Odyssey X Empire 10 Year Stems


To coincide with their 10 year anniversary, Empire BMX have teamed up with Odyssey to do a limited run of team riders Tom Dugan and Sean Sexton’s signature Stems in what they are calling “Black Oil Slick”. Available exclusively from Empire, the TDFL and SXTN Stems will be available next month for the price of $79.99. These things are going to fly out quicker than Tommy gets naked so if you want one hit up Empire today to get your order in and secure your self a bit of BMX history.

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Profile & Madera – Build your own Hub


This is pretty rad. It’s no secret that Profile Hubs come in a huge amount of options. From the hundreds of colours, to choice of axles and driver sizes, they pretty much have a hub to suit every rider. The guys in Florida have launched a sweet new service where they will custom build you any Hub you want, directly from their website, all for no additional cost!

Kurt over at The Union has done a great write up on this new custom building system, and gives you an insight into why Profile are the best selling Hubs in BMX for going on 20 years now. Check it out HERE.

Shadow Raptor Chromoly Hub Guard


Shadow‘s new Raptor cro-mo rear hub guard is 100% CNC’d from a block of 4140 chromoly steel. This guard is also universal, so it will fit with the vast majority of male axle Hubs on the market.. The Steel is much tougher than the Aluminium that mots guards are made from, and also slides a hell of a lot better too making it the perfect companion for your peg and rear hub.

Demolition Prototype Tripod Seats


Looks like Demolition are the latest brand to work on a Tripod Seat. Seen here is a sample version of their Markit Seat along with a compatible seatpost that will be going out to the team to test this Summer. If all goes well, expect to see these out later this year.

Pretty keen to see how durable these setups are compared to the now “classic” Pivotal seat design. I’ve heard the phrase “If it aint broke, don’t fix it” crop up a fair few times regarding the Tripod system, Ill be receiving one in the near future so hopefully I’ll be able to find out myself…

Merritt Grips


Here’s a sneak peek at two new Grips that are in the works from Merritt. The top one is Pete Sawyer’s signature model which uses a classic ribbed pattern with multi-directional ribs and removable flanges. Pictured under here are Charlie Crumlish’s signature edition which we spotted last month. These are still in the sample stages but should be available later this year. Looking good to me!


Division Brand Drive Side Hub Guard


The boys down under at Division Brand have a new Drive Side Guard in the works for all you 4 peggers out there. Made out of Cromoly rather than Aluminium, this thing is going to be super tough.

“This has been in the works for a few months now and what should be the final sample will be in our hands very soon. The CrMo driveside hub guard has a slot to keep the guard in place and stop from rotating and chewing away at your chain we are really stoked on this. Also that with the previous samples we had no issues running both a current hub guard and the new drive side version regarding frame spreading, it was super easy being that it’s CrMo and thinner but tough as fuck so putting on and taking off when you have a flat is pretty chill. Once we are all stoked on how it runs we will have these bad boys sorted and out later this year.”

KHE Freecoaster How To

KHE‘s Geisha Hub was released in 2006 and was one of the first “Street-Ready” Freecoaster Hubs to to gain real popularity amongst riders. The design has been tweaked slightly to include a solid axle and better bearing setup, but most Freecoasters now available including Federal, Alienation, Stranger and many more still use the same patented internals. The guys now have an updated Hub called the Greyhound which is available in 3 versions to suit any rider. They put together this helpful instruction video on how to maintain and adjust the Hub. With most Freecoatser Hubs using this system, it will be incredibly helpful to all new coaster riders, and old ones a like who want to keep their Hub healthy.


Cult Chase Dehart Tripod Seat


Cult just released another sneak peek at their new Tripod Seat and Posts which are in testing and should be out later this year. Seen here is the Chase Dehart’s signature Seat which uses a much slimmer race inspired design, but if that’s not your bag, I’m pretty sure they have a fatter option in the works also. Head over to Cult for a closer look.


Behind The Scenes – The Shadow Conspiracy: Part 3

Here is the latest of ESPN BMX’s four part video series giving you an insight and behind the scene look into The Shadow Conspiracy. Part 3 gives you a look into the world of Shadow’s founder, frontman and all around good dude Ronnie Bonner. Ronnie is a real interesting dude and one of the most passionate people in the industry so this is a real treat to watch. I’ve personally really been enjoying this series, cant wait for the final part.

Proper Magnon Sprocket


Ever since Odyssey first released their Socket Drive system a few years back, hardly any brands have jumped on the idea and used it with their own Cranks and Sprockets despite the Patent being open and royalty free. Well all that is about to change with Proper‘s new Magnon Sprocket which takes their proven Magnalite Sprocket and uses the 9 sided interface to fit directly on Odyssey Thunderbolt Socket Drive cranks. The sprocket also comes supplied with spacers to fit all 19mm and 22mm axle cranks, perfect if you’re unsure or want a Sprocket that will fit pretty much any Crank out there.

