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Demolition Stem Promo

Connor Lodes, Kris Fox and Aaron Smith come together in this edit to introduce each of their new signature stems from Demolition which will be available next month. Each guy has a totally unique style with a unique setup preference, so they each sat down and designed a stem that fits their style and rig setup just perfectly.

For more info on all 3 stems go to:
Connor Lodes’ Stylus Stem
Kris Fox’s Stylus Stem
Aaron Smith’s Brace Stem

New Demolition Stems


As spotted at this year’s Interbike are the three new Stems Demolition will be bringing out in 2014. Starting from the left is Aaron Smith’s Top loader with a high rise, Connor Lodes’ with a medium rise and Kriss Fox’s with a clean looking front load option. All of these Stem’s feature solid chromoly bolts and a countersunk slot for a flush mounted top cap. Expect to see more info on these later this year.

Demolition Live Free Or Die Seat


Aaron Smith’s signature Live free Or Die Pivotal Seat from Demolition Parts is now available. The seat features fat padding with a 1-pc kevlar-type vinyl fabric and a sewn-on Aaron Smith patch and Live Free Or Die logo patch on the back of seat.

This seat is the first Demolition seat to have the all new reinforced base that will prevent bends and breaks that can happen with the traditional fat capital design. You can expect to see these seats popping up at Demolition dealers world-wide pretty soon. Hit up the site for more info.

New Kink Product

titan_group mudrunner_group

Kink had a bunch of new product on display at Interbike a few weeks back and by the looks of it some of it is now available. For 2014 they have introduced two new frames, the Mudrunner and the Titan, both of which are now available worldwide. The Mudrunner is built for going fast in cement bowls or hitting the biggest sets of trail and comes in either Black, Grey or Ben Hittle’s signature colourway Gloss Navy. The Titan on the other hand is more street orientated and comes in Black, Blue or Aaron Smith’s signature Burnt Orange. Head over to the product pages to check them both out in further detail.

What would a trails frame be with out some brakes? Good think Kink have you covered in that department. To go with their already dialed brake and cable, they now offer a rather snazzy new brake level. The Restrain Lever is fully forged for superior strength, and features and ergonomically designed lever and oversized bushings for smooth pull. Currently available in Black, Blue, Bronze and soon this new Raw colour that will be an option on the whole range later this year.



As always, be sure to hit up the Kink Bikes website for more information on all of these products and to check out what the team are up to.

Spotted- Demolition Aaron Smith Stem


Christian Rigal just set up a fresh new steed which you can check out in full over on Demolition. Christian always runs a dialed setup, take a closer look and you will notice he is running a sample of Aaron Smith’s signature Stem which looks lime an updated version of their Monarch Top Load with a shorter reach maybe? I’m sure we will hear more about that one and the Rotator Freecoaster he is also running next month at Interbike.

Kink The Titan Frame


Aaron Smith just built up a prototype of his signature colourway for Kink‘s new street Frame dubbed “The Titan” that they have been working on for a while. No word on specs or a release date, but expect more new to follow shortly from the dudes in Rochester, New York. Digging the graphics on the downtube!