Q&A- David Grant and the BSD Raider Frame

David Grant has one of the most memorable and enjoyable riding styles around. After getting on the BSD pro team in 2011, David now has his own signature Frame and Bar which are both available now. Following up from his amazing Frame promo that just dropped, we decided to have a quick catch up with David and find out more about his signature Frame, and what went into designing it.

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So your signature Frame from BSD, The Raider came out pretty recently, first off congrats! Can you explain how it all ended up coming about?
Thanks a lot! I guess the idea first kind of surfaced when things started up with me riding for BSD, Tony said that Grant had a lot of stuff coming up for the years ahead including sig parts for a lot of the guys of the team.

You must be pretty stoked. What does it mean to you to get to design your own frame from the ground up?
Means everything. I get to ride the exact bike I want! I can be comfortable cruising around, even get to have my name on the side haha.

IMG_0667 copy

The Frame is much different than anything else BSD currently do. Being a pretty tall guy and having a very specific riding style, what did you have in mind when you first sat down to design it?
Most importantly comfort and strength. I don’t feel I need a really low slung top tube or wicked short back end. Just not overdoing it but tweaking a few things here and there from various bikes I’ve ridden in the past. I love the way the frame sits when it’s all built up.

I know the process of creating a BMX product (especially a Frame) can take a surprisingly long amount of time. How long did it take from start to finish?
Just a few months. I was on a Forever XL before that, but i think right after Living for the City was finished I got my first sample, and one or two of those later here we are.

IMG_0653 copy

I guess one main thing that stands out about the frame is the huge 21.6 TT option. How much better does it feel than other frames you have ridden in the past? Would you ride anything longer in the future?
It feels loads better. I don’t have to rake my bars as far forward to get as much front end leverage. not that I do a ton of front end tricks but when you think about how smaller guys are proportioned to there bikes it’d make sense to keep the same kind of angles just on a larger scale. and I think I could maybe go longer haha. maybe 21.8”. Reed Stark is really pushing for the 21.8”.

I know Grant has a huge role in all the product design and development at BSD. What was it like working with him on designing The Raider; I think it’s fair to say the dude knows his stuff.
No doubt, if you know grant you know he has BMX products sorted. it was really easy to bounce my ideas off him. he had the thing mapped out pretty much over night.

IMG_0663 copy

The frame is available in either Flat Black or Clear Raw. I’m riding the Trans Black and love it. Did you purposely choose fairly low key colour options, I don’t suppose there is an Aaron Ross inspired neon Yellow version in the works?
Cheers man! and I definitely wanted to keep it simple when it came to colors. less is more to me. haha no yellow but there will be a Space Ghost Purple coming for 2014!

Let’s talk about the graphics, they look sick. who drew them and what are the influences behind them?
BSD’s art guru Mike Hughes is the one who drew them up. I put a basic little file together in photoshop and we tweaked it from there. and main influence for the graphics would have to be the Oakland Raiders football team, and for the name more importantly the Rvidxr Klvn record label.

IMG_0658 copy

What could you say your favourite feature on the Frame is?
No brake mounts, or the taller head tube so you don’t need spacers.

If you had to sum up The Raider in three words what would they be?
Superultramega, longnstrong, hella.

Will buying this Frame instantly give you the ability to bomb 25 stair rails first go?
It won’t give you the ability, but ill be damned if it doesn’t give you the tool to do so.

IMG_0659 copy

You are easily one of the taller riders out there right now, you now have a signature set of bars to go with the frame. Tell us about them?
Yee! Yessir. The Raider Bars are out now. 10” tall, 29.5” wide and they’re heat treated and butted making them much lighter and stronger than other 10 Inch bars out right now.

IMG_0669 copy

Do you have any shout outs or thanks?
No doubt! My family first off and all the homies who help keep me motivated, Grant & Rachel at BSD, Paul at Almond, Dane & Flip at Albes, Jack at Dub and Josh at Operativ

Anything else you want to say?
If you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrated.

The Raider Frame

Toptube lengths: 20.7″, 21″ and 21.6″
Headtube angle: 75°
Seattube angle: 71°
Rear end length: 13.5 – 14″
BB Height: 11.75″
Standover height: 9.3″
Weight:5 lbs
Colours:Clear coat raw and Trans black

Raider 10″ Bars

Width: 29.5″
Height: 10″
Backsweep: 11°
Upsweep 2°
Weight: 1.85 lbs
Colours: Black, Clear coat raw, Chrome

The Raider Frame and Bars are available now from BSD dealers worldwide, head over to the website to check them out in more detail.

Be sure to follow BSD and David up on Instagram to keep up with what they’re riding and what they’re up to. And while you’re at it, give us a follow @themerged if you haven’t already.





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