New Shadow Goods


Shadow are always on the ball and working on sweet new products. Here are a couple that I snapped on their Instagram (follow them!), Lahsaan Kobza’s new signature Penumbra Pivotal Seat, and bellow is an updated version of their Overtaker Tire with a slicker/grippier tread. The Seat will be dropping soon, and the Tire, well we’re just going to have to wait and see on that one…


Fit Key Guard Sprocket Promo

Fit Bike Co’s Key Guard Sprocket is now available. Check out this neat promo video they put together showing a few of the team putting their sprocket guard to work.

“The KEY GUARD is the one piece guard version of the KEY sprocket with our new tooth profile for better chain engagement and longer tooth life. Created with input from Ben Lewis to protect your chain during crooks or slide nicely when in a crank arm grind.”

Available in : Bright Sliver, Matte Black
Size: 25t, 28t


Bone Deth Penetrator Cranks


Lets face it no one wants to snap a pair of Cranks, especially when you’re bomb dropping of the roof of your local church like the Bone Deth guys.

The team of zombie loving party machines from the East Coast have been working hard for the past year developing and testing their new 22mm 2.5pc Penetrator Cranks. These things are brutal, and the team has been putting them through what they call “Torture Testing”as well as running extensive machine testing on them to ensure they hold up to just about any abuse you could put them through.

  • 2.5pc Seamless 4130 Chromoly Arms
  • Forged Pedal and Spindle Bosses
  • Full post Weld Heat Treatment
  • 22mm/48 Spline, heat treated Chromoly spindle
  • Flat, Square shaped arms for radical crank arm slides
  • Torture Testing by the Bone Deth Team
  • 170mm & 175mm Arms
  • 31 oz.
  • Matte Dead Black & Chrome-a-toast

I saw these in person at Interbike last year and they looked super solid, and a lot more substantial than some of the other Cranks out there right now. I’m a big fan of the retro stamped section of the crank arms, kinda remind me of old Profile or Redline Flight Cranks. The 170mm option is also pretty cool, with more riders running shorter crank arms, the superior strength of the Penetrators is sure to make them super popular.

Check out this cool promo video the guys put together below, explaining a bit more about the Cranks and how they have been tested. There are some pretty horrendous slams in here, awesome to see these really have been “Torture Tested”.

The Penetrator Cranks will be available in September, so if your a big roof dropper or want a strong dependable set of cranks that aren’t going to fail on you, be sure to check out these. I doubt Odyssey’s STAMPY machine could compare to the forces those fat chicks are producing…

Kink 2014 Catalog

Looks like Kink are the first out of the gate with their 2014 complete bikes. This years range is as impressive as ever, with a much simplified lineup based around and sharing geometry and component choice of pro riders Tony Hamlin and Ben Hittle.

You can check out the entire range as well as their complete collection of Frames, Parts and extensive clothing collection in this neat catalog. The 2014 Kink bike line will be available at all your favorite bike shops, mailorders and online stores by the end of this month!

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 20.09.11

Fit Key & Key Guard Sprockets out now


Fit’s latest Sprocket creations are now available. Both of these USA made chainrings are feature a new tooth profile for better chain engagement and longer tooth life, 4 sprocket bolt positions and offset teeth for better chain alignment. Awesome to see these have been based around original Fit “Key” logo which was synonymous with the brand in Fit’s early days.


The Key Sprocket is CNC’d from 7075 aluminum for strength and style and uses 15/16” (24mm) center bore for maximum Crank compatibility and is available in either Black or Silver in your choice of 25, 27, 28, 30 and 31t to keep everyone happy.


The Key Guard is the one piece guard version of the Key sprocket with the same new tooth profile for better chain engagement and longer tooth life. Created with input from Ben Lewis to protect your chain during crooks or slide nicely when in a crank arm grind. If you’re going through chains like no tomorrow, be safe and use some protection!

Both of these superior quality USA made sprockets are available for purchase worldwide now. Hit up Fit’s website for more info and where you can get your hands on one.

New Haro Products


With a ridiculously stacked team including Dennis Enarson, Pat Casey, Matthias Dandois, Ronnie Napolitan and recent (re)addition Dennis McCoy, Haro are making serious moves this year. The SD Frame has been the pinnacle of their current lineup for a few years but it looks like they have been working on some new Frames and Parts. Here are a few new product additions that they will be bringing out later in 2013.


