pick one up today!