Tree Timmy Theus Stem


It seems the guys at Tree are popping out new products faster than we can write about them.  Next up is this simple, stylish Timmy Theus signature top load stem that is out now.  CNC’ed from 6061-T6 aluminium to Timmy’s exact specifications and styling, this will hold those steering wings of yours tighter than a chubby kid holds a cream cake.

6x 6mm solid bolts
Reach: 50mm
Rise: 23mm
Stack height: 31mm
Available in: black or silver
Weight: 10.5oz/295g

PiR Custom Street Frame


We’re straying away from the usual business of reporting on today’s more popular companies’ releases towards something a little more underground; here we have PiR’s Malo Tostivint‘s latest pop at a custom made street frame.  With amazing details like the stylish built-in pivotal post, bullet capped stays, double open-ended head tube gussets and a custom seat stay bridge; this is a first rate frame and we can’t help but feel overwhelmed with jealousy towards the lucky owner.

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Volume Bikes 9″ Maddog Bars



I’ve been really feeling these 4-piece bars that have been popping up all over the place. It seems like every other brand has a set of them, in all sorts of heights and widths. It is really refreshing though to see a set of 4-piece bars with a different look to them, and because of that, i congratulate you Volume bikes. Eric Balman posted these up on IG, saying that they’re sample 9″ Maddog bars from Volume. If you are old enough to remember, Brian Castillo had a signature pair from Volume years ago, although they were a lot smaller. If you’re waiting on these to drop, stay tuned to the Volume bikes website for more info.

Wethepeople Sterling 4 Piece Bars



These are the latest incarnation of Pete Sawyer’s popular Sterling bars from Wethepeople as seen on Facebook and this time he’s opted for a 4 piece construction.  The smoothed end caps on the bottom of the bar are an interesting touch. These look to be hitting shops later on this year and will feature updated geometry of 1 degree extra upsweep and an extra 0.3″ rise from the 2 piece version.

9.5″ rise
29″ width
4 degrees upsweep
11 degrees of backsweep

Tree Universal Bar Ends


Tree Bicycle Co are coming out thick and fast with new products over the last couple of weeks, this time they veer into the realm of bar ends.  Tree’s previous record with bar ends have seen the screw in type for Tree’s own bars but now they’re taking on a universal wedge type design for every other bar on the market.  These little gems are made from 6061 aluminium, tighten using a 6mm allen key and will stop you gutting your self like a fish with the ends of your poorly cut/filed down bars.  Enough said.

Review: No More Bruised Heels- Footprint King Foam Insoles

If you had a pair of these in your shoes you'd be grinning ear to ear too
If you had a pair of these in your shoes you’d be grinning ear to ear too

“Two standing orders in this platoon.  One, take good care of your feet….”

This isn’t your usual test and review feature on The Merged but without a doubt the most important one to date.  In the classic 90’s flick Forest Gump when Lieutenant Dan tells the privates to take care of their feet, he’s on to something.  When I was diagnosed with type one diabetes a few years back I also was told that looking after my feet was something of great importance; any small cut or blister that got infected could lead to gangreen and a possible amputation… even though in reality any one could be in danger of that fate if they neglected their tootsies.

Luckily we riders usually ride in places where cut, wet feet are a very small danger.  Our biggest problems are the blunt impacts we take on a day to day basis; bruised heels being the big one. For anyone who hasn’t yet experienced the excruciating phenomena that is bruised heels, it’s classically caused by a number of misplaced foot-dabs that one after the other will make your feet increasingly sore and make you think ‘this is what it must feel like to replace my heels with testicles.’  The worst part is that you are rarely off your feet and while in recovery, the smallest foot dab will take you right back to square one; hopping around crying like a little girl with a skinned knee. Continue reading

Steven Hamilton’s S&M Intrikat




While I generally won’t post any old bike check, this bit of bike porn was too good to pass up.  S&M Bikes posted these photos of Steven Hamilton’s new Intrikat set-up; a frame not too unlike the old Federal Fraction flatland frame he rode in his heyday which contributed massively to today’s super-tight street frame geometry.

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Kink High Rise Stem


After over a year of testing from their stacked team, Kink‘s High Rise stem is now available worldwide and comes in either 48mm reach for a more responsive feel or 53mm reach for a stabler ride.  Either way if you want to put some extra height on your bars then this is a good way to do it.  Hit up your local Kink dealer and get them to order you one if that’s your bag.


Weight: 9.6oz (48mm)/10oz (53mm)
Color: Black, Raw
Rise: 31.5mm
Stack: 30mm
CNC Machined 6061 Aluminum

Can You Dig It’s Brutally Honest Certified Helmet Buyers Guide


It’s the elephant in the room again… Jon at Can You Dig It posted this highly amusing review of all the CPSC/CE certified helmets he could get his shovel wielding hands on.  He gives each of them a fair trial before listing the positives and the negatives of which if we’re honest, we’re all more concerned about here.  He even picks a clear winner, we won’t reveal it here but I can tell you it’s (thankfully) not the ugly luminous green/black one that looks straight out of Starship Troopers.

Volume Bikes The Finer Things Pivotal Seat


As the wild hipster seat cover craze rages on Volume Bikes bring these to the table.  Dubbed ‘The Finer Things‘ after their recent DVD release, this pivotal seat with it’s mid sized padding and canvas panelled cover it looks sturdy enough to take a beating from the pavement and your backside respectively.  The Finer Things pivotal seat looks to be out very soon with the tripod version coming next month so get on to your local bike shop to snap either one up.


9.2 oz Tripod
11.5 oz Pivotal


Multicoloured kaleidoscope
black and green kaleidoscope