Spotted- Kink High Rise Stem


Spotted here on Tony Hamlin’s bike, is a prototype High Rise Stem from Kink Bikes. This new Stem sits the bars up much higher than any other of Kink’s Stems, and has a shorter 48mm reach making it the perfect tool for nose manuals and front wheel tricks. No other info on this clean looking unit yet, expect Tony and the rest of the Kink boys to be putting it though it’s paces this year before we see a finished version.



Solid Bikes have been making BMX frames at home in the USA for quite some time now, and in between building Frames for brands such as T1, Cult, Native and more, they do a fair amount of custom work and can build pretty much any Frame you could want. They have now opened their vast catalog of pre-assembled Frame, Fork, Crank and Bar parts to the budding Frame welders out there for you to construct your very own creation. From Press Fit headtubes, to 22mm Crank Bosses, the place is a welders wet dream. Head over to their webstore and check it out today.

Deluxe – U.S.A Made PA Model


Deluxe have been busy working on a U.S made version of Mark Potoczny’s signature PA Model Frame, which was originally set to be made overseas. The Union is working on an interview with Mark Noble dropping soon about the decision to take some of Deluxe’s production over to the U.S. Be sure to keep an eye out for that one…

Volume Staple Stem


Volume’s new Staple Stem has been in the works for a while now, but is now available through Volume dealers worldwide. The Staple is casted rather than CNC’s which keeps the cost down at $28.99 but still leaves you with a super strong and durable Stem that wouldn’t look out of place on any bike. Bike parts aint cheap, so its great to see Volume releasing a quality product that is more available  to riders who are looking to upgrade to a topload Stem but dont have $60+ in their back pocket. The Stems are equipped on their 2014 complete bikes which should be available later this year.

Click on the image to see it bigger.

S&M Elevenz Bars


S&M Bikes is doing an 11 inch rise bar! The Elevenz bar is made from 4130 chromoly and made in the U.S with a rise of 11″, width of 30″, 3-degrees of upsweep and 11-degrees of backsweep. Weighing in at 2.73 lbs. with color options of black for now but im pretty sure they will do them in chrome as well. These will be selling for $59.99 and can be picked up by having your local shop getting ahold of The Building. And you thought they were joking eh?…

Fiend JJ Palmere Frame



Fiend just posted up the details on JJ Palmere’s signature Frame which is due out later this year in December. Based around the Embryo, this Frame will feature a 75 degree HT, 11.625″ BB, 13.25″ slammed CS and double gussets to keep the front end nice and strong. This is only a sneak peek, but Fiend will be dropping a bike check soon with JJ who has been testing this machine for a few months now. I’m really into that green…


Spotted- 11 Inch Bars?


S&M have had the monopoly on the largest Bars in BMX for a few years now, and now that other brands are stepping up to the 10 Inch mark, it would seem they are planning to go even bigger. Spotted here are apparently the plans for the ELEVENZ Bars, which according to the guys in Santa Ana will be available at the end of the week, For $59.99 direct from The Building Distro.

It must be pointed out however, that Moeller is know for a good old wind up every now and again so maybe these are another of S&M’s pranks to keep us on our toes. I guess we will have to find out later this week…

S&M ATF Rasta Frames


S&M Bikes are doing a small run of their ATF Frames in this sick Trans-Rasta finish and Bad Brains inspired graphics. These things will be available soon but in super limited numbers, so if you want to grab your self something special I suggest you hit up your local S&M dealer today.

Click on the photo to see it bigger.

Through The Lens: Custom Made – Native BMX


Awesome article over on The Union with James Covington from Native. James makes custom, made to order Seats made in his workshop in Florida, and has made some really amazing, one-of-a-kind bespoke pieces. Go check out the interview for an insight into what goes on at Native, as well as a look at the first 100% USA made pivotal seat which uses a custom seat pan made out of clear resin. Be sure to check out more examples of his work over on the Native site and cop your self something special for your bicycle.

