How To Install the Shadow Disaster Guard

Shadow’s new universal Disaster Guard is now available. Check out this neat how to the guys in Florida put together explaining how to install it properly. Now go smash stuff!

“We put this short “How To” video together to show the installation process our our new Disaster Guard. This should clear up any questions you may have about it. If you have any more questions please contact us through our Facebook or Instagram accounts and we can answer them for you.” – The Shadow Conspiracy

Stolen 2014 Heist Complete Bike


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if I had complete’s like this when I was a nipper….. The Union just dropped this Insight article on the Stolen Bike Co 2014 Heist complete and this shit looks smart.  This is the middle-of-the-range bike in Stolen’s 2014 line up but I think it’s fair to say it’s looking as premium as you can get! I’m particularly looking at the rad drivetrain consisting of the MOB cranks, alloy sprocket, 9t sealed cassette hub  and Thermalite pedals, it’s more than enough to keep those youngsters running (or pedaling rather…) circles around you.


The Heist comes in at a very modest 24.6 lbs ;quite literally half the weight of my first complete and is available from Dan’s Comp (or hit up your local Stolen dealer) for about 450 bucks. Head over to The Union for a better look at the Heist’s specs and measurements.

Spotted – Animal GLH Tire


After our Yesterday’s News earlier this week, its awesome to see that Animal are working on giving the classic GLH Tire a makeover. Spotted on Jared Washington’s bike is a look at the new updated version which looks to be nice and big and have a dark red sidewall. Animal are working on a lot of new products right now so I’d expect we will see more on this one soon…



Fernando Laczko is United‘s new Spanish street recruit. They have a bike check with him up on their site showing off a few prototype parts they have coming out later this year inlcusing a Digi-Camo seat, Grey 2.4″ Direct Tires, Alex V Pedals and the solid sprocket we’ve seen pop up here and there. There is also mention of a Untied cassette/freecoaster switchable hub which I’d expect is based off the Ezra model that a lot of brands are using now.

You can check out Fernado’s bike in full HERE.

88 Bike Co Freecoaster Instagram Giveaway



The guys at 88 Bike Co hit us up with the first look at their new Freecoaster Hub which just dropped. Eight Eight is run out of Seventies distro in the UK so it only makes sense that this hub is based on the super popular Federal Freecoaster and uses the proven KHE internals that most freecoasters are using right now. The best part about this hub is the price. After bringing the Freecoaster to the masses with their Federal coaster over 7 years ago, Seventies are continuing the idea with the 88 Hub. Much like the bikes, the 88 Bike Co Freecoaster was designed to be functional yet cost-effective and retails for the wallet friendly price of £99.99, making it the most affordable freecoaster out right now.


The same coaster will be available later this year both on their street-ready £350 Psycho complete bike, and as a complete wheel build for a sub £200 price tag. This makes it perfect for the growing amount of riders who are wanting to try out a coaster but don’t have a massive budget to invest. The hubs are available now from Seventies distro in the UK and are only available in LHD for now, but RHD versions and complete wheels are expect later this year. Stu Dawkins from Seventies hit us up with a bit more about this new price-point freecoaster;

“The new 88 LHD freecoaster has been designed with KHE internals to create a technically advanced hub at an entry level price. This is the perfect price point hub for either the pro rider or someone just trying a freecoaster for the first time. The tried and tested KHE internals insure that this hub won’t let you down!”

GIVEAWAY – Want to win an 88 Bike Co Freecoaster? We have teamed up with 88 Bike Co and have ONE of these LHD Freecoaster Hubs to give away! All you have to do is the following;

1. Follow @themerged on Instagram.
2. Follow @seventiesdistro on Instagram
3. Re-post this photo on Instagram with #88freecoastergiveaway in the description.

The winner will be picked next week on Thursday the 3rd of April. Good luck!!

Mutiny Camo Stems

front-camo xl-camo

After announcing that they will have a collection of Camo parts this Summer, here is a sneak peek at Mutiny‘s new Camo Lifted FL and XL Stems which will be available in August. More info on these and the rest of the new line soon.

Subrosa Red to Black Fade Turbo Rims


Because sometimes one colour just isn’t enough… Subrosa just brought out these flashy red-to-black fade Turbo Rims worldwide for all you colourway fiends out there.  The Tubro rims come in 36-hole only,  constructed from 34mm wide, heat-treated 6061-T6 with a welded seam as standard, they also weigh in at 17 oz/482 g.  If the whole fade thing isn’t doing it for you Subrosa still offer this great rim in black, gold and polished too, head over to their site for a closer look.

Spotted – Cult X Vans Tire


Spotted over on Bike Rumor is another look at Cult’s collaboration Tire with Vans which uses the same infamous waffle pattern as their shoes. This was seen at the Taipei Tradeshow in Taiwan at tire manufacturer Vee Rubber’s booth. Vee are known for making high quality race tires so I’d expect this thing to grip like hell. The Vans Tires are due out in May in 2.35″ and Black only.

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