The Daily Grind Drive Side Guard


The Daily Grind is a BMX company that you have probably seen popping up a fair bit recently. Unlike a lot of cookie-cutter generic brands who just re-brand catalog parts with their logo, the guys at The Daily Grind have designed their products from the ground up specifically designed for the most brutal street riding and abuse you could put your bike through. With most of the team running four pegs, they decided to focus their attention to designing a drive-side hub guard.



What you see here is Ryan Howard’s signature Drive-Side Guard, that protects the driver, chain, hub flange and spokes from grind damage. This guard is CNC’d out of 4140 post production heat treated Chromoly, making it incredibly resilient and slide much better than an Alloy guard. Ryan worked real hard on the design of this one to ensure that the shape of the guard prevented any hangups during grinding, and that the guard didn’t catch on rails, which can be a common problem with some other drive-side guards on the market. Due to the fact that it’s made of Chromoly rather and Alloy, the Guard is much thinner allowing it to slide over existing hardware and fits on most rear hubs with 9t drivers, without having to spread your dropouts as much as other guards.


These super tough guards are available now at DG dealers worldwide and at Dan Comp for $32.99. Be sure to check out Ryan’s part from the DG DVD, you know these things have been tested properly!

Cinema Waxed Rucksack


Cinema have a rad new premium quality rucksack now available.

Designed custom from the inside out, the Waxed Rucksack is luxurious, spacious, and ready for travel. This bag will keep you looking good and your belongings organized. Through use, the waxed canvas will wear to a unique look specific to its owner.

This is one dialed rucksack with plenty of features and details, all for only $54.99 too. Head over to Cinema to check it out in greater detail.

New BSD Products

20595 (1)

Much to the delight of a lot of people, the guys at BSD have a few new products out just in time for the Summer. BSD have been on a roll this past year, producing some absolutely stunning web edits from all over the world so it’s great to see that they haven’t slowed down on the product development side of things.

Probably the most anticipated of these new products are David Grant’s signature Raider Bars which after a short wait are now available.  The Raider Bars feature a massive 10″ rise and are made from multi-butted post weld heat treated 4130 for a maximum strength to weight ratio, making them much lighter than S&M’s Perfect 10’s, which weigh a massive 2.4lbs and have been the only Ten Inch Bar out until now. Bars seem to be getting bigger and bigger so it’s awesome to see another brand step up to the mammoth 10 Inch mark. If you’re a super tall guy and in need of a much larger Bar to suit you’re ridding, then the Raiders could be for you. Although saying that, I very much doubt that’s going to stop a lot of younger riders from going out and purchasing these things…

  • Backsweep: 11°
  • Brand: BSD
  • Colour: Black, Chrome, Clear Coat Raw
  • Rise: 10″
  • Upsweep: 2°
  • Weight: 1.75lbs
  • Width: 29.5″

20594 20596

The guys in Scotland decided to give their Pivotal Seats a wee bit of an overhaul. The Slinger Fat Seat and the Stamp Slim Seat are now both available with this rather tasteful synthetic leather brown cover. Brown/Leather seats have definitely had a small resurgence as of late, and BSD’s offering are easily some of the nicest we’ve seen so far.

20607 (1) 20755 (1)

For 2013, Tony Malouf gets his very own signature Seat to run with his Beverage line of parts. The Beverage seat features an embossed Beverage logo and a larger profile making it perfect for Barpsins or just sitting down and chilling. The seat is available now in your choice of a tough synthetic red leather material or black vinyl.

20604 (1) 20603

All of these parts are available now (or very soon) worldwide, be sure to hit up the BSD website for more details on these products and the rest of their extensive range. Boom.

Spotted- Shadow Invest Cast Fork


The guys at Shadow are constantly working on new products, and are kind enough to give everybody sneak peeks from time to time up on their Instagram. Spotted today is a spy shot of a new Fork which appears to use invest cast dropouts for a super clean look. Making the dropout this way enables them to do some real cool and interesting detailing on the dropout and fork leg. How rad does that embossed Cross head look? We have no other details on this Fork for the time being, but expect these to be on show at Interbike in September where we will get a much closer look.

