The Union Products: Vol. 96


Getting close to the centenary edition now…. Kurt over at The Union shows us through the following components for the 96th ‘Products‘ section; the BTR cassette hub from The Shadow Conspiracy, the Stratos top load stem from Stolen Bikes, the Knox guard sprocket from Sunday, the Badge pivotal seat from Madera and finally Chase DeHart’s signature Butter frame from Cult.  Go on, go and have a good ol’ drool.

New Verde Website/ Scout 12″


Verde‘s new site is as you’d expect anything from them to be; clean as a whistle.  It even loaded relatively quick on my ropey 10 year old laptop (Windows XP fo lyf!)  Cruising through the bikes section looking for something noteable, I came across this;


I’d have loved one of these as a kid! The ‘Scout‘ 12 inch bike shown above and below has an integrated headset, inflatable tyres and even tapered forks for a great looking, solid construction far surpassing the quality of pretty much every balance-bike out there.  Extra points for the frame pad too(…I’m a sucker for a good frame pad)  It’s great to see a company who pay attention to every detail and don’t just palm off the younger generation of riders with cheap tat. Go check out Verde‘s site for more on their rad bikes and parts line.


Spotted – Federal Tripod Seat


I spotted this gem at weekend on the one and only Mad Jon‘s new ride. He was riding a sample of Federal‘s entry into the Tripod Seat market. Using the new updated Tripod seat base that a lot of brands are starting to use now, this seat will be available wordlwide this Summer. Just as I was about to post this, Stu from Seventies hit me up with some more info on what the production version will look like.

“At the moment it looks as if it’s going to be available in Camo (with Black embroidery) and Black with White embroidery. So in short; not the sample Royal version seen here. Both of these seats will be available late July/early August.”

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St. Martin 14″ Kids Flatland Bike


This is awesome. We’ve seen a lot of smaller bikes designed for younger riders to shred over over the past few years, but mostly designed for skatepark or street abuse. French brand St. Martin have designed this 14″ Mini BMX designed for Flatland. Here’s what they had to say about it…

Here is a new bike in the St-Martin range : the Mini Darwin, with 14″ wheels. Yes, 14 inches, not 12, not 16. The original idea came from Taka at Delirium Distribution in Japan. He realized that there is a big gap between 12″ and 16″ bikes. Many kids, during a few years, are too tall for a 12″ bike and too small for a 16″ bike. We’ve worked 6 months on that project and here it is… The bike will be available in Japan in march and in Switzerland and France in april.

Head over to the St. Martin site for a full spec list and click through to see some more photos of this tiny flatland shredder!

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Sunday Bikes Army Green/Trans Orange Broadcaster Frames


Here’s a preview of the new Army Green Broadcaster frame that Sunday Bikes will be releasing this April.  Also available is this translucent orange colour option as well, which you can have a butchers at below this body of writing.   If you’re liking the look of this particular frame, have your local shop hit up Full Factory Distribution or one of Sunday’s international distributors today to get one pre-ordered