Spotted: Odyssey RAFT Broc Raiford Signature Stem


RideBMX dropped this little gem into a bike check they did with Broc Raiford; a peek at the first sample of Broc’s signature Odyssey RAFT stem which is scheduled to hit shops at some point soon;

From RideBMX: “It’s a bit different design than most top loads out there but exactly what I wanted in a stem. It has a bit larger stack height so you don’t have to run as many spacers and is even wider allowing more room to clamp down on the bars which means less slippage.”

Hit up Ride‘s site for a few more angles of this prototype and Broc’s wild paint job while you’re at it.

Fiend Freecoaster


With all the excitement here on the site recently this one nearly slipped through the cracks but Fiend‘s freecoaster is out now.  Here’s what Fiend’s website said about it;

“Featuring a CNC machined alloy shell that’s been trimmed down to reduce weight and to look more like a cassette hub than a freecoaster our hub takes advantage of KHE’s proven (Proven to… coast backwards?) freecoaster internals and a hollow chromoly 14mm axle with alloy hardware. We’ve also included 3 slack washers for the rider to adjust their preferred amount of slack. Weight 21.3 OZ”

Odyssey Galaxy Seats


All these wild seat covers in BMX are getting nuts… Odyssey are jumping on the celestial bandwagon with these wild looking Galaxy seats that might look a little like your little sister’s leggings. They come in red (not shown) green or purple and Odyssey even brought out matching Twisted PC’s if you’re feeling super cosmic.  Head over to The Union for more on these seats.


What Do You Do With Your Old Bike Parts?

Nathan Goring used his old cassette drivers to make these awesome drawer handles (after a bit of scrubbing, no one likes chain grease on their undies)

With Christmas only just gone I bet a few of you got fresh bits for your bike, so what do you end up doing with those haggard old tyres amongst other things that are utterly useless to us riders after a good thrashing?  While cycling of all kinds is indeed very ‘green’ the manufacturing of your pride and joy is not quite so environmentally friendly (eg. For every tonne of steel made approximately 1.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide is produced) so upcycling your old parts is a great way to combat the needless waste of throwing away old parts. Check out some examples after the jump…

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Signing out for now.


2,978 posts later, this is a tricky one. When I first registered on my work lunch break a little under 7 years ago, I never imagined where it would eventually lead. What started as a way for me to kill time in the evenings and place for me to post random old BMX articles and photos of bike parts I was into to avoid the wrath of my friends for clogging up their Facebook feeds with photos of seatclamps, quickly grew into the main websites in BMX with a following beyond anything I could have imagined.

Seven years later, running The Merged has allowed me to do some incredible things that I never dreamed would be possible. I’ve been able to travel all around the world with my bike and my friends, had the pleasure of meeting some of the raddest people on the planet, had my work published in magazines and I guess the craziest thing that founding this site has given me is the power to share my passion with thousands of people across the globe on a daily basis, something which still blows my mind when I come to think about it.

For 2015 there will be a some changes to The Merged. As of today I will be taking a step down from the site. It’s been an incredible journey and I’m thankful to be able to come away from the whole thing with not only some of the happiest memories of my life, but also a job working for my long time favourite BMX brand, something I never thought was even achievable when I first started the site.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that helped me with the site along the way, it’s taken a lot of work to get where it is and I am forever grateful for all your hard work and support. I’d also like to say a huge thanks to all the BMX companies that I’ve had the privilege of working with and learning a huge amount from over the recent years. BMX is a small industry and it’s humbling to have been able to meet and eventually become good friends with a lot of my childhood hero’s and people that have inspired me hugely since I first picked up a BMX bike. Most of all I just want to give a firm British handshake to all of you who have checked out the site since it’s creation. Whether you are dedicated product nerd like myself or just starting out in BMX and looking for a direction to go in, I hope you have enjoyed the site and it has inspired you in some way.

This isn’t so much of a goodbye as it is a see you soon. I’m now more involved in BMX then I ever was and I am looking forward to enjoying the blindfolded rollercoaster of journey that lays a head of me in the years to come.

Despite me moving on, I’m excited that the site is in good hands and will continue to carry on the job I started thanks to the new team of BMX product geeks who I have trustingly left the keys to. Yakob and Mariano have been helping me out with the site for a while now and will be officially taking over from me. I have no doubt these guys will do a great job and will continue to supply you with your daily intake of new BMX products and general bike related porn. Look out for some changes to the site and much more coming in the new year.

Thanks for all the good times and have a great new year!



