New United Stems and Sprocket



United have been working on these two new stems for a while now and they are finally out. The Front load is Ryan Metro’s signature Stem, and the top load is Alex Valentino’s. Both come in a choice of either 48mm or 52mm reaches, and available in Black, Red or Polished. These both have a real subtle and clean design to them, and the countersunk section for the top-cap will look super clean when on board your steed.

The Super 8 Sprocket is also new this year. Coming in 25t, 28t, and 30t in a matching Red, Black or Polished to go with the Stems. Be sure to hit up United’s site for more info on these, as well as a sneak peek at the rest of the new 2013 products which will be dropping pretty soon.

Odyssey Socket Drive Cranks and Sprocket out now


Odyssey‘s Socket Drive specific Thunderbolt Cranks and Killington Sprocket are out now!

“Our Socket Drive interface system has been in use on our FLATWARE CRANKS since their inception, and it was only a matter of time before the system was adapted into our THUNDERBOLT cranks. The time has come.

In a nutshell, the Socket Drive™ system is a 9 sided interface which eliminates the need for a sprocket bolt. The sprocket itself is machined so there is no need for a sprocket insert of any kind. The two work great together. The interface is solid and reliable, so we are now offer the KILLINGTON sprocket to match.”

175mm only
RHD only
Black only

25t or 28t
7075 aluminum
Black only

The Thunderbolt Cranks and Killington Sprocket are sold separately. Shame there isn’t a LHD version out yet, but im sure if this catches on Odyssey would bring out a set. Proper already has a compatible Sprocket coming out, and given that this is a royalty-free design it will be interesting to see who else adopts this new interface. Hit up your local bike shops or favorite mail-orders to upgrade your drive train today.


Verde 30T Neutra Sprocket and Drew York Seat


I was flicking through Verde‘s Instagram (@VerdeBMX) when I stumbled on a couple of new products they are working on. Above is a new USA made version of their Neutra Sprocket. Verde’s very own Trailbss Brian Yeagle is running this 30 tooth version, the larger sizes is perfect for those running a larger gear or just looking for something a bit different.  These should be available in the states in April, in both Black or Red.

I also spotted a sample of Drew York’s signature Pivotal Seat. Drew has been on the team for a while and killing it for sometime now so its sick to see him getting rewarded with a signature product. No more info on this but it looks like the seat will feature the classic Fat Captial Pivotal base with some of his influence for the graphics on the cover. No word on a release date of this yet, but Id expect it to be out later this year with the rest of Verde’s new hardgoods.



Alone Maiden X Frame


Alone over in the UK have been making quality BMX products for a quite some years now. The Maiden was their first Frame back in 2004, and going into 2014 they have brought it back with the new and updated Maiden X Frame.

“Still featuring the same headtube and seattube angles of the original maiden as well as the original higher standover, but all the other features have a modern day twist on them. They Maiden X features slimmer tubes, shorter rear stays and fatter rear tyre clearance. We will also offer the frame in three styles to suit everyone’s brake needs; removable lugs for those who mix it up, welded lugs for brake lovers or a clean brake less version.”


Full Sanko 4130 Tubes
20.75″ or 21″ Top Tube Sizes,
75 deg Head Tube Angle, 71 deg Seat Tube Angle
13.2″ Slammed Rear Stays (runs at 13.25″ with room to remove chain, Still runs at 13.5″)
Fat reat tyre clearance (our 2.3″ tyre runs fine at 13.25″ even with a rear brake)
11.65″ BB Height, 9″ Standover
Tapered T/T, S/S and C/S
3 styles: Removable Brake Mounts, Welded Brake Mounts or Clean Brakeless.
Small Peg Shape 5mm Thick Dropouts, 14mm Slots
Externally butted seat tube
Dent Resistant Straight Guage 1.2mm thick Down Tube and Chain Stays.
Weight 4.8lbs
Colours: Matte Black, Matte Light Blue or Matte Maroon.
RRP: £239.99
The Maiden X Frames will be available later this year. I know a lot of riders in the South of England were super stoked on the original, so should be hyped that there is an updated version coming out. Hit up Alone for more info on where to pick one up as well as the lowdown on the rest of their product line.

Shadow Trey Jones “Killer” Cranks.