Odyssey Monolever 10 Years Old This Week


Probably one of the most popular things to be clamped to a pair of bars over the past decade, the Odyssey Monolever turns 10 years old this week. This simple lever hasn’t changed much in that time, other than being produced in pretty much every colour under the sun. Its crazy to thing a product with longevity was apparently designed over three 14 hour days to meet a deadline in June 2003.

Mutant Bikes Peg Guard


Mutant Bikes out of Portugal were working on a rather interesting Peg/Hub Guard combo a few years ago which used an integrated hub guard which went from the peg and over the dropouts, rather than behind like most guards. Although they displayed this at Interbike, the peg never made production. The prototype was made out of Aluminium which made it prone to deformation, and the whole concept that you couldn’t rotate the peg probably put the project to sleep.

That was until today where we stumbled upon what Mutant are calling the pre-production sample of the revised peg which should be out later this year.  From the photo it looks as if the Guard and Peg are now in two parts, where the peg can be rotated around the guard which use a small allen key bolt to tighten them together. Interesting to see to see how they have revised the peg, but they claim that after 5 years of work, they now have a product they are happy with. I’d like to hear your views on this one?

Spotted- Fiend Prototype Cranks


Spotted on Garrett Reynold’s personal steed, a pair of prototype Cranks from Fiend. Although judging from the photo its almost looks like the Crank arm is on backwards, I’m guessing these use some kind of internal wedge clamping system to tighten the arms. I find it hard to believe the sprocket bolt does up from the other side? Anyone who has seen the Deadline video will know the sheer brutality Garrett puts his bike through and with he and the rest of the team testing these as we speak, I expect these things will be built to outlast the Apocalypse. More info on these and other new Fiend products dropping real soon…

Éclat Sniper Lever Promo

Eclat just put out this rad promo video for their Sniper Brake Lever featuring quite possibly the best man for the job, Darryl Tocco. If you’re running brakes and want a simple, strong and functional lever that looks good I highly suggest looking into the Sniper Lever.

As with all of their products, a lot of thought and time went into designing this Lever. Head over to the Eclat site for a detailed piece explaining a bit more about your brakes best friend.

Dropping later this week…

sneak peek

We have something very special dropping exclusively right here on The Merged. I’m sure a few of you will have some idea what this is but the rest of you will have to keep guessing until we drop the full product release later this week. With the debate that BMX has arrived at a kind of plateau in regards to genuine product innovation, it’s exciting to see a product turn up that betters a technology that’s been in use for over 20 years. We’re stoked to bring you guys this one, sit tight as we’re bringing you all the details and more real soon…

Shadow S.O.D. Peg


Shadow just released another look at their new Scott Ditchburn Slide Or Die Plastic/Chromo Peg that they have been working on this year. Looks like these things are almost ready for production so I’m sure you will be able to get your hands on them pretty soon.

For more info on these pegs, be sure to have a look at the exclusive sneak peek we did with Shadow’s designer Joey who explains what makes this peg so awesome.

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Cult Casual Frame


Cult‘s latest collab Frame is with Casual BMX shop, and as well as making it a ltd edition colourway, they also decided to change the geometry of their USA made Bad Boy Frame, which is unusual for Cult as all of their Frame pretty much share the same proven angles across the board. The Casual Frame features a steeper 75.5 degree headtube and a super short 12.9″ slammed back end making this thing super responsive and easy to throw around.

There are only a few of these Frames available and they are exclusively sold through Casual, so if you’re looking for something a little different to the other Cult Frames be sure to hit up Casual today and secure yours before they are all gone…

S&M A.T.F. 22″ and 24″ Frames


Despite being of the most hardcore BMX brands to ever exist, S&M are always creating new sizing options and catering for the rider that wants something a bit bigger than your standard 20 Inch Bicycle. The guys in California have just released their super popular ATF Frame in a  22″ and 24″ version for those of you who prefer the larger wheel or for the old rider who has transitioned into the larger bike but still wants to rep the brand. Cruise over to the frame section of the web store and check ‘em out!