Proper TTL



Mike Miller’s signature TTL Frame from Proper Bike Co has to be one of the most popular frames ever to be released in the UK, pretty much every skatepark you go to, you are bound to see someone riding one. Here is the latest colourway with fresh new graphics to match. These will be available around now in a variety of sizes. Hit up Proper for more info on where to pick one of these up.

Banned Stash Cap

Banned’s Stash Cap has caused quite a stir since it’s release earlier this year. Essentially a hollow topcap with a reverse threaded lid for you to stash your joint in whilst out on a ride. The above video gives you a quick run  through of how it works, pretty neat idea even if you wanted to take a few notes out with you on a ride. These are available now, hit up Sparky’s for info on where to get the hook up.


Tech Talk – Kink Solace Frame

With so many Frames available these days, its always great to have a brand run though their offering and explain why theirs might be the right on for you. Matt from Kink Bikes runs through Tony Hamlin’s signature Solace Frame and all special features like the integrated chain tensioners, invest-cast seatclamp, and the Tony’s specific geometry.

I must say, they really have done an awesome job on the graphics on these Frames, so sick…


Demolition Combat Bar Promo

Ronnie Napolitan’s all new signature 2-pc bar from Demolition is now available. The all new Combat Bar is made from thicker butted tubing and now has the butts in all the stress points in the bar. Check out this sick promo video of Ronnie displaying what a versatile rider he is, blasting trails, parks and hammering it down rails. This is a real treat, be sure not to miss it!


Haro Lineage Frame


Head over to FatBMX for a bike check with Haro Bikes’ John Buultjens who is running a bunch of prototype gear including their new retro inspired Lineage Frame which we spotted last month. The Frame, Stem and Sprockets will be available this October. I’m digging the old-school head tube gusset on this one…

bcj8 (1)

Shadow – Behind the scenes Part 2

Here is Part 2 of 4 in ESPN BMX’s “Behind The Scenes” series with The Shadow Conspiracy. Part two goes into the distinctive styling of the Shadow products and their art direction from the beginning. If you look carefully you can see a sneak peek of their new Scott Ditchburn signature SOD Pegs which we featured last month.

Filmed and edited by Aaron Nardi.


Empire 10 Year Anniversary Collection


Empire BMX have been selling the finest BMX products available for 10 years now. To celebrate their 10 year anniversary they have released a whole line of limited edition clothing and accessories which you can pick up online and in store in Austin Texas. Head over to Defgrip to check out their extensive range which includes Tees, Hoodies, Pint Glasses, Bandannas and even a Skateboard deck!

empire2 empire3

United White Strip Tires


United will be releasing their Swerve, Direct and new Indirect Tires in this rad white “pinstripe” version, similar to Fit’s Night Vision Tires. These look particularly sick, and I can see them being a big hit with all the Harry Main idolisers who have been drawing on a white line onto their tires with Tipex to imitate the bunnyhop flair king. These will be available in all the sizes and Tire options later this Summer with the rest of United’s Summer 2013 range. These will look killer on an all Black setup…

Fit Wizard Sleeve Promo

The Plastic Peg revolution continues. Here is a promo for Fit’s upcoming Wizard Sleeve’s which are essentially a separate plastic sleeve that will be compatible with any 34mm metal peg, making them perfect for anyone who is unsure of switching to plastics and dosnet want to invest $80+ on a full set straight away. Dan Conway has been testing these since last year, and they should be available later this Summer. Check out some riding and a bit more about these from the man himself.

Mutant Oil Slick Stems


Looks like Mutant Bikes from Portugal are the latest brand to get on the Oil Slick bandwagon. Pictured is their new top load and front load stems which will be available later this year in a whole bunch of colours including this crazy finish which seems to be popping up everywhere as of recently. No word on a release date or price, but if the popularity of the Odyssey Stems were anything to go by, a lot of people are going to be into these…


Wethepeople Pete Sawyer Sterling Frame


Head over to Wethepeople for a bike check with team rider Moritz Nussbaumer. They recently kitting him out with a fresh new ride including a few prototype 2014 parts that are due to be released at the end of the year. Most notably Mortiz is riding a sample of Pete Sawyer’s debut signature Frame dubbed The Sterling. No words on the specs of this frame, but I’m particularly liking the smooth hourglass headtube and higher standover.

