Spotted: GT Four-Piece Bars


Originally posted over at The Union, here we can see a cheeky glimpse at GT‘s prototype-remakes of their classic 4-piece bars of which Animal’s discontinued Bob Scerbo bars were based upon.  There’s no information on release dates, sizes or specs as of yet (other than they’ll come in black and chrome…) but here’s to hoping they stay true to the originals.

Spotted: The Make 4-Piece Bars

the make

At first glance, these look like some Bob bars from the guys at Animal. Then you realize that it’s The Make whose behind it, and suddenly you’re a bit confused. We actually have no info on this set of bars, so you’ll need to stay tuned to see what they’re up to, and you can do that on their site.

New Alex Kennedy Parts from Cult

ak 2


In my opinion, Alex Kennedy is one of the best freecoaster riders out there today, so whenever I see something new with his name on it, I get stoked. Now it’s a new bronze colorway of his frame, as you can see above, and a new set of bars with some bigger dimensions. I think it’s very well deserved. If you want to see a photo of the bars along with some dimensions, just click through!

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Volume Broc Raiford Captain Bars


Volume Bikes‘ Broc Raiford signature line of nautically themed parts looks to be growing with the addition of the Captain bars, of which are out in 9.25″ rise next month with 9″ versions coming out shortly after.  Check out the specs below;

Rise: 9” or 9.25”
Width: 28.5”
Backsweep: 10°
Upsweep: 2°
Crossbar height: 6.75”
Crossbar width: 11.3”
Weight: 33.5 oz
Colours: Flat black, black/white splatter and chrome

Exclusive: Interview on Custom Frames with Mike Laird and Laird Frames


When i first started looking into this series, the first brands that came to mind were FBM, Solid, and Standard. These were the companies I grew up idolizing for their work and attention to detail, and I couldn’t wait to get an inside look at what they do, and pick their brain about some of the products they put out. Over the last few years though, there has been an increase in companies putting out custom work, like Pedal Driven, Limit Frabications, and Laird Frames, and so we figured that it’d be awesome to get their input on the market, along with letting them speak about their work, for this exclusive series. With that being said, this week’s interview is with Mike Laird of Laird Frames. Click through for the full interviews and some more photos…

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The Union Frostbike Coverage Highlights


The Union is alive with coverage from this year’s Frostbike right now, head over to their site to check it all out in full, and there is A LOT so we took the liberty of showcasing our one favourite piece from each of this year’s stalls; firstly at number 9 with Stolen‘s rad headtube badges.


At number 8 we welcome back FBM‘s CB4KS forks in all their beefy US made glory. Continue reading