Interesting to see if anyone else steps up to the plate and brings out their own Socket-Drive Cranks or Sprockets…

S&M Cymbal Drive Side Hub Guard


S&M don’t mess around when it comes to product testing and revisions. If it’s not right, then they aint making it. The guys in California have been working on a Drive Side version of their Steel Cymbal Hub Guard, and after a few revisions to the shape here is the latest prototype, and boy does it look good. Looks like they have re-shaped the guard to taper out more rather than having a flat edge like the early prototypes, which could get caught and hook up if you land a grind on the guard rather than the peg.

A lot of people are excited to run one of these, hopefully these will be out later this year for all you savage grinders out there who are going through chains like no tomorrow.

S&M FastPitch Fork

Spotted at Interbike way back in September, S&M‘s new minimal offset Forks are now available. Despite first being tested by Flatlanders, this new Fork is actually designed for all around riding, and being made in the USA and heat treated just like S&M’s infamous Pitch Forks, you can be sure to trust these things on the front of your bike no matter what your riding style is.

The Fastpitch Fork is available now, with or without front brake mounts. If you’re looking to make your front end more reactive or shorten your wheelbase for nose manuals or hang 5 type tricks, these 13mm offset Forks are worth checking out. Ryan from S&M has been testing the Forks for almost 6 months now, have a look at this neat promo video they cooked up explaining a bit more about the Forks, as well as some footage of them in action.

LEGS Double Butted, Tapered 1.25″ TO .75″, 4130 CrMo
DROPOUTS Laser Cut 3/8″ Slot
STEERER TUBE 1 Piece CNC-Machined 4130 CrMo, Extruded 6061 Steerer Tube Insert
COMPRESSION M10 X 1.25 Thread – 6mm Allen Slot
WEIGHT 2.00 lb (.91 kg)
HEAT TREAT 4Q Baked Post-Weld

If you want more info on these badboys you can check them out over on S&M RIGHT HERE.


United Alchemist Grip


The new Jimmy Rushmore signature United Alchemist grips are made from soft krayton rubber with a pattern that is as much function as fashion. With small raised dimples to provide extra grip, cut lines that enable it to be run flangeless and a slim overall diameter which is just what Jimmy ordered. The bright colours set it of and the tie dye version will please the inner hippy in you.

Jimmy Rushmore signature grip
Soft compound
153mm long
27mm diameter
United nylon bar ends included
Black, Grey, Fluro Green, Fluro Orange or Tie Dye


united_alchemist_grip_jimmy_rushmore_black_gb united_alchemist_grip_jimmy_rushmore_detail3

United Rigal Frame and Bars


Christian Rigal’s much anticipated signature series of products from United are now available.

The Rigal Frame uses pretty standard geometry, not too far away from the Mothership Frame, but uses beefier straight gauge tubing, making this Frame super tough. If you have seen Christian’s riding, you know that he likes to go big, so you know this frame was designed to take a hit or two. Featuring a top tube/seat stay junction gusset, double head tube gussets, heat treated headtube, bb & dropouts and 2.35” tyre clearance, The Rigal Frame is available in a choice of 3 colours and a wide range of tube tube lengths to keep everybody happy.

united_rigal_frame_dark_high_gloss_red_gbunited_rigal_frame_group10 united_rigal_frame_group

Top Tube 20.6, 20.85, 21 & 21.25 in
Chain Stay Length 13.5 in slammed
Head Tube Angle 75°
Seat Tube Angle 71°
BB Height 11.8 in
Standover Height 8.8 in (centre bb to centre tt)
Weight 5.1 lbs / 2.3 kg



The Rigal Bars follow the same idea as the Frame. You’ve seen what Christian gets up to on his bike, the mixture of big and tech riding means he needs product underneath him that is not only built to be responsive, but it also needs to be tough as shit.Made from seamless 4130 heat treat chromoly, the Bars feature dual radias bends to prevent bending and measure up at 8.75 Inches tall and 30 wide. Available in the same three colours as the Frame, and matching Dinero Forks are also now out so you can build up the whole kit.


The Bars and Frame should be available very soon, along with the rest of United’s new ranger of parts and bikes. You can check out all of these products and more over on United’s shiny new website which went live today!

Proper TTL



Mike Miller’s signature TTL Frame from Proper Bike Co has to be one of the most popular frames ever to be released in the UK, pretty much every skatepark you go to, you are bound to see someone riding one. Here is the latest colourway with fresh new graphics to match. These will be available around now in a variety of sizes. Hit up Proper for more info on where to pick one of these up.

Banned Stash Cap

Banned’s Stash Cap has caused quite a stir since it’s release earlier this year. Essentially a hollow topcap with a reverse threaded lid for you to stash your joint in whilst out on a ride. The above video gives you a quick run  through of how it works, pretty neat idea even if you wanted to take a few notes out with you on a ride. These are available now, hit up Sparky’s for info on where to get the hook up.


Tech Talk – Kink Solace Frame

With so many Frames available these days, its always great to have a brand run though their offering and explain why theirs might be the right on for you. Matt from Kink Bikes runs through Tony Hamlin’s signature Solace Frame and all special features like the integrated chain tensioners, invest-cast seatclamp, and the Tony’s specific geometry.

I must say, they really have done an awesome job on the graphics on these Frames, so sick…