Exclusive: Interview on Custom Frames with Mike Laird and Laird Frames


When i first started looking into this series, the first brands that came to mind were FBM, Solid, and Standard. These were the companies I grew up idolizing for their work and attention to detail, and I couldn’t wait to get an inside look at what they do, and pick their brain about some of the products they put out. Over the last few years though, there has been an increase in companies putting out custom work, like Pedal Driven, Limit Frabications, and Laird Frames, and so we figured that it’d be awesome to get their input on the market, along with letting them speak about their work, for this exclusive series. With that being said, this week’s interview is with Mike Laird of Laird Frames. Click through for the full interviews and some more photos…

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The Union Frostbike Coverage Highlights


The Union is alive with coverage from this year’s Frostbike right now, head over to their site to check it all out in full, and there is A LOT so we took the liberty of showcasing our one favourite piece from each of this year’s stalls; firstly at number 9 with Stolen‘s rad headtube badges.


At number 8 we welcome back FBM‘s CB4KS forks in all their beefy US made glory. Continue reading

Exclusive: Interview on Custom Frames with Steve Crandall and FBM Bike Co


Over the next weeks we’ll be interviewing some of the guys behind the brands that are putting out custom frames. With all the available options out there for frames, it seems like there should be something out there for everyone, yet these guys say otherwise. So we shot out some emails, asked a few questions, and gave these guys a chance to explain things like what caused them to start doing custom frames, and why their frames are better than anything else on the market. Without any more of my rambling, first on the list is FBM Bike Co, with Steve Crandall giving us an insight to what goes on in their shops. Click through for the full interview…

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The Inaccuracy Of Tyre Labelling/ The Birth Of The 21″ Wheel


The term ’20 inch bike’ gets thrown around a lot, usually by douchebag pseudo-journalists like me trying to contextualise their gonzo style drivel about dudes riding or making little 20 inch kids stunt bikes… see, i’m at it again. Cruising on the interwebiverse one day I came across this photo on 22 inch BMX‘s Facebook/Instagram/whatever of Kye Forte’s ride;


The striking thing about it is the addition of 22 inch forks and front wheel whilst the rear wheel remains 20 inch… yet, somehow, it doesn’t look too odd at all.  While one could argue all day about the benefits or hindrances this set up might provide(a big one being head angle, but I’ll get to that shortly) one thought awoke and wouldn’t slumber; what even makes it a 22 inch wheel? What, for that matter, makes a 20 inch wheel a 20 inch wheel?! Continue reading

Wethepeople Cadence Frame


The Union posted this great Insight piece featuring Dan Foley’s new signature Wethepeople Cadence frame and it’s looking pretty tidy.  Subtle but all important details like the bullet tipped stays, double head tube gussetts, custom seat and chain stay bridges, WTP’s classic looking CNC head tubes and a neat little gussett that runs all the way under the top tube to stiffen it up are sure to make this frame a popular one.

Seamless 4130 Japanese chromoly tubing
75-degree head tube angle
71-degree seat tube angle
11.5″ bottom bracket height
9″ stand over height
13.5″ chain stay length
20.5″ and 21″ top tube lengths
5.4 lbs. (2.4kg)
Available in Black Titan, Gloss Black, Dark Blue (shown) and Translucent Green.


Head over to The Union’s website to check out more photos and specs of the Cadence frame.

Colony 7075-T6 Wasp Hub Drivers


Colony have controversially decided to come out with a 7075-T6 aluminium replacement 9t driver for their popular Wasp hub.  While chromoly (also available) is by far the superior material to use on drivers, some park riders out there who don’t crank their bikes up miles of steep hills everyday on the way to work like some/I do might benefit from the weight savings these things offer.

Tree Timmy Theus Stem


It seems the guys at Tree are popping out new products faster than we can write about them.  Next up is this simple, stylish Timmy Theus signature top load stem that is out now.  CNC’ed from 6061-T6 aluminium to Timmy’s exact specifications and styling, this will hold those steering wings of yours tighter than a chubby kid holds a cream cake.

6x 6mm solid bolts
Reach: 50mm
Rise: 23mm
Stack height: 31mm
Available in: black or silver
Weight: 10.5oz/295g

PiR Custom Street Frame


We’re straying away from the usual business of reporting on today’s more popular companies’ releases towards something a little more underground; here we have PiR’s Malo Tostivint‘s latest pop at a custom made street frame.  With amazing details like the stylish built-in pivotal post, bullet capped stays, double open-ended head tube gussets and a custom seat stay bridge; this is a first rate frame and we can’t help but feel overwhelmed with jealousy towards the lucky owner.

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