CollateralBMX_TSC-KillerCranks (1)

Head over Collateral for an awesome interview with Shadow’s main man Ron Bonner. It’s a real good read and covers a lot of topic including the beginnings of Shadow, manufacturing in Taiwan and a few projects that they are working on including this sneak peek of Trey Jones’ signature “Killer Cranks”.

The previous Shadow Cranks have always had a real original look to them and these are no different. Although still in the early stages of development, apparently they be made from Cromoly, and by the looks of it feature a stronger 22mm spindle and beefy wrapped spindle and pedal bosses. Stoked to see the jump in recent years from 19mm to the larger and stronger 22mm spindles, maybe these will even be 24mm like Fit’s new Indent Cranks?



Haro Dennis Enarson LaMesa Tire

The LaMesa Tire is Dennis Enarson’s new signature model from Haro. Featuring a low profile directional tread pattern with micro knurled lugs on the sides for corner traction and a smooth center line for less rolling resistance. It is available now in a choice of 2.0″ and 2.4″ sizes and black, tan or whitewall versions.

Available now at Dan’s Comp.

Cult Dehart Tires available in Gum.


AK fans rejoice, Cult’s Gum Dehart Tires are finally out!

These feature a slightly softer and more grippy compound than the regular Dehart Tires and come in larger 2.2″ and 2.35″ sizes. These may not be to everyone’s taste but are worth looking at if regular black tires just aren’t giving you the grip you’re looking for.


Head over to Cult more more photos.

Stolen Silencer Pegs


Head over to Stolen for a detailed article on their Silencer Plastic Pegs. A lot of thought went into the material, length and insert options on these pegs, and with having a monster of a rider Like Sean Moore putting his name on them you know are going to hold up to any abuse. Ive been riding the prototypes of these for a good while now and will have a review to drop pretty soon…


Cult Butter Nylon Peg


I saw these at Interbike and I noticed a few of the team were testing them when I was out in Cali last year. Seen here is a sample of Cult’s new “Butter” Peg which uses a heat treated 4130 core with a durable nylon composite sleeve. According to Cult these should be available mid March and replacement sleeves will be readily available at the same time.

Cult wanted the assembled peg to have the same outside diameter as their Doomsday Peg (35mm), so the 4130 core is just large enough for a 17mm deep socket to fit inside and can be run without the sleeve if used with an additional washer. If you’re looking for a plastic peg that isn’t as wide as most of the ones currently available, these Butter Pegs could be for you.

Nylong Peg 003 Nylong Peg 006

As seen on Neal Wood’s Instagram (@NealCult), go follow him!

Exclusive- Tree Prototype Sprocket Guard


With sprocket guards having a bit of a resurgence recently, Tree have decided to work on a newer version of their original bolt on sprocket guard. Sam from Tree hit me up with some more info on this morning.

  • Made of 7075 T6 aluminum
  • Will come in 25,28,and 30t sizes
  • Bolts clamp directly in the top end of the sprocket slots
  • Work only with Tree OG sprockets
  • Radiused grind edge that prevents guard from interfering with the chain after use
  • This discrete sectional sprocket guard protects the side of your sprocket that is actually being grinded on
  • Uses 10mm dia heat-treated steel bolts with 6mm hex key hole

O.G.G.2 O.G.G.4 O.G.G.3

These are still in testing but i’m sure a lot of the older riders and sprocket moshers are hoping they make production. I think the semi-guard looks a lot neater than the full-guard alternates like the Odyssey MDS, and is a nice throwback to the old Tree and Animal Guards. If all goes well these should be out later this year, but I’m sure if you contact Tree they should be able to fill you in on anything I’ve missed.

Merritt Sprockets & Bars

Mike Brennan’s new Parts company Merritt have been working hard on their debut product range.

The new site is now live so go over their and check out their new parts including the new Brad Simms and Brian Foster Bars (coming February), as well as this sick new Sprocket they are working on. That plastic insert is a nice original concept, I heard these are being produced in the USA too like their Stems.

Proper Raw Trawlerman Frame and Carrier Backpack


Proper always spend a good amount of time R&D’ing their products and taking influences from all areas and eras of the bike industry. Their new Carrier Backpack is based off the old Little Devil Backpacks that just about everyone used to have back in the day. This thing is strong, durable, features a compartment for your iPod and Laptop and even Skateboard straps if you’re bringing one to film a session, perfect.