Seen here and above is their new Lineage Frame that Pat Casey is testing out. This retro inspired frame is due out in September and uses double gussets, removable brake hardware and this sick Trans-Green finish. I’m particular feeling the old-school headtube/gusset junction, a homage to their deep BMX roots. It seems that they will be doing a whole line of retro-inspired parts under the Lineage name, including this Spline-Drive Sprocket Available in 25t, 26t, 27t and 28t also available in September.


The team have also been testing out a new high-rise Top Load Stem. This thing is CNC machined out of Aluminum and the final version will feature a recessed part for a flush topcap. Looking good!


These products along with the rest of their 2014 product lineup should be available in September. I’m excited to see what else the guys at Haro have been working on, be sure to check out their website for more info on their products and updates from the team.

Eclat Plastic Sleeved Peg


Despite releasing Nathan William’ signature Pegs not too long ago which feature a steel peg injected with nylon, it looks like Eclat are also working on a more traditional plastic peg (never though I’d be saying those words!) which uses a Chromoly core with a replaceable plastic sleeve. These are still in the prototype stages, but might be worth looking into if the Nathan Pegs aren’t your fancy. Knowing our German friends at Eclat, there will be something different and original about this one, self-healing plastic would be a godsend…

Standard Byke Co Factory Tour


We haven’t heard much from Standard from a while, but judging from this awesome factory walk through over on BMX News, they are very much alive and kicking. Go take a look from start to finish at one of the only places in the USA still manufacturing their own Frames. We really don’t see enough of Standard these days, it’s refreshing to see they are still keeping it real.

Profile Push Stem in 58mm and 63mm

Push Stem 58 and 63mm 1200 03

Mark Muliville’s signature Push Stem from Profile Racing is now available in 58 and 63mm lengths for the giants out there. If you’re feeling cramped up front and want some more reach, this might be a cheaper alternative than buying a longer Frame. These are only available in Black for now, and can be bought from your local Profile Stockist or from their webstore today.

Colony Topload Stem


Here’s a sneak peek at a new topload Stem that Colony have dropping soon. Looks like an update on their Variant Stem with a bit more rise for all you guys who want your bars higher. No word on specs or a release date but I’m pretty sure these will be available later this summer with the rest of Colony’s 2014 product range.

Is it me, or does it sound crazy that we have 2014 bikes and parts coming out soon?…

S&M 22″ ATF Frame


Although the 22 Inch market is fairly small, the guys at S&M have been pushing this unique wheel size ever since releasing their 22 Inch Holmes Frame, Fork and Wheel package last year. Seen here is a prototype of their next 22 Inch Frame which is based off their ATF team Frame. No word on the geometry of this one but judging from the photo I’m guessing it will have a more street based steep headtube and shorter chainstays.

A lot of guys are going to be into this, especially the older riders so keep an eye on S&M’s Instagram for more info.

Fit High Top Stem


Fit Bike Co’s High-Top Stem is now available! If you’re looking to get your Bars super high then look no further as this thing will give your bars more rise than any other Stem available at a huge 36mm. These are out now in your choice of 49mm, 52mm, or 55mm reaches and either Black or Polished Silver.

They should have called this thing the Viagra Stem…


Sunday Secret Bonus Bikes?

Damn Sunday’s Bikes are always pretty wild looking but this is another level.

Somebody at Sunday noticed something interesting about Aaron Ross’s Bonus Bike and the Vapor blue bikes they released. If you were to part them out and swap things around, you could do a completely blue and completely red bike. These obviously aren’t available for purchase but if you wanted a pretty much complete monotone bike this could be something to look into.

We noticed something interesting when we released the 2013 Aaron Ross PRO Bonus Bike a month or so back. By combining parts from the Bonus Bike with the current Vapor Blue PRO, it was possible to make an all red or all Vapor blue (except the seat) Aaron Ross PRO. Obviously, you would have to be a baller or a bike shop to be able to make these bikes, but if you’re looking for something even more rare than the new Bonus Bike then here’s an idea for you.

Madera 22mm Helm Spline Drive Sprocket


With more brands offering 22mm Cranks and the release of the new Profile Racing and Madera 22mm Cranks, Madera have released their Helm spline drive sprocket in a 22mm, 48-spline version. These sprockets are available NOW, so have your local shop hit up Profile Racing to get you one ordered up today. Otherwise, they will be available on their WEB STORE shortly.

Spotted on The Union.

Sunday Grey Soundwave and Black Rooster Frames

Sunday‘s Soundwave Frame is now available a new color! You can now pick this frame up in Garrett Reeves signature Gray color that is hitting shops now! Take a closer look at the frame in the photos above then click here to get all of the specs and info.

Sunday have also released their trails specific Rooster Frame in Black Magic! Check out more photos below, then get all of the specs and info here.