Wethepeople 2016 Supreme Cassette Hub


‘Back to the drawing board’ is a phrase companies use with due caution, but when you almost completely redesign a cassette hub in your own glorious vision, it’s hard to avoid such idioms.  WMT flagship brand Wethepeople have finally re-released their extremely popular Supreme Cassette hub after a long hiatus, this time with plenty of new tech of which we covered here on The Merged last time.  The most notable of which is the first example of a German IGUS bushing being utilised in BMX.  Here it is used to replace the pesky driver bearing which is notorious for failing under high loads, it should be interesting seeing how much longer they last in comparison to driver bearings.


The next high-tech item on the list is the 12mm female bolts with 14mm collars.  The 17mm chromoly female axle has an extra 2mm of material compared to if it simply accommodated a 14mm female bolt with no collars thus giving it a load of extra strength.  Wethepeople have also borrowed a feature used in downhill MTBing; the extra non-drive side bearing.  The drive side of a hub generally gets a lot of support from the drive side bearing and the driver bearing (or bushing) but the non-drive side tends to be largely ignored by most companies despite having a lot of leverage/forces going through it.  The extra bearing helps everything run smoother and faster for longer.  The Supreme Cassette and Front hubs are both out now with matching aluminium hub guards available (nylon versions out around Summer time) Hit up your local bike shop and get some ordered in.

Animal Bikes X Terrible One Ursa Tyres


Being a life-long Animal Bikes and Terrible One fanboy I thought I had a mini stroke when I saw this photo of a collaboration tyre between both companies appear on The Union but it’s for real.  In fact there are two; the Ursa Minor and the Ursa Major.  Although there’s very little information regarding specs or even if the tyre pictured above is the Minor or Major model but I’m really interested to see how the ‘squared’ profile will feel as it seems to be a little-used feature on BMX tyres.  They are reportedly out soon but we’ll post more info as it comes.

Wethepeople Sterling 4-Piece Bars


It’s been a while in the making but they’re finally here; Wethepeople’s Pete Sawyer signature 4-piece Sterling bars.  With their 4 degree of upsweep and tall 9.5 inch rise these are sure to feel great roasting around your local spots and the straight gauge 4130 construction to make sure they last a beating. Check out the full specs below and hit up your local BMX shop and get them to order you a set if they’re your bag.


MATERIAL: full liquid post heat-treated 4130 “M2“ chromoly
TUBING: plain gauge tubing for extra strength
RISE: 9.5″
WIDTH: 29″
BACKSWEEP: 11 degrees
UPSWEEP: 4 degrees
SPECIAL FEATURES: dual radius bends for extra strength,
4pc construction
COLOURS: gloss black, matt black, gloss white, nickel
WEIGHT: 894g (31.5oz : 1.97lbs)

Proper Tecmatik Frame


News about ProperBikeCo‘s new Tecmatik street frame has been floating about for a fair while but the full specs have eluded us until now.  Straight from the horse’s mouth, here’s what Proper has to say about it;

This frame was designed with three main objectives; to be strong, responsive, and affordable. There’s no compromise on quality but we’ve managed to keep the price reasonable by keeping what we call “vanity features” to a minimum. There’s no laser cut headtube logo, no gusset stamp, no fancy finish, and no investment casting or hydro forming, no signature pro to pay…..even the box packaging is recycled card. What you do get is finest quality construction, twin headtube gussets, and a short rear end designed for more technical riding. Virtually all our team riders wanted a similarly specced frame, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see this frame easily cope with the harshest riding.


20.7, or 21″ top tube
11.6” bb height
13.38” cs length (13.05” slammed)
71 degree seat tube
75 degree
115mm head tube
8.9” Standover
Clearance for 28t sprocket
Twin Laser cut headtube gussets
5mm thick heat treated dropouts with 14mm slots
Curved tube braces on chain and seat stays
Tapered chain and seat stays
Tapered Mid BB
Integrated seat clamp
Removable seatstay brake mounts (included)
Removable gyro tabs (included)
Weight: 2.2kg (4 lbs 13 oz)
Colours: ED Black, Matt Raw

From the sound of it I’d say the Tecmatik ticks all the right boxes as far as frames go, word is that these will be available from next week onwards so get onto your local shop to snap you one up.

Shadow Conspiracy Crowbar and Gipsy Grips


We saw them very briefly in The Union‘s coverage of last year’s Interbike trade show but here they are again; the Johnny Devlin signature Shadow Conspiracy Crowbar, this time coupled with Simone Barraco’s signature Gipsy grips in a rather fetching cream/tan/beige/khaki colourway instead of plain old gloss black like last time.  With it’s 4-piece construction, Shadow’s own tear-drop crossbar tubing and 10 inch rise (a smaller size is reportedly going to be available too) these steering wings are sure to stand out in the crowd.


The Gipsy grips will, according to Shadow’s Interbike booth placards, be 170mm long and made of their own propriety ‘DCR formula’ rubber.  Both the bars and grips are samples at this current time so keep your eyes peeled for more info on when these are to be released.

DUB BMX Sprockets


The Union posted this sneak peak of DUB‘s rad upcoming sprocket which will come in both black or polished and in 25 or 28-tooth sizes.  While nothing is confirmed and while it could always be just another Taiwanese-made part, we have an inkling this is the handywork of our good friends at DIY Sprockets in Germany- of whom only works with 6mm thick 7075- T6 aluminium for durability. Regardless of speculation, DUB have reportedly been testing them out for a while with good results and judging by the above photo, they will be available soon enough.

Eclat Overguard


As part of their Assembled series, Éclat dropped this feature on their brand new Overguard universal hub guard that we featured on The Merged this time last year.  The Overguard is a drive-side compatible hub guard that fits over the dropout instead of between the dropout and the hub, eliminating compatibility issues; much like GSport’s Uniguard, although the Overguard looks to offer more comprehensive protection at the rear from steep icepicks in comparison.  This hub guard is left and right, drive or non-drive-side compatible on most (if not all) frames and hubs available right now and comes with anti-spin allen bolts that thread into the guard itself.


Material: Heat treated and full CNC’d 4140 chromoly
Colours: Black
Weight: 77g (2.7oz)

All the pieces pictured here are available to win via the this link but are also available to purchase from your local bike shops and mail orders.

Primo 2.4″ V-Monster Tyres


There’s a lot of history behind Primo’s infamous V-Monster tyre; arguably the first widely-available durable BMX tyre of which has been a benchmark for all other tyres ever since it was first made in 1995.  In his informative ESPN article, Brian Tunney tells of the woes many riders had trying to source decent rubber in the 90’s and how legendary flatlanders Sean McKinney and Day Smith approached Primo with the design that almost single-handedly carried the brand from it’s early days.  As well as the updated VM 2 that Primo released a couple of years ago, they are bringing out the classic OG design in a wider 2.4 inch size (as seen over at The Union)  Check back for release dates as they come.

Demolition 8.25″ Rise RIG Bars


It’s funny how things come full circle… Demolition gives a perfect example of this with their Dennis Enarson signature RIG bars which they have brought out in a lower 8.25 inch rise for those out there who want (or simply need) an alternative to the gigantic bars a lot of companies are releasing these days.  The 8.25″ RIG’s keep their 12º backsweep, 2º upsweep and the same 13 butted heat treated chromoly construction as the respective 9″ and 9.25″ versions.