S&M X-Guard Full-Guard Sprocket


The guys over at S&M have this new full guard coming out soon. There’s no other info out at the moment other than the fact that it looks rad and that the team is surely putting it through hell as we speak. They’ll also eventually (and hopefully) release it in that sick S&M shield wrap they always do. You can catch more info on their other products on the S&M Bikes website.

Animal Bikes 2015 Sneak Peek


A few months ago, I got the privilege to go visit the Animal Bikes warehouse on a dealer’s night and see what the guys were cooking up for the upcoming year. Between a huge jam that was going out on in the parking lot, sitting down to talk about upcoming parts and apparel, and all the free pizza and beer you could possibly drink, the hours flew by.

Luckily, I was able to get some pictures of parts that’ll dropping soon, along with some more info on what went into making them a reality. With that being said, let’s get started on this. Click through for more…

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BSD Acid Fork


Head over to the BSD site to check out their new super beefy Acid Fork. They took their proven Ghetto fork design and beefed everything up, with a new tougher steerer tube, wider clearance for fat tires, a shorter 30mm offset and newly designed investment cast dropouts that fit pegs better. Check it out here.

Profile Natural Camo


The boys at Profile Racing have been at it again with the water transfers. Here is Mark Mulvile’s new signature Natural Camo range which is available on his signature Push Stem (pictured) as well as hubs, sprockets and more parts. Head over the the Profile site to check all of these products out in better detail, and act fast as this is a limited edition run and once it’s gone, it’s gone!

BSD Forever Clear Water Beverage frame


BSD are hot on the colourway game with this ‘clear water’ addition to Tony Malouf’s popular signature BSD Beverage frame.  While a clearcoat is nothing new, the graphics on this frame are spot on and compliment it nicely, be sure to click on the images for a better look.  The Clear Water Beverage is being shipped now so get your local bike shop on to one of BSD’s distributors.


Kink Rex Bar


Kink Bikes have a huge list of bar sizes and have now introduced the new Rex Bar which is super big at 9.5″ high and 29.5″ wide. Available now in Black, Chrome and Raw. Look’s like Kink now has a bar to fit everyone!

Weight: 29.0oz
Colors: Black ED, Chrome, Raw
Rise: 9.5”
Width: 29.5”
Backsweep: 12°
Upsweep: 1°
13-Butted 4130 Chromoly Steel TruTherm Post Weld Heat Treated

Odyssey Highway and Boss Bars


Odyssey have released their new taller Highway and Aaron Ross signature Boss bars. The Highway bar is made from multi-butted 41-Thermal heat-treated 4130 chromoly with a 9.5″ rise, 29″ width, 12-degrees of backsweep and 1-degree of upsweep. The Highway bars are available in black and chrome.

The Aaron Ross signature Boss bars are made from multi-butted 41-Thermal heat treated 4130 chromoly with a 9.125″ rise, 29″ width, 12-degrees of backsweep
and 2-degrees of upsweep. The Boss bars are available in black and chrome as well.

Madera Signet Sprocket


If like me you’re strapped for cash, pedal your ass off everywhere and only buy top quality product, the Madera Signet sprocket might be right up your street.  This USA made 6061 aluminium sprocket has a classic six spoke shape and three sprocket bolt holes to increase longevity (switching between the holes when your sprocket bolt starts to cut into the side is important folks)  You get the choice between black or polished, 25 or 28 tooth sizes and the centre is bored out 24mm and comes with 22mm and 19mm adapters.  All this for a measly $29.99 (US) You cant go wrong.  Get one direct from Madera/Profile Racing here.


Merritt Option Gum Tire


Here’s a gum color way of the new Option tire that Merritt will be dropping soon! These tires look extra clean in this gum color which looks kinda cool with the way the gum is only on the tread. This tire also uses a harder compound sidewall to help you slide on grinds.

New Cult Vans Tires


Here are some new color ways of the Cult Vans tires. They go from casual gum and brown to a wild fluorescent green to a very popular grey. Be sure to pick some up when they drop.

Shadow Conspiracy Interlock Supreme Chain


Shadow Conspiracy dropped this little teaser of the upcoming limited edition Interlock Supreme chain which utilises forged chain plates for the first time as well as mushroomed pins for the strongest link possible.  Here’s what Shadow had to say about it;

“A special production of Interlock Supreme chains will be released on Saturday, December 6th.
These will only be available through a select group of dealers in the USA and only on December 6th. The first run will be a total of 300 chains in silver and will be distributed to our top dealers…”