Fit Trans Ice Blue Mac Frame



The Fit Bike Co MAC Shawn McIntosh signature frame has been out of stock for a little while but Fit just dropped a new batch with the addition of this translucent ice-blue finish shown above and it’s looking sexy as hell.  Mac’s signature Bars are also available in this rad finish if you felt like getting the matching set. Hit up your local Fit dealer to bag yourself one of these beasts.

Yesterday’s News – Animal GLH Tires

0153_animalglh-500x500 (1)

This week’s Yesterday’s News is kind of a history lesson and delayed product review all rolled into one. Animal’s GLH Tire has been around for a good while now and is the tire of choice for street riders around the world. If you’ve got a spare five minutes, put the kettle on and get ready to read another of my usual ramblings about another BMX product that stands out from the rest… Continue reading

Stress BMX Disco Hub


We’ve had a few sneak peek’s at the new Disco hubs from Russian brand Stress, but here is a closer look at the rear cassette which uses 14mm female bolts into a super large 17mm axle much like the BSD Backstreet Pro, Odyssey Antigram and a few select others. The Disco Hub will be available later this year in either Black, Polished or Oil Slick with a matching front version available at the same time.

Through to see more pictures of the Hub, as well as a neat video showing the Disco in full effect…
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The Union Products: Vol. 99


So close… This week’s edition of The Union‘s Products section brings you the scoop on the 14mm male-axled Profile Racing‘s Elite cassette hub (bzzzzz!!!) the Battle fork from SubrosaThe Daily Grind‘s Combatant camouflage snapback caps, Stolen‘s Rebellion front wheel and the Soundwave frame from Sunday Bikes. Head over to The Union for photos and the full spec on all these items.

90East Tremont Bars

securedownload (1)

Here is a look at a new set of handlebars from the east coast based brand 90East. The Tremont Bars are 8.5” Tall, made in the USA, and come in gloss black and clear. Lino Gonzalez had a big input on these bars and they are the perfect option for anyone looking for a solid set of bars with reasonable dimensions.

-Made in the USA from 0.65” Wall 4130 Chromo
-28” Wide
-8.5” Tall
-4˚ Upsweep
-11˚ Backsweep
-10.75” Crossbar Width
-6.25” Crossbar Height
-0.75” Crossbar O.D.

The Tremont Bars are available now through 90East dealers worldwide or can be ordered from their online store HERE. Hit em.

Mutiny Octad Spline Drive Sprocket


Looking for a sprocket that’ll stay put? Who isn’t? The Mutiny Octad comes in two spindle sizes; 19mm or 22mm chromoly spline-drive inserts for those of you with more beef in your crank spindles (kinda sounds like a prank we pulled on Dave once…) and a whole bunch of tooth sizes; 23t, 24t, 25t, 27t 28t and 30t. It also comes in either black or polished.  The Octad’s 7mm thick, 7075 aluminium construction and minimalist graphics really makes this a premium quality sprocket worthy of gracing anyone’s pride and joy.


Hit up your local shop and get them to order one in, if you are the shop get onto one of Mutiny‘s worldwide distributors over on their site.

Mat Hoffman Bamboo Bike Check


There is no doubt that Matt Hoffman is one of the craziest human beings to ever touch a bicycle. From getting the first BMX frames made in Taiwan back in the 90’s all the way to strapping a lawn mower engine to his frame, Matt has played around with just about every way he could make his bike faster and stronger. His latest experiment was to try and make a frame entirely from Bamboo!

“I started off riding it on vert, than I took it to the park. I offered a new bike to anyone who could break it. One kid took it and kept doing huge backflips to flat over and over and it didn’t budge. That’s all I did, no tech testing, just ghetto backyard style testing.”

Kurt over on The Union caught up with Matt to find out more about his latest experiment. It’s a good rear and might surprise you…

Subrosa Limited Edition Silva II Frame


Subrosa have teamed up with local Florida based BMX store Emmitt BMX to do a unique small run of team rider Mark Mulville’s signature Silva II Frame with just came out. They went with the trans black colour (which looks badass!) and a rad graphics kit which any reptile lover will be in to.

Click through to take a closer look at the frame.

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Profile 14mm Elite Hubs Out Now


Profile‘s Elite Hubs have proved super popular since their release last year, and now the guys in Florida have added in a whole bunch of new options for those of you who want your bike to sound like a swarm of bees.

The Elite hub is CNC machined in Florida out of aluminum and features a ratchet ring with a one-piece chromoly 9 or 10 tooth driver with 6 pawls creating 204 points of engagement and 5 sealed bearings to keep you rolling smooth. The option of running a 14mm male axle for those of you who want to run the hub, but would also like to grind without the fear of wrecking the female axles.

You can find out more about these hubs by clicking here or you can have your local shop hit up Profile Racing directly to get you one ordered in today.