S&M/ Credence Bars Now In Chrome


There’s something iconic about a big old pair of chrome S&M bars isn’t there?  The Credence 8.7″ Bars are now out in this classic chrome plate finish and you know these are going to feel the part as well as look it.  Hit up your local S&M dealer or order a set online via their webstore.  Here are the full specs below;

Rise: 8.7″
Width: 29″
Upsweep: 3°
Back sweep: 11°
Cross bar diameter: 5/8″
Weight: 2.13 lb (0.97 kg)
Material: 4130 Chromoly


S&M Camo Credence CCR Frame

These new Camo Credence frames look rad as hell. Hit up your local S&M dealer if you want one though as these things are going to fly out quick!

“Because it’s powdercoated, the paint won’t scratch off like the D.I.Y. version – it will set you back a few more bucks than a couple cans of Krylon though. Shops already snapped ‘em all up, so if you want one, see if your local is on it!”

Spotted- Credence Stem


Spotted over on Can You Dig It, here is another sneak peek at Credence’s first Stem. Now it may look awful familiar, but with Credence being manufactured in California by S&M, and Clint Reynolds being such a fan of the classic Challenger Stem, this Credence prototype pays homage to one of the greatest Stems of all time. This is the latest sample of the Stem which has had a few subtle tweaks compared to the first prototype we saw, and should be available later this year. I know a lot of you hungry trailheads are eager to get your filthy hands on one…

Prototype Credence Stem


Spotted this gem over on Can You Dig It. Looks like Credence have a Stem coming out, based on the S&M Challenger with a slimmed down body, internal machining and recessed top for a flush topcap. These will be made in the USA by S&m Bikes. The Challenger has to be one of the most popular Stems ever made, especially since its re-issue a few years ago so expect this thing to be insanely popular with trail riders and mid-school fans alike. Find out more here.

S&M Credence Bars in Chrome


Damn lots of Chrome today! Check out S&M’s trail ready Credence Bars in this new Chrome finish. As seen on The Union.

These bars are made in the USA and feature a rise of 8.7″, width of 29″, 11-degrees of backsweep, 3-degrees of upsweep with dual radius bends and a large top bend to increase the strength and a weight of 2.13 lbs. If chrome isn’t your thing, they’re also available in Black.

S&M Credence Bars & CCR Frame


This project has been a long time in the works and a hell of a lot of people are going to be stoked that the new S&M Credence Frames and Bars are almost out. Designed, ridden and some even welded by Clint Reynolds himself, the new Credence range from S&M Bikes is built and ready to shred!

The line will feature two Frames, at the moment the CCR (Clint’s personal ride) is the first to be available and features Clint’s chosen trail geometry listed bellow. The Credence MOD Frame is to follow, and if I remember correctly features a steeper headtube and slightly shorter chainstays. Expect more news on that one to follow shortly. Head over to the S&M site for more photos of this beauty of a Frame.

TOP TUBE LENGTHS21″, 21.25″,21.5″
B.B. HEIGHT11.61″
HEAD TUBEIntegrated Campy Style
SEAT POST SIZE1″ / 25.4mm
WEIGHT4.45 lbs.
COLORSBlack / Army Green


To accompany the Frame are the Credence Bars. As with the Frames, these are all hand welded in California and are made to the Credence team’s exact specs. These bars feature larger radius bends at the top, just like the Fit Mac Bars, which makes them much stronger and less prone to bending. I think there is a taller nine Inch version in the works, but as for now only the 8.7’s are available first.

WEIGHT2.13 lb (.97 kg)

Both of these products will be available straight from the S&M Webstore soon, and better bike shops worldwide shortly after. Hit up S&M for more info.