St. Martin 14″ Kids Flatland Bike


This is awesome. We’ve seen a lot of smaller bikes designed for younger riders to shred over over the past few years, but mostly designed for skatepark or street abuse. French brand St. Martin have designed this 14″ Mini BMX designed for Flatland. Here’s what they had to say about it…

Here is a new bike in the St-Martin range : the Mini Darwin, with 14″ wheels. Yes, 14 inches, not 12, not 16. The original idea came from Taka at Delirium Distribution in Japan. He realized that there is a big gap between 12″ and 16″ bikes. Many kids, during a few years, are too tall for a 12″ bike and too small for a 16″ bike. We’ve worked 6 months on that project and here it is… The bike will be available in Japan in march and in Switzerland and France in april.

Head over to the St. Martin site for a full spec list and click through to see some more photos of this tiny flatland shredder!

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Sunday Bikes Army Green/Trans Orange Broadcaster Frames


Here’s a preview of the new Army Green Broadcaster frame that Sunday Bikes will be releasing this April.  Also available is this translucent orange colour option as well, which you can have a butchers at below this body of writing.   If you’re liking the look of this particular frame, have your local shop hit up Full Factory Distribution or one of Sunday’s international distributors today to get one pre-ordered


Fly Bikes Cassette Hub Prototype


Wow. I knew the original Fly Bikes Cassette Hub had some history behind it but this amazing story found on Stefan Lantschner’s Instagram is literally unbelievable.

“Ruben Alcantara used this Fly Bikes prototype hub while filming all around the world for his Etnies Grounded video part in 2006. I got it from him I think 2008, it got stolen once in Malaga I guess 2010, than Pitu bought it back from some gypys. I kept on riding it all this years going to so many awesome trips till summer 2013 when my bike got stolen out of the car in Milan… A few weeks back Ayoub Errami from Morocco contacted me telling me he found my stolen bike and he was so kind to handle the hub to Vince Perraud who was there at the time. Vince gave the hub to Courage Adams at Simple Session and now I am holding all that history in my hand, can’t believe it!!!”

Spotted – Grey Reflective Odyssey Hawk Tire


If you told me two years ago that Odyssey would be making a Slick 2.40″ Grey Tire with a Reflective sidewall I would have called you mad, but hey never say never. It looks like colored Tires are here to stay and Odyssey’s first fully colored tire looks pretty wild. Combining their best selling Chase Hawk Tire with a reflective stripe and a sticky Grey compound, you can expect to see these things available later this year.

Mutiny Grant Castelluzzo Frame


The Union caught up with Grant Castelluzzo to check out his latest bike, and by the sounds of it Mutiny will be rewarding him with his very own signature Frame…

Do you have any specs nailed down for the Castelluzzo frame yet that you can tell us about?
The specs are 75 ht, 13inch rear end slammed, 11.8bb, 70-degree seat tube, 8.8″ stand over, smaller drop outs that sit more flush with my peg, and a bunch of top tube sizes ranging from 20.2 all the way to 21.1. We are using a few different tubes than our last frames and it will be completely brakeless. The reason for these changes is to help keep the cost down. We want it to be as close to $300 retail. I want as many people as possible to be able to ride my frame. I couldn’t be anymore psyched on the way it is all turning out. Thanks Gaz!

You can check out grant’s current bike in better detail here.

New Fit Dugan Bar


Tom Dugan’s bigger Fit Bike CoDugan Bars are now available in gloss clear and this sexy-regal-ass ‘trans ox blood’ red to match his signature frame. These bars now come in at a taller 8.75 inches tall, but the 8.45″‘s are also still available. Measuring up at 28.5 wide, 12 degree back sweep and 1 degree up sweep….oh and they weigh 2.1 pounds in case you’re asking.

Sunday MotoRoss Frame Available in April


Sunday Bikes’ Aaron Ross has his newest incarnation of his signature frame; the MotoRoss, shipping to distros, shops and mail orders this coming April.  It’s good to see he kept the low BB height and lost the more garish of the colour options available in the past, it was enough to give anyone retinopathy… Here are the full specs below;

Top tube lengths: 20.75” or 21”
Head tube angle: 75°
Seat tube angle: 71°
Bottom bracket height: 11.5”
Chain stay length: 13.25-13.5”
Stand-over height: 8.5”
Weight: 5 lbs
Colours available: Black Splatter, Orange Soda and Cool Grey.
MSRP: $369.99