United Spring 2014 Products


More good stuff from United.  This time it’s the spring 2014 range of ‘Supreme‘ parts (of which are designed to be more affordable than some of United’s other aftermarket parts) that gets a look-in, the most notable parts are the Supreme cassette hubs which come with either male or female heat treated chromoly axles, sealed bearings and LHD/RHD driver switchability as standard.  Can’t argue with that.

Hit this link for some more photos of these hubs and more from the Supreme range including bars, seats, cranks and complete wheels, or through for all of United’s up-range stuff including all your favourite rasta and oil slick colourways…

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United Shop Stem Series


This is a cool idea that I’m seeing more and more of… UnitedBikeCo got together with some of the U.K.’s finest rider-owned BMX shops and have come out with these limited edition Metro and Valentino stems; all with different hues and finishes for each shop and the shop’s logo etched into the sides.  20Twenty, Crucial, Customriders, PijinSibotSource and Voltbmx all have these custom stems so make sure you hit up the one closest to you and represent your local rider-owned enterprise… oh and these are in super limited numbers so I’d be quick about it if I were you.  Hit the link for a closer look.

Hoffman 2015


After some mystery as to the fate of Hoffman Bikes, it looks like the Condor and his brand are back with big plans for 2015. Head over to Matt’s Instagram page for a sneak peek at their 2015 product range including bikes, frames and what will get a few of you older riders talking, a re-release of the old Low Drag bars spotted above on his new ride. I’m excited to see Hoffman back in the game and cant wait to see what they have planned for the rest of the year.

S&M Seahawks Kit


I know next to nothing about”Football” but our US contributor assures me that a few of you football fans will be psyched on this one. Mike Hoder had S&M Bikes do a limited run of these Seattle Seahawk colored BTM frames, Hoder Bars and Pitchfork XLT forks in the neon green and navy fade. If you’re looking to get your hands on these, you better have your local shop hit up The Building Distribution to get you some ordered up before they’re all gone…

Mike Aitken Bike Check

Mike Aitken just built up a new bike and damn does it look good. Fit just put together a slide show of his new ride giving you a sneak peek at a few prototype parts…

“Mike’s bike is solid gold – so have a look at his signature MOTOMIKE frame, S4 stem and SKYSCRAPER bars. Aitken is also running our new American-made proto FK 1.3 fork which should be out soon!“


The Union Products: Vol. 97


For this week’s Products section over at The Union, Kurt has a look at The Shadow Conspiracy‘s Corvous rim, Profile Racing‘s Spline Drive sprocket, Sunday‘s EX Aaron Ross complete bike, Scott Ditchburn’s new signature Thunderbeast frame from Subrosa and lastly the 4140 shirt from The Daily Grind. Head over to The Union’s site for more info on all the selected products.  I’m particularly feeling the Ditchburn frame’s investment cast wishbone…