Spotted- Odyssey 38mm Lincoln Stem


Spotted over on Flatmatters, Odyssey are working on a Flat specific 38mm reach version of their Lincoln Stem. Pro rider Terry Adams has been testing out the prototype and is was using it at the BMX Worlds contest in Germany a few weeks back. The Stem still uses the traditional 2 bolt clamp on the back to attach the Stem to the Fork, but uses a forged face plate and heat treated metal links to clamp the bars tight, with only 2 bolts rather than the standard 4. Interesting to see what reaction the flatland community will have to this interesting concept.

Alienation Vault Stem


Alienation have a new top load stem coming out called the Vault Stem. The Stem features a large amount of CNC Machining to reduce weight, as well as a split faceplate and a large 31.2mmm rise for those of you who like having their bars nice and high.

Retailing for $64.99, the Vault Stem will be out later this year. Head over to Alienation to find out more.

Shadow Simone Barraco Seats


Shadow have two new colourways of Simone Barraco’s signature Penumbra Pivotal Seat which are due out later this year. Both the Black/Army Green, and Matt/Gloss Black versions will be available in the Mid size seats come November. These Tie Dye style seats look badass, im particularly drawn to the all Black version.


Premium CK Fork


Last week we had a sneak peek at Chad Kerley’s signature ‘CK Forks‘ from Premium, and today we have more info. The CK Fork features a invent cast dropouts with a super short offset, making the front end of the bike much more responsive and easier to get into Nose Manuals.

  • Integrated bearing race and top cap
  • Invest cast CNC’d dropouts
  • CNC steer tube
  • 24mm offset
  • CK Logo on lower steerer
  • $139 retail


Although they wont guarantee you will be able to Nose Manuals just like Chad as soon as you buy the Forks, at least they should get you on the right path. These will be available later this Summer in matching colors to Chad’s CK Frame; Matt Black, Matt Silver and Matt Gold.

Spotted- Alone Camel Toe Pedals


Here’s a sneak peek at Alone‘s new Camel Toe Pedals which use a super strong hollow cromo axle & bushing system, much like Animal’s BPE Pedals. No word on a release date or whether separate Plastic bodies will be available, expect an update once the team have put them through testing.

I have a feeling we will be seeing more pedals using a bearing-less oversize spindle from other brands later this year, it’s certainly the way forward in terms of strength and durability. With Crank Spindles and Pedal Spindles both moving to hollow, larger sizes, will we see Hub Axles, Steerer Tubes and Handlebars go a similar way as they have done in other types of bike riding?

Little Devil Brand is back!


Hell yeah. After a year of whispers and rumors, possibly one of the most badass clothing brands ever to emerge from the world of BMX is now back. Little Devil has returned to BMX after a long hiatus, and is selling new T-Shirts and clothing direct from their online store. If there is anything BMX needs right now, it’s more stuff like this. Check out the full range and pick up some fresh Tee’s HERE. Let’s hope this is the start of one hell of a comeback.

Profile Bronze and Green Splatter Hubs


Profile Racing came across a couple of hub shells with the bronze and green splatter paint job that they had available back in 2009! They decided to build up the hubs and put them up for sale. There’s only 8 sets of these available, so if you’re looking to get a set, have your local shop get a hold of Profile right away before they are all gone.

Sunday 2013 Back To School Softgoods

Sunday’s range of softgoods keeping getting better and better every season. Their back to school range might sound like it’s aimed at the younger riders, but don’t let the name fool you, as this high quality apparel has been designed with input from their stacked pro team and features some real dialed and original designs. If you’re looking to get hold of any of these items then contact your local bike shop, your favorite mail order or if you don’t have either of those then visit their webstore right HERE.

I’m all about that Joker Tee…

Available Now- Odyssey A+ Front Wheel


Odyssey’s new Antigram Front Hub is now available fresh out of the box and laced up to one of their Aerospace Rims to make a premium Front Wheel dubbed the A+. Only in Black for now, the A+ is a great idea for anyone looking for a top-end front wheel that’s going to hold up to serious abuse.


