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BSD “Donnasqueak” Tire Promo

Every time Grant sends over a new BSD edit for me to watch I instantly know I’m going to have my mind blow. Alex D puts his new signature Donnasqueak Tires to the test on the hot squeaky streets of Cyprus in this banger of a promo video.

The Donnasqueak Tires are available worldwide right around now. Go find out all about them in the exclusive product releases we did earlier this year.

BSD Beverage ‘Wherizona’ Promo

Check out the promo video for Tony Malouf’s signature ‘Wherizona’ Beverage from from BSD which is available now. Take a closer look at this rad colourway in the flipbook below.

The WheriZona Beverage, available alongside the original Beverage frame is now coming in a new one-off trans orange with custom WheriZona graphics. So we decided to take a trip out to Arizona to film Tony’s frame promo and acompanying lookbook that you can check out here…

BSD 18″ Passenger Frame


With lots of people struggling to size up to a full 20 inch wheeled bike, BSD decided to release an 18 inch version of their popular ‘Passenger‘ frame for  those who want a nice modern feeling steed that’s just been scaled down for younger riders. Here are the all important specs;

Toptube length: 18.2″
Headtube angle: 75°
Seattube angle: 69°
Rear end length: 12.5″ – 12.925″
BB height: 10.5″
Standover height: 8.4″
Weight: 4.3 lbs
Colours: Trans Gold, Flat Red, BlackExternal DT and TT gussets.
Super wide rear end for fat tyres.
Internally relieved headtube.
Built in seatclamp.
Tiny dropouts.
Mid bottom bracket.
Removable brake hardware.


Here you can get a better idea of how an 18″ measures up to a 20″.  Man, I wish I had one of these as a kid… The 18″ Passengers are out now so get your local bike shop to order one in for you.

Exclusive – BSD ‘Donnasqueak’ Tires


Boom. Our friends at BSD just hit us up with an EXCLUSIVE first look at the new Alex Donnachie Tires that they have been working on and you might have seen pop up on some of the bike checks they have been doing with the team recently.

Get a closer look at the tires and find out more here.
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David Grant Bike Check

bsd-bikecheck-dbg003-dec2013-013 (1)

David Grant has a bike check up on the BSD site where you can see what he’s riding at the moment. Be sure to check out the exclusive interview we did with David HERE a few months back about his signature Raider Frame and Bars that he rocking here. Also worth noting the prototype Alex D BSD Tires that David and a lot of the team are riding at the moment.

Source X BSD Bottle Opener Stem


This is rad. To help them celebrate their 10 year anniversary, the Source BMX shop in the UK have been pumping out a line of limited edition collab products with some of their favourite brands. The latest addition is this BSD Race Top Load Stem which features a bottle opener built into the front (just like the old FBM Bottleneck Stem) and comes wrapped in a beer cozzie to seal the deal.

Strictly limited numbers of these have been made so hit up The Source today to grab your self something a little bit special and support one of the best BMX shops going.

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BSD “Whereizona” Beverage Frame

Click to see bigger...
Click to see bigger…

We got a sneak preview of this one at Interbike back in September, but it looks like the new “Whereizona” version of Tony Malouf’s signature Beverage Frame from BSD is out now.

This frame features Arizona Ice Tea themed graphics and a metallic orange color. You can check out more photos and all of the specs over on the BSD site or you can pick one up for $329.99 on Dan’s Comp or have your local shop in the U.S get a hold of QBMX or SNAP in the UK to get you one ordered up today!


Another week, another exclusive BSD interview up on The Merged. Kriss Kyle’s much anticipated new signature frame ‘The Passenger‘ from BSD is now available worldwide. To coincide with the release of this incredible promo video filmed and edited by Dave Sowerby, this week we hit up main man Grant Smith to find out what went into making Kriss’ new frame a reality. Put the kettle one, and take a seat.

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Q&A- David Grant and the BSD Raider Frame

David Grant has one of the most memorable and enjoyable riding styles around. After getting on the BSD pro team in 2011, David now has his own signature Frame and Bar which are both available now. Following up from his amazing Frame promo that just dropped, we decided to have a quick catch up with David and find out more about his signature Frame, and what went into designing it.

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Product Focus: BSD

IMG_0669 copy

In case you haven’t been paying attention as of recently, BSD have been straight up killing it. Originally born out of one rider designing his own Sprockets and machining a small run for a few friends, in a matter of years the Scottish based company has rapidly grown into one of the more productive and exciting brands in the sport.

BSD has an extensive product line which is designed and tested with the input of one of the most dialed teams in BMX. The brand’s founder and main man in charge Grant Smith, hit us up and sent over a selection of their latest products for us to have a closer look at. From rim tape to investment cast Forks, BSD have you covered for pretty much any part you could need for your bike, take a look at some of what’s new for this year.

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Spotted- BSD 14mm Female Hub


Dan Paley has a sweet bike check over on the BSD site. Go check out his WZA V3 which is sporting prototype BSD 2.4″ “Donnasqueak” tires and the street ready 14mm female cassette hub which we spotted at Interbike.

“I’ve been testing the prototype 14mm female hub and couldn’t be happier. It’s got a pre installed ratchet washer so the pawls in the driver don’t wobble out and cause your hub to skip when pedalling. It’s also got slightly larger bearings and a more oversized appearance than the backstreet hub, without going too OTT. It has aluminium cones for lightness with chromo centres so it keeps the hub as light as possible without sacrificing functionality, along with a new engraved logo this thing is looking fresh and ready for some hammers.”

We have an exclusive feature on this new hub dropping soon. Hit us up on Facebook with any direct questions and we’ll put it to Grant to drop the knowledge.