Cult Dehart Tripod Seat


The Tripod revolution continues. Cult had samples of their own Tripod Seat at Interbike and here is Chase Dehart’s signature model which uses a super slim base and padding much like Fly’s current Dos Seat. I know Chase was a big fan of the old railed seat and was one of the last guys to switch over to a pivotal setup. The Tripod has much the same look of the classic railed seat design so I can see why he would be into it. This Seat should be out later this year, along with a Dakota Roche version which will undoubtedly have much more padding for those of you who want something more comfortable.

Stoked to see more Tripod Seats in the works from a variety of different brands, will this new setup mean the end for Pivotal Seats?

New Colony Hubs


Colony are working on some new Hubs, and by the looks of it are sampling the Oil Slick finish that appears to be taking over the BMX world left right and centre recently. These Hubs are in the early stages of testing, so no word on the specs, but team rider Chris Courtney is putting these through their paces so hopefully we will here more on these soon.

United Indirect Tire Available Soon


United‘s new Indirect Tire that we had a sneak peek of a few months back is due out later this month. Based off their popular Direct Tire, the Indirect features a more aggressive slightly knobblier dirt style tread that will be at home on the street, in the skatepark or at the trails. Measuring up at 2.35″ this monster truck of a tire will be available soon in the next few weeks in black and tanwall.

BSD Raider 10 Inch Bars


It looks like S&M no longer have the monopoly on the 10 Inch Bars market any more. Spotted here are a prototype of David Grants upcoming signature Raider Bars from our mates in Scotland at BSD. Despite the amount of 5.5″ kids riding about with Perfect 10s these days, its fair to say that a guy as tall as David deserves a bar of this mammoth size. Measuring up at 10 Inches High and 29.5 wide, the Raider Bars will be out later this Summer for you whack on your bike weather your super tall, or just want the biggest bars in the game. Angles are 2 degrees upsweep and 10.5 of backsweep, expect more info dropping from BSD soon.

A few years ago, the very idea of a 10 Inch bar was laughable, but the market certainly does seem to be there. How long until we see the 10 inch mark broken?…

Cheers to Mariano Leonczik for the find.

Subrosa 2014 Catalog

Next up to drop their full range of completes for this year is Subrosa who have kindly presented it all in this neat flipbook showcasing this years Frames, Parts, Bikes and their impressive collection of clothing. This years bikes are no surprise extremely dialled, stocked with aftermarket parts from Shadow including the new Simone Barraco Strada Tires, Solus Seat combos, Noctis cranks and much more. These bikes look super good, and there is something for you weather your looking for an entry level complete or an upgrade on your current ride. The 2014 bikes should be dropping worldwide later this Summer so be sure to head over to Subrosa for more details on all of these products and when you can get your hands on them.

Daily Grind Guard Sprocket


The guys at The Daily Grind make products that stand up to what the team do, and if you’ve seen any of the section from their latest DVD (all online now!) you know that these guys really put their parts through their paces! Spotted here is a prototype Sprocket Guard the team is currently testing out. Expect these things to be out later this year, and strong enough to be able to protect your chain from getting hit by a freight train at full speed.

Put your money where your ass is…

2311-BJames Covington knows a hell of a lot about BMX seats. Making some of the finest hand made custom seats out there, James has probably ridden and worked on just about every type of seat available. There is a cool article over on Native where he runs through the various types of seat out right now, and the pros and cons of each. Worth a read if your not sure what to sit on these days…



For those of you who don’t know, The Source is one of the biggest and best core BMX shops in the UK. Run by brothers Mark and Rich and based out of Hastings on the south coast, the shop has been around for 10 years now and has always been a huge support to the UK BMX scene. They stock a massive amount of products, are run by a super friendly team and have a Pro Team featuring Kris Kyle, Ben Lewis and Matt Priest. Winning best UK shop for two years running, if you haven’t checked them out, I highly recommend it. They even have their own ramps in the back of the shop!


To coincide with their 10 year anniversary, The Source are releasing a range of strictly limited edition products throughout the year. First up are the Fit x Source Benny L Bars. The Benny L 4pc bars are hand made in the USA from Post weld heat treated 4130 crmo and feature a big box design and larger top bends for maximum strength. The versions feature the ltd edition 10 Year graphics and are only available in Black.

20190 (1)

Next is the S&M x Source ATFids frame. The ATFids frame features a custom Fids inspired pirate headtube badge and decals on S&M’s flagship ATF Frame and is available in classic Fids yellow or black. Hand made in the USA from supertherm butted and tapered 4130 tubing.

atfidsclose-590x394 atfids_headtube atfids

There will only be small numbers of each product released, and when they’re gone they’re gone, so if you want to own one of these rare products head over to The Source’s website before it’s too late!

The Union – World Wide Web Tanktop


Kurt over at The Union is has brought out a limited edition run of fresh Tanktops just in time for the Summer.

