Subrosa Portable Street Rail

Even though I write this behind slightly gritted teeth after chipping my front ones on a rail the other week, this is seriously cool; Subrosa dropped this promo video demonstrating the ease with which their portable Street Rail is set up, ridden, and disassembled again, it collapses via allen key bolts into 4 ft sections for easy loading into cars and is (obviously) high, long and robust enough for BMX use.


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Stranger Ballast Frame


With Interbike round the corner, the new products keep flying in by the day. Stranger‘s new Ballast frame will be hitting stores soon. The much anticipated followup to the Nomad Frame, thew Ballast uses 8mm thick invest cast dropouts, a shorter 13.25″ CS and a steeper 75.5 deg HT. 

Spotted – Red BSD Donnasqueak Tires


BSD Just dropped a bike check with Alex D who is running a prototype of his signature frame, as well as his signature Donnasqueak Tires which will be available in Dark Red to match the rest of their parts which are out now in that colour. Expect to see both of these new parts available this Novemeber. Damn that has to be the shortest rear end I’ve seen on a street frame…

BSD Grey Colourway


Now this is more like it… far from everybody’s little brother’s garish rasta/oil-slick paint jobs, BSD Forever have just released this awesomely understated grey colourway for the Donnasqueak tyres, Reed Stark’s Safari pedals, the Forever grips and Kriss Kyle’s Passenger seat.  Hit up your local BSD dealer and get them to order a set of these in for you.

Alone SPork V2 Forks


The Union just posted this sneak peak of the Alone Sean Pointing signature SPork V2 forks and I gotta say, from what little we can see they look slicker than your average.  The vital stats confirm this;

Post weld heat treated 4130 chromoly
1pc machined steerer tube with built in 45 degree lower bearing race
165mm steerer tube length
CNC machined 7075 aluminium top bolt – M25 thread
Tapered fork legs; 28.6mm at top to 22.2mm at bottom
Triple butted fork leg thickness
5mm thick peg-friendly investment cast dropouts
30mm axle offset
Fat front tyre clearance
Weight 1.88lbs 

Good news for front-brake revolutionaries out there, the SPork V2 are also to be released with brake mounts under the name ‘Hitch-forks’ (oh the puns…)  These are set to hit shops in a few weeks.  Can anyone tell what that cut-out is supposed to be though?

Fly Bikes Manual Springhammer Brake


Here’s something new… above we can see the Fly Bikes Manual Springhammer brake which uses a specially designed springed cable hanger that eliminates the need for caliper springs. This will undoubtedly make a quick brake installation considerably easier, saving you from the ordeal of mixing up your left/right springs or digging out an old adjustable spanner to tension them. The thing I’m going to call the ‘springhanger’ to save time, can be bent inwards or outwards by hand to adjust the positioning of the brake pads.  The calipers themselves run free on kevlar washers and can be bolted on as easy as a bottle cage.  Simple stuff and it looks the part too.  The Manual Springhammer looks to hit bike shop shelves by this October.

Odyssey Aitken Tire in 2.45″

10593306_344240439065174_2079113917_n Yup someone went there… Odyssey are the first to break the 2.40″ mark and now offer their hugely popular Mike Aitken Tire in 2.45″.

ATTENTION AITKEN TIRE FANS! We now offer this classic tread in a new 20×2.45″ size. Same popular tire that you know and love, just bigger. Hit up your local shop or favorite mail order. 

Tree Woodgrain Sneak Peek

Woodgrain sneek peak

Oh boy I do have a soft spot for woodgrain. The boy’s at Tree are at it again, and have a full range of parts available in this magically awesome finish, which lets be honest if any one is to make, it should be them.

Available in the next few months are pegs, bars, stems, sprockets, sprocket guards, headsets, forks and more all in this rather nice dark woodgrain. The more observant ones of you out there will notice Tree’s new Okan Fork which will be available soon. More on that one closer to Interbike….

