Cinema x Etnies Collab

Joined by their love of Nathan Williams and Corey Martinez, Cinema Wheel Co. and Etnies Shoes have teamed up to offer a line of shoes, apparel, and wheels. And to commemorate it, they flew Nathan and Corey out to California to stack some clips for this promo.

To purchase anything from the Etnies/Cinema collab you can pick it all up over on Dan Comp HERE.

Subrosa Noster Joris Coulomb Colourway


Shortly after being bumped up to the Pro team, it looks like Subrosa are rewarding French ripper Joris Coulomb with his very own colourway of the soon to be released Noster V2 Frame. This amazing Trans Purple will be available in limited quantities later this year so go hit up your local Subrosa dealer today and pester them to get one in!

As seen on Data BMX.

Shadow DCR Grip Formula

After Wethepeople announced they had their own new grip formula it looks like The Shadow Conspircacy have been working on refining the quality and longevity of their rubber too. Head over to the Shadow site to find out more about their new “DCR” grips and the testing that went into them…

While working on the DCR Grip Formula, we utilized our machine testing capabilities to put samples through the ringer. We tested the longevity of the different samples with abrasion testing and the structure of these samples with pressure and stretch tests. Once we we’re finally happy with the machine testing results, it was time to give these to the team.

Insight: Volume & Demolition 2014


The Union always kill it with original content. They just dropped an EXCLSUIVE first look at all the new Volume and Demolition good which are dropping worldwide enxt month. Head on over there and get a look at a bunch of exciting new products like Broc Raiford’s signature Vessel frame from Volume, an updated Freecoaster and Dennis Enarson’s signature Rig bars and Tripod Markit seat with Demolition.

All of these items will be hitting distributors, shops and mail-orders starting in March. You can have your local shop here in the U.S hit up 180 Distribution or QBMX to get pre-orders in now so you can be the first with this new product the day it’s available. Live outside of the U.S? Have your local shop hit up your country’s Local Distributor. All of this product will be available on Dan’s Comp ( Volume / Demolition) when it becomes available as well.

The Union – Products Vol. 94


A little later than usual due to being perpetually stuck behind a cash register, here’s The Union‘s Products; Vol. 94 for your viewing pleasure.  This week the Salvation V2 top load stem from CultSubrosa‘s new Spring 2014 apparel line, Madera‘s V2 cassette hub, Sunday‘s Octave fork and The Daily Grind‘s Army hoodie all get a look-in.  Hit the link for the low down on all these great parts.