So here we have it, the new World Wide Web tank. Comfortable, simple and clean. These tanks are made with Tultex pre-shrunk 100% ringspun cotton and and printed by the guys down in Casselberry at GGSBS.

They’re currently available in small, medium, large and Extra Large with white being the only color option.


Support the realest website in BMX right now and pick one up for the modest price of $12 RIGHT HERE at their webstore. All orders come with free The Union stickers and some extras from different brands they might have. Maybe it’s about time to do some tee’s for The Merged?…

Exclusive- Odyssey’s Tripod Monogram Seat


It looks like this year we will be seeing more brands release there own version of Fly’s Tripod Seat System which was first released at Interbike a few years back. Here is the first look at Odyssey‘s first Tripod Seat which will be released later this Summer along with their very own Tripod seatpost, which apparently will be much longer than the current offering. This Seat shares a similar shape to their Principal Pivotal Seat but uses the Tripod attachement instead which eliminates any holes, reduces weight and keeps everything looking much cleaner.

Pretty cool to see Odyssey use a new seat design for this one, as I have to say the biggest drawback to the Tripod System is the lack of seat designs and shapes, especially the fatter variety. Cult, Federal, Proper, Mutiny, T1, Deluxe and more have their own Tripod seats coming out in the near future so there will be much greater choice for those wanting to switch from the proven pivotal seat, to this cleaner looking system. Hard to say weather the Tripod will take over completely  but its great to see larger brands like Odyssey take note and bring out their own…

The Make – 2014 Frames


I hadn’t heard anything from The Make for a good while so I was pretty excited to see they just released a sneak peek at their new Frames that are coming out for 2014.  Looks like an update on their current Frames with The Count and Chicken having their own signature Frames again, not to dissimilar from their current models. There is also a team Frame dubbed The Crew, which looks like an update from The Assassin Frame featuring a super steep 75.5 degree headtube and double gussets up front to beef things up. Although the images are just renderings, you can head over to the site to get the lowdown on the specs, I’m certainly feeling the fresh graphics on these.

count-frame-render-2 white-knight-render-2

Spotted over on The Union.


Miles Rogoish and Tony Neyer teamed up to put together this promo for the release of Neyer’s signature WLT Tire from Primo. This Tire might look familiar as we have seen a few sneak peeks since early this year. Based of the hugely popular Wall Tire, the WLT (Wall Two) Tire uses a similar classic diamond slick tread and will be available soon in 2.3″ and in a choice of Black, Tan or Grey sidewalls. Expect to see  ore info on these dropping from Primo soon.

d123866a61b611e2971f22000a1f8c25_7 542b8c06612611e2830722000a1f9d75_7

Division Brand Terminal Top Load Stem


Division Brand out of Australia have been prototyping a Top Load Stem since the beginning of the year, and what you see here is the final sample. This thing is cooling clean and the seem stoked on it!


“It’s been quite an adventure to get the Terminal top load stem exactly how we want it but the final sample is sorted and we will be testing this hard over the coming months. Specs go like this… Full CNC 6066T6 alloy, 50mm reach, 34mm rise and will be available Black or Polished.”

Check out more over on Division Brand.

S&M Cymbal Drive Side Hub Guard


A few week’s ago S&M leaked a sneak peek at a prototype of their Drive Side Steel Hub Guard they were prototyping. A lot of people got excited about this one, namely because of the lack of steel guards, especially drive-side versions. Seen here is the prototype installed on a bike. Due to the strength of the steel you can see how the guard doesn’t have to be as thick or chunky as alloy versions, whilst still having superior resistance and toughness. Still no word on a release date but expect to see this USA made cog guards out later this year.

Cult 2.40 Tires


More big, slick tires, this time from the dudes at Cult. These new Tires are based off the Dehart Tires, but again with a slicker, knurling free surface for extra grip and traction. Measuring up at 2.40, these are Cult’s biggest Tires yet, and are currently in testing from the team. I can imagine these things would be excellent choice if you ride concrete parks and dont want your wheels slipping out at high speed.

More over on Cult.

Shadow Valor Tire

ba07d37a0b7311e398e622000aa819f6_7 (1)

Shadow are always cooking up new products, and by the looks of it have a new super wide Tire in the works. The Valor Tire is to be based off the tread of their Overtaker Tire, but features a much slicker tread profile and no knurling, no doubt designed to make these things stick like gum to a table. Seen here is the 2.40 version, making it the biggest Tire they do yet and one of the largest on the market, no word however on any additional sizes or color options for the production version. These will be tested by the team, so hopefully we will be finding out more about this fresh rubber in the not to distant future…


Foundation BMX 2013 Catalog

Foundation BMX out of France just put together a neat catalog showcasing their 2013 product lineup. A solid range of parts here including signature forks from French shredders Florent Soulas and Clement Carpentier and even a drive-side chromoly hub guard. Foundation is exclusively distributed by Unleaded BMX so hit them up for more info on where to grab your self some of this fine French componentry.

link32_018_black_ps800 headquarter_fat_ps800 east_side_hubguard_ps800