Spotted- Cult Alex Kennedy Signature Freecoaster

Alex Kennedy Bike Check

We know that Cult have been working on a Freecoaster since last year. They had it on display at Interbike, and Bunky over on got a sneak peek of how it works last Summer. The team has been testing it hard over the past year and it looks as if its actually going to be Alex Kennedy’s signature Hub, which is good new for the Cult and Primo rider from the UK that had a standout Freecoaster based part in Cult’s latest DVD “Talk Is Cheap”. No word on a release date just yet, but sources tell me it should be available later on this Fall.

Spotted over on Ride where you can see a full bike check with AK.

BSD Raider Bars


David Grant’s signature Raider Bars from BSD will be available in the next couple of weeks.  Measuring up at 10 Inches tall, and 29.5 Inches wide, these Bars really are BIG. The Raiders are also fully heat treated for strength and feature butted tubing which keeps the weight down, making them much lighter than S&M’s Perfect 10 Bars which are straight gauge (and weigh the same as a small American child). Available in Black, Chrome and Raw, the Raiders will be out later on this month along with the rest of BSD’s Summer product line. Expect to see hoards of tiny children riding these at a skatepark near you soon…

United 2014 Bikes

Boom, the 2014 Bikes keep coming! United have been working real hard on their latest bike range and boy have they not disappointed. This years range looks more dialled than ever with a full Corey Martinez, and Forte Brothers line of bikes. Check them all out here and go pick one up when they become available later this month. Man the 2 tone fade on the KL40 Pro has to be my favourite yet…

Exclusive Product Release & Interview- The Affix Rotor System by KHE


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Despite the amount of riders who chose to run brakeless these days, there is no denying that there is a huge amount of riders who run brakes and use a 20 year old cable and bearing operated system, called the Gyro.

Ever since we first leaked the above image of an internal rotor, it seems the internet has been going crazy trying to work out what it was, how it worked and who made it? Well now all you curious people are about to have all your questions answered.  I’m stoked to bring you the world exclusive product release of the new Affix Rotor by KHE, right here on The Merged before anywhere else!

I’m sure you all have a huge amount of questions about this new system, and to make it real simple, we have teamed up with KHE to bring you an instructional video (scroll down to the bottom of the page) that will explain just about everything you need to know. To top that off, I interviewed KHE’s founder and main man Thomas Göring, who invented and pioneered this system, just to answer any other questions you might have.

Get ready for the future…

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Spotted- Animal Nigel Sylvester Fat Seat


Seen here is a prototype version of Nigel Sylvester’s signature Pivotal Seat From Animal Bikes that appears to uses slightly more padding than the current version. The original Nigel Seat uses a unique redesigned and re-enforced seat pan, making it much stronger than most other pivotal seats out there right now. I guess the only draw back to the seat is that it uses minimal foam padding, and with many riders now using a fatter style Seat it kind of lost popularity, a reason why this new Fat option is sure to go down well with fans of the brand. No word on a release date or a price, expect to see more on this product and other new Animal products later on this Summer closer to Interbike.

Spotted over on DIG.

Cult 4th July Sale/Giveaway


If you shop on the Cult Webstore between July 3rd and July 7th, you will be entered into a prize draw and could win this limited edition Red/White/BlueUSA made Frame. The winner will be announced on Monday July 8th. Sadly this is only open to U.S. orders only so head over to the Cult Webstore today for your chance to win. Oh and Happy 4th of July to our American friends!

Shadow 2013 Catalog

Shadow always put a lot of effort into their product catalogs, and this years is no exception. They have now put the whole thing online for you to check out all their new and current products for 2013. I’m particularly interested in the Interlock Supreme Chain which looks like it might be available soon?…


Subrosa Lahsaan Kobza Signature Krispy Kreme Colorway


Subrosa have given powerhouse and all around shredder Lahsaan Kobza his very own signature colourway. The Noster Frame, Villicus Forks and Villicus Bars are now all available in Krispy Kreme, which in my opinion looks pretty darn good, especially with a dash of Chrome. Go cop the whole kit today, and their is a slight chance it will give you Lahsaan’s super smooth style. Or not…


Shadow BTR Hub


Shadow’s BTR Hub is one tough Hub. Being one of the only true 14mm female hubs on the market, the guys in Florida designed this thing to take some serious abuse. With many riders deciding to run more 2 pegs, and grind variations being pushed every day, its cool to see a brand step up to the plate and make something that can withstand what riders are putting their bikes through. Head over to the Shadow site to fin out more about what makes this Hub so beefy, as well as the various Hub Guards and upgrades that are available separately.



Click the image to see it bigger!

Spotted- Kink High Rise Stem


Spotted here on Tony Hamlin’s bike, is a prototype High Rise Stem from Kink Bikes. This new Stem sits the bars up much higher than any other of Kink’s Stems, and has a shorter 48mm reach making it the perfect tool for nose manuals and front wheel tricks. No other info on this clean looking unit yet, expect Tony and the rest of the Kink boys to be putting it though it’s paces this year before we see a finished version.



Solid Bikes have been making BMX frames at home in the USA for quite some time now, and in between building Frames for brands such as T1, Cult, Native and more, they do a fair amount of custom work and can build pretty much any Frame you could want. They have now opened their vast catalog of pre-assembled Frame, Fork, Crank and Bar parts to the budding Frame welders out there for you to construct your very own creation. From Press Fit headtubes, to 22mm Crank Bosses, the place is a welders wet dream. Head over to their webstore and check it out today.

Deluxe – U.S.A Made PA Model


Deluxe have been busy working on a U.S made version of Mark Potoczny’s signature PA Model Frame, which was originally set to be made overseas. The Union is working on an interview with Mark Noble dropping soon about the decision to take some of Deluxe’s production over to the U.S. Be sure to keep an eye out for that one…

Volume Staple Stem


Volume’s new Staple Stem has been in the works for a while now, but is now available through Volume dealers worldwide. The Staple is casted rather than CNC’s which keeps the cost down at $28.99 but still leaves you with a super strong and durable Stem that wouldn’t look out of place on any bike. Bike parts aint cheap, so its great to see Volume releasing a quality product that is more available  to riders who are looking to upgrade to a topload Stem but dont have $60+ in their back pocket. The Stems are equipped on their 2014 complete bikes which should be available later this year.

Click on the image to see it bigger.

S&M Elevenz Bars


S&M Bikes is doing an 11 inch rise bar! The Elevenz bar is made from 4130 chromoly and made in the U.S with a rise of 11″, width of 30″, 3-degrees of upsweep and 11-degrees of backsweep. Weighing in at 2.73 lbs. with color options of black for now but im pretty sure they will do them in chrome as well. These will be selling for $59.99 and can be picked up by having your local shop getting ahold of The Building. And you thought they were joking eh?…