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Spotted- Prototype Animal Chain


This one sneaked under the radar for a bit. Hoder has a sweet bike check up on DIG where you can get a quick glimpse at a prototype Chain from Animal Bikes. Now on first appearances it looks pretty similar to the classic KMC Kool chain, but the dudes in Jersey are bound to have put their own flavor on it. I’m sure this badboy will be floating around at Interbike in a few week, we’ll be sure to get the lowdown on it then.




This is rather amusing. For all the great product innovations in the past 20 years, there has been some real tremendous failures. Head over to DIG to find out about the Answer Pro-Forx, and why suspension Forks never took on in BMX.

thank god we don’t have to run stuff like that on our bikes anymore…

DIG 92- Grant Smith Interview


Any readers of DIG BMX Magazine will have spotted the interview I did with BSD‘s Grant Smith in the latest issue. Grant is one the most genuine guys in the industry and its was a real privilege to have been able to interview him in the magazine that got me hooked on BMX in the very beginning. He covers a lot of interesting topics from lasers and double top tubes, to the growing amount of generic bike brands and overseas manufacturing.

DIG is available for FREE in bike shops worldwide. Hit up your local bike shop and pick up a copy of (in my opinion) the best BMX magazine out.