Autumn Bikes 2015 Catalog


Autum Bikes out of Berlin just hit us up with a look at their 2015 product range which will be dropping in September. These guys do an awesome job at bridging the gap between street and flatland products by offering a choice of each as well as an in between option with all their frames, forks and bars. Paired up with some sleek graphics and some really cool new colourways for this year, Autum Bikes have done an awesome job and I’m sure a lot of people are going to be stoked.

Check out the look book below, or go to their website HERE to find out how your local shop can get Autum products in for you.

Eclat Fireball Tire Out Now


Stevie Churchill’s signature Fireball tire from Eclat is now available in some countries, with other getting their deliveries in the next few weeks. Coming in both 2.30″ and 2.40″ sizes, the Fireball Tire is available in your choice of Black, Gum with black sidewall, and Red with Black sidewall, with more colours due out later this year.

Odyssey Clutch Freecoaster


Here’s another look at Odyssey‘s new Sean Sexton signature Clutch Freecoaster they announced the other day, as seen on G-Sport George’s Instagram page. Word on the street is that this uses a traditional clutch style system, but with some major differences. I’m really hoping those are 14mm female bolts, but I doubt it…

This prototype is also a LHD version, so expect to see both RHD and LHD options form the initial release, as well as hub guards. Apparently it’s pretty close to production so maybe this thing will be out by the end of the year?

Exclusive – BSD Safari Pedal Promo and Interview

BSD make pretty much every part under the sun, but until now they were lacking a pedal in their extensive range of simplistic and well designed parts. Unless you have been sleeping under a rock this year, you will have noticed that Reed Stark is an absolute animal on a bike (check the above promo for proof of this), but many of you dont know how much into product design he actually is… BSD always work closely with their riders on their signature products so when Reed had an idea for a pedal, he sat down with brand owner Grant Smith and they came out with a simple but unique design which was the perfect answer for what good pedal should be.

The Safari Pedal just hit the shelves so we decided it would be greta to not only premier the promo video, but to hit up Reed and find out more about the pedal and what went into designing it. Check it out… Continue reading

The Union- Products: Vol. 118


For this week’s Products feature, Kurt at The Union has a brief look at the Pillar cranks from Kink, Sergio Layos’ signature Trueno frame from Fly Bikes, Greg Goldberg’s signature Hell Smash t-shirt from The Daily Grind, the V2 Cassette from Madera then last but not certainly not least, the stacked 2015 Simone Barraco Novus complete from Subrosa.  Head over to The Union for the full scoop on all of these parts.

BSD Front Street Pro Hub


The Front Street Pro hub is BSD‘s new revised front hub for 2014 featuring a thicker shell, larger axle, push fit chromoly cones and even a new hub guard according to their site. The Front Street PRO Hub comes in either black or polished silver finish and is available from distributors and shops worldwide now.

  • 6061 T6 aluminium shell
  • 4130 heat treated Chromo axle
  • Heat treated 10mm bolts
  • High quality sealed 6902 bearings
  • Push fit Chromo centred cones
  • Colours : Black and polished silver
  • Weight : 255g

Spotted- Odyssey Sean Sexton Clutch Freecoaster

10458330_811780552176138_8453417499504019717_n (1)

Everyone got pretty excited when we posted a sneak peek of Odyssey‘s prototype Freecoaster hub earlier this year. Well thanks to this post by Odyssey’s Austin based design office, the hub will be Sean Sexton’s signature hub and will be called the Clutch Freecoaster. Guessing by the name, this thing will use a clutch based system like the KHE style hubs, but Odyssey claim this isn’t using the same internals and uses a new, unique system. Look out for more on this one at Interbike in September!

Sunday Current Tire


Sunday Bikes have added a dash of colour to their Current tire. The tire is now available in four options; black, tan wall, red with black wall and blue with black wall. This affordable tire comes in 2.10″ (all black) and 2.25″ (all colors) for the wallet friendly price of only $19.99 each.