Profile Cotton Candy Colourway Re-release


Profile Racing have fired up the old Jared Eberwein Cotton Candy colourway for their Mini and Elite hubs again (front and back, left and right hand drive) and oh lord, these things are bright. Head over to Profile’s e-store to grab yourself a set of these bad boys before they disappear.  And just in case you need any more bike porn, Profile were also good enough to show an exploded diagram of their Elite rear hub for your viewing pleasure.  Happy drooling.


Merritt Tension Hub Guard Available Now


We featured a sneak peek at Merritt‘s new Tension hub guard a while back but we can now reveal the inner workings of this nifty little piece.  The Tension hub guard utilises 9 ‘hooked’ prongs that fit into the 9 inner-most triangles made by the spokes (in a 3-cross pattern, it’s unclear if they are 4-cross compatible) then the ‘spring’ is fed into the hooks and against the spokes to prevent the guard from detaching from the wheel. Simple.


It’s available in any colour as long as it’s black, weighs a mere gnat’s fart (0.9 oz) and is compatible with ‘most front hubs and some rear hubs’ according to Merritt. The Tension guard is available now from all Merritt dealers and distributors.


Merritt Option Tires


Merritt has been putting in work with they products lately, and their Option tires have become a personal favorite of mine. With the likes of Charlie Crumlish, Brandon Begin, and more riding and testing them out, you can rest assured knowing they’ll last up to all the grinds and skids you can put them through. They come in 2.35″ width and weigh 27.4 ounces, and are made with a Slidewall, which is fancy for a low friction compound that’ll make your grinds feel a whole lot smoother. Plus, if you’re into colors, you can pick them up in tan or blue. If you’re not into colors, you can pick them up in black and get to riding your bike.  Peep the Merritt site for more info.

Subrosa Scott Ditchburn Thunderbeast 2 Frame


Spotted on this Scott Ditchburn bike check via The Shadow Conspiracy‘s website, here is a sneak peek at Scott’s newest prototype of his Subrosa Thunderbeast 2 signature frame. No info on exactly what has been revised since the original was released but it sure looks pretty in this dark red.  Watch this space for more info as it comes.

Fiend Belmont PC Pegs


For those who like an extra bit of length to their pegs will dig these; Fiend‘s Belmont PC pegs are a nylon sleeve pressed over 6061-T6 aluminium core for strength, come in longer-than-average 4.25″ or 4.5″ lengths, a 40mm diameter and undoubtedly slide like a dream.  They weigh 4.65 oz each, fit 14mm axles, include 3/8″ axle adapters and are available with black or polished cores from your local Fiend dealer now.

Profile Racing Z-Coaster

Black Profile Zcoaster Hub1

It may be a couple of weeks late on here due to staff illness and general misfortune but here is the brand-new offering from Profile Racing; The Z-Coaster, of which is out now.  After a lot of speculation, rumours and stories (my favourite being the one about Profile welding on the cone nuts to prevent any security leaks during team testing) they’ve finally released specs and this video giving you an idea on how this high-tech freecoaster hub works.

As is evident from the above video, this is a pawl-retaining system similar to a handful of other new coasters that have been released recently except that it uses slack-cam rings to set the slack to pre-determined adjustments; A. 25/33/45 degrees, B. 60 degrees, C. 75 degrees or D. 90 degrees.  The oversized driver is supported by an extra external bearing and is coaster/cassette switchable by simply removing the cone and driver and replacing the inner spacer.

The Z-Coaster is also available in a series of options ranging from black or polished hub shells, male or female axles, titanium or chromoly drivers, axles or bolts.  These coasters start at $359.99 for the most basic ones and weigh in at a very reasonable 585 g/20.6 oz.  Head over to Profile Racing’s site/webstore for more info on this hub and how to order yours.

GSport G.L.A.N.D Mk4 And Uniguard


GSport‘s highly anticipated Uniguard chromo rear hub guard is now available along side an exciting new mk4 version of GSport’s ever reliable G.L.A.N.D. hub guard. The Uniguard eliminates the need to spread your rear end by bolting to the outside of your dropouts and utilises anti-spin bolts to keep them stable.  They come in 14mm or 3/8th” sizes and fit both left or right/drive and non-drive sides.gsport-uniguard-640x4271

The G.L.A.N.D. Mk4 has a polymer construction that comes in front or rear options (shown below) is simply held to the hub via 3 zip-ties around the spokes and is given extra stability from the bobble pattern on the back. The way this hub guard rolls with the wheel can make grinds a lot faster and more predictable than grinding on a fixed guard… or bare spokes.


Head over to GSport‘s website for more pictures and info on these great looking guards.

Terrible One Classic Bars


Spotted over on their Instagram page, Terrible One have released these USA made Classic bars that you can bet your bottom dollar on to last for years to come. With their 8.85″ rise, 3 degrees of up sweep, 12 degrees of back sweep, 29.25″ width and straight gauge 4130 chromoly tubing construction courtesy of none other but S&M Bikes, we think ‘Classic’ sums them up nicely.