Pete will also be getting his own signature Forks to go with his Wham Bars which were released last year. You will also notice what appears to be a new Wethepeople Cassette Hub, and a Seize Stem with some kind of crazy Dollar Bill wrap. I want to see how they did that one…


Expect more info on all of these 2014 parts and their latest range of complete bikes to drop on the Wethepeople site in the next few weeks. Excited to see what else they have been working on this year…

Volume Broc Raiford Seat


Volume have been dishing out yet more signature products today. Peep Broc Raiford’s signature Pivotal Seat which uses a Fat Capital design wrapped in a 1-pc cover with a kevlar-like material. Embossed Volume Stamp logo on the back of seat and Broc’s signature embroidered tag on the very back of the saddle. I’m really into this one, real simple and clean. Check it out in more detail here.


Volume Iron Chachi Bars


Volume have been making moves this past year, adding a bunch of new exciting dudes to the team, with grind wizzard Alex Raban being one of them. Alex has been killing it so much this year that Volume decided to reward him with his own signature Bar. The Iron Chachi Bars measure up at 8.3″ x 29″ making them perfect if you want a bars that’s not too tall, and can be cut down a fair bit.

Featuring 12-degrees of backsweep, 2-degrees of upsweep, a crossbar height of 6.2″ and a crossbar width of 10.4″, these bars feature thicker butting on all of the stress points to increase the overall strength throughout. The Iron Chachi bars weigh in at 29.4 oz. and come in Chrome and Flat Black. You can find out more about these bars right here.



Demolition Combat Bars


What you see here are Ronnie Napolitan’s signature Combat Bars which are now available from the fine guys at Demolition Parts. Ronnie is one hell of a dialed rider and well deserving of his first signature product. The Combat Bars are made out of 13-butted 4139 heat-treated chromoly and are on the big side at 8.8″ high by 29″ wide. Measuring up with 11-degrees of backsweep, 1-degree of upsweep, a 6.4″ crossbar height and a 11.28″ crossbar width, these bars feature a thicker butted tubing in all the stress points to create an all around stronger design. The Combat bars weigh in at 32 oz. with flat black and chrome for the colors. Check out more photos here.


Behind the Scenes of The Shadow Conspiracy – Part 1

This is awesome. Aaron Nardi and ESPN BMX have a new series called BTS where they give you an in-depth look at different things around the BMX industry. They kicked things off with a closer look at The Shadow Conspiracy and more about the brand. Part 1 interviews Shadow’s main man Ron Bonner along with the original members of the team and discusses the mysterious launch campaign in the old Props videos way back in 2003. We’re a big fan of Shadow here on The Merged, this well put together feature is a must watch!

Prototype Credence Stem


Spotted this gem over on Can You Dig It. Looks like Credence have a Stem coming out, based on the S&M Challenger with a slimmed down body, internal machining and recessed top for a flush topcap. These will be made in the USA by S&m Bikes. The Challenger has to be one of the most popular Stems ever made, especially since its re-issue a few years ago so expect this thing to be insanely popular with trail riders and mid-school fans alike. Find out more here.

Animal BPE Replacement Bodies


Animal‘s BPE pedals have been out for a few months and now the replacement bodies are also available. Coming in black, blue, red, clear and purple, these can be picked up everywhere Animal is sold or direct from their Web Store.

Thinking about picking up a pair of the BPE’s but you don’t know much about them? Check out this INSIGHTand REVIEW of them The Union dropped a little while back.

S&M Mainline Tire


S&M just released another sneak peek of the re-issue of their Mainline Tire which will be out later this year. A throwback to the original trails Tire, this new version will have an updated high pressure casing and come in a whopping 2.425″ size making itthe perfect companion for a Summer blasting down the trails.

The Daily Grind Drive-Side Guard


The Daily Grind‘s Drive Side hub guard is now available. The guard is designed to take some serious abuse and is CNC machined from 4140 heat-treated chromoly, making it much more durable than most alloy guards.You can pick one up for $42.99 on the Daily Grind Web Store or you can have your local shop hit them up directly to get yourself one ordered up. They will also be available on Dan’s Comp in a few days time.

Spotted on The Union.