Available now so hit up your local bike shops and favorite mail orders to upgrade your bike. Odyssey’s matching A+ REAR WHEEL is also available now too.

Spotted- Eclat Oil Slick


We saw a sneak peek a few months back of Eclat’s own range of Oil Slick Parts that should be available later this year, here are some shots of the samples on their newest recruit Sebastian Anton’s Bike. Odyssey’s limited run of Oil Slick products seemed to have the BMX world going crazy. As far as I know, Eclat’s offering will be a fully available colourway on a multitude of products, so expect to see this wild finish cropping up on a lot more bikes in the future.


G-Sport Van Homan Signature Pegs


I dont think there is a rider alive who is more deserving of a signature Peg than Van Homan. If you’re not a fan of G-Sport‘s new Plastic Pleg 2, and want something more manly under you, then it dosent get more manly than this. Much to the relief of every rider over the age of 24,Van’s signature Peg’s will indeed be coming in cold hard Chromoly Steel, so you will be able to hear every grind, slide or curb chink. Available in either 10mm or 14mm sizes, the Van Peg measures up a bit longer than most at 4.25 Inches long, and comes equipped with 3 anti-rotation holes to give your peg ultimate longevity.

I know a lot of people are going to be stoked on these, not just because it’s a Van Homan signature product, but its almost G-Sport going back to their true street roots, way back when everything was made in George French’s shed in Sheffield, and the Hub packaging had tea stains on it. Van is currently testing out the samples and once his almighty seal of approval is handed out, these should be available shortly after.

Oh and just incase you needed reminding…

Odyssey Tripod Seat and Post


Odyssey‘s Monogram Tripod seat and Tripod post will be available soon. The seat post is slightly longer than other Tripod posts currently out (the production post will be longer than the sample pictured), and the seat’s foam shape is similar to the Principal Pivotal Seat. With many brands adopting the Tripod Seat/Post into their product line this year and next, it’s great to see some original seat shapes/styles being pushed forward, instead of just using an already existing catalog part.

Would you run a Tripod over a Pivotal?

Spotted- Prototype Alienation Seat and Cassette Hub


Alienation have been fairly quiet as of late, but with Interbike right round the corner, I’m sure that’s all about to change. Spotted here, appears to be a prototype version of their Slider Pivotal Seat, but with a reworked cover and padding. Alienation worked real hard for a long time on making a Pivotal Seat that had fore/aft adjust ability. The Slider Seats have been out for some time, but weren’t to everyone’s taste. I’m really into the look of the V2, if you want more angle options with your seat, worth looking into this new model when it comes out.

Seats are not the only think Alienation have been working on. Seen here is a prototype Cassette Hub which uses a new “3 on, 3 off” pawl system as well as a female axle and a press-on drive side hubguard. Not much more info on this one, no doubt they will have it on display in Vegas come September.

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Fiend Wedge Bolt Cranks

Ty Morrow Bike Check

As seen over on Ty Morrow’s bike check on Ride, here is a closer look at the prototype Fiend Cranks we spotted last month. Much like we thought, the cranks work like most 22mm splined 2.5 peice Cranks, but these use wedge bolts on both arms to tighten up and provide a more secure hold onto the spindle. Ty, JJ, Garrett and the rest of the team are putting these through their paces, and judging by these photos, they are holding up remarkably well.

“It’s a pretty simple wedge system. The cranks slide on with ease, you tighten down the spindle bolt and then tighten the smaller, pinch-style bolt below to press the wedge into the spindle. I’ve ridden mine for almost three months and haven’t had to tighten them once.”

Ty Morrow Bike Check Ty Morrow Bike Check

Subrosa Venom Seat


Here’s a sneak peek at Subrosa‘s Venom Denim Pivotal Seat which will be out later this Summer. I’m really into the denim cover and leather patch on this one. Certainly a lot more subtle com pared to some of their past seat designs which were quite out there. Excited to see what else the boys in Florida have been working on this year…