Max Wood’s signature Trawlerman Frame is now available in this rad new bare metal colourway. This is the perfect Frame for the rider who likes to shred everything and these Frames are built to take a beating. Expect to see Max going fast and real high your local trails or skatepark on this in the near future. These are both out now, hit up Proper for more info.

Kunstform BMX Shop in Germany spent some time with Carlo, Jamie, Ben and the rest of the Proper guys and put this short documentary together which gives you a closer look into what goes on down in Pagham. I’ve heard good things about these new “Prototype” Cassette Hubs they have been working on, cant wait to hear more on those.

If you missed it the first time, head over to The Union to check an interview Kurt did with Proper about what they have been up to recently and what they are working on for 2013.

Demolition Black Markit Seats


Demolition’s collab Seat with the guys at Markit has been super popular since it’s release last year. They are now releasing a new version in a more subtle black stitching, looks fresh! They also have a new seatclamp out for those of you who still run one of those things.

Head over to Demolition for more info on both of those.


Fit Skyscraper Bars out now

Damn I remember when 8 Inch Bars were huge!

Fit‘s new 9.25″ Skyscraper Bars are available now. This is the tallest bar Fit offer and features Straight Gauge .065″ Wall 4130 Cromoly tubing and a big box and large dual radius bends to keep them strong. These should be available worldwide pretty soon in both Black only. Be sure to check out the flip-book above featuring Dan Conway shredding his prototypes.

  • Rise 9.25″
  • Width 29″
  • Back Sweep 11 degrees
  • Up Sweep 4 degrees
  • Weight 2.14lbs


Subrosa Villicus Prime Frame


Last month we showed you a sneak peek of Hoang Tran’s third signature Frame from Subrosa, and today they dropped the full details and specs. Most notably is the higher 9″ standover, but this frame also features removable chain tensioners and a really fresh set of graphics. This Frame should be out in March so keep your eyes peeled for it at a bike shop near you.

Head over to Subrosa for more photos of Hoang’s new steed all built up.

Material: 4130 Sanko chromoly, double butted top tube, down tube, seat stays
Top Tube: 20.5″, 20.75″, 21″
Chain Stay: 13.75 with room to remove wheel, 13.5 fully slammed
Head Tube: 75 degrees, integrated, CNC machined, heat treated and drilled for gyro tabs
Seat Tube: 69 degrees, internally butted, 9.0″ standover height, integrated seat clamp w/ replaceable nut and bolt
BB Type: mid, T5 Deathproof heat treated, specifically designed to not hang up during grinds
BB Height: 11.6″
Low profile removable brake mounts
Custom manufactured wishbone
Dropouts: 6mm hollow with integrated chain adjustor for 14mm axle, T5 Deathproof heat treated
Weight: 4.9 lbs for 20.5 top tube
Colors: Chrome, Space Black

United Thin Line Tire


Head over to United for a bike check with the one and only Ian Morris. Mozza is the main man behind United and 4Down so you know his ride is going to be stacked with their finest new and prototype parts. He is currently a production sample of the new Dinero Frame (which is almost out!) wrapped in United parts including samples of United’s Tires which have an extra thin tan line on the sidewall, much like Ilegal’s new Tires. No word if these will even make production but they certainly make the bike stand out and look fresh.

I wonder how many more brands will be following suit and bringing out these ‘thin-line’ Tires?

Fit Benny L 4 Piece Bars in Production


Fit Bike Co‘s Ben Lewis signature 4 piece Bars are now in production. Measuring up very close to the current Mac Bars at 8.85″ high and 28.5″ wide, and with wrist friendly 4 degrees up sweep and 10.5 back. The bars also feature Fit’s proven dual radius bends making these bars super resilient against bending. These are being welded up as we speak in house in Santa Ana California so expect them to hit the shops in the next month. Castillo fans are stoked!

Mobile Website Live!


Our new mobile site is now live and ready for you to check out on your smartphone or web tablet! You can now find out everything about the latest new and prototype BMX parts where ever you are. Bookmark it and let us know what you think!