DUB BMX Sprockets


The Union posted this sneak peak of DUB‘s rad upcoming sprocket which will come in both black or polished and in 25 or 28-tooth sizes.  While nothing is confirmed and while it could always be just another Taiwanese-made part, we have an inkling this is the handywork of our good friends at DIY Sprockets in Germany- of whom only works with 6mm thick 7075- T6 aluminium for durability. Regardless of speculation, DUB have reportedly been testing them out for a while with good results and judging by the above photo, they will be available soon enough.

Eclat Overguard


As part of their Assembled series, Éclat dropped this feature on their brand new Overguard universal hub guard that we featured on The Merged this time last year.  The Overguard is a drive-side compatible hub guard that fits over the dropout instead of between the dropout and the hub, eliminating compatibility issues; much like GSport’s Uniguard, although the Overguard looks to offer more comprehensive protection at the rear from steep icepicks in comparison.  This hub guard is left and right, drive or non-drive-side compatible on most (if not all) frames and hubs available right now and comes with anti-spin allen bolts that thread into the guard itself.


Material: Heat treated and full CNC’d 4140 chromoly
Colours: Black
Weight: 77g (2.7oz)

All the pieces pictured here are available to win via the this link but are also available to purchase from your local bike shops and mail orders.

Primo 2.4″ V-Monster Tyres


There’s a lot of history behind Primo’s infamous V-Monster tyre; arguably the first widely-available durable BMX tyre of which has been a benchmark for all other tyres ever since it was first made in 1995.  In his informative ESPN article, Brian Tunney tells of the woes many riders had trying to source decent rubber in the 90’s and how legendary flatlanders Sean McKinney and Day Smith approached Primo with the design that almost single-handedly carried the brand from it’s early days.  As well as the updated VM 2 that Primo released a couple of years ago, they are bringing out the classic OG design in a wider 2.4 inch size (as seen over at The Union)  Check back for release dates as they come.

Demolition 8.25″ Rise RIG Bars


It’s funny how things come full circle… Demolition gives a perfect example of this with their Dennis Enarson signature RIG bars which they have brought out in a lower 8.25 inch rise for those out there who want (or simply need) an alternative to the gigantic bars a lot of companies are releasing these days.  The 8.25″ RIG’s keep their 12º backsweep, 2º upsweep and the same 13 butted heat treated chromoly construction as the respective 9″ and 9.25″ versions.

Eclat Predator Tyre


Eclat dropped a great bike check with Shane Weston the other day that is absolutely packed with prototypes- some of which; like the 25.4mm 4pc Strangler bar, we have posted before but these samples of Bruno Hoffmann’s signature Predator tyres are a new sight to us.  Following in a very similar vein to Animal’s GLH tyre (of which Eclat are reportedly big fans of) the Predator keeps a simpler, more traditional tread pattern from tyres like the Fireball or the Ridgestone while keeping it as grippy as possible with surface knurling and adequate tread depth.  These are set to be released in a few months time so keep those peepers peeled for more info as it comes.


Wethepeople 2016 Patron Frame


Fresh from the offices in Cologne, Wethepeople have revamped their Patron frame for 2016.  Not to be confused with their Patrol trails line; the Patron is a super responsive, hight tech street machine with short chain stays, a medium/high- height bottom bracket and a tight head angle to keep it nice and nippy.  Other smart features include the super stiff D-shaped chain stays, double head tube gussets and integrated chain tensioners.  These badboys are out now so check out the full specs below and get onto your local shop to order you one up or head to Wethepeople‘s site for more pics.


Tubing: butted, seamless Japanese 4130 chromoly tubing
Top tube length: 20.75 “or 21.15″ TT
Chainstay length: 13.25 ” with 25-9 gearing, 13.1″ slammed
Head tube angle: 75.5 °
Seat tube angle: 70.5°
Bottom bracket:  Mid BB, 74mm width, 11.75 ” height, cnc machined and heat-treated
Head tube: cnc machined and heat-treated, integrated head set, drilled for gyro tabs
Dropouts: 7mm, investment cast, 4130 crmo with integrated chain tensioners
Features: Slim profile integrated seat clamp
Top and down tube gussets
D-shape chain stays for dent resistance
Single butted top tube with integrated threads for cable guides (removable brake hardware not included)
Wide rear triangle allows clearance for a 2.4 ” tyre.
Colours: Gloss black, translucent brown
Weight: Aprox. 2.31kg/5lbs (21.15″)


FBM Bikes 2016 Gypsy Frame


2016 looks like it will see a fair few classics coming back, starting with this little gem; the re-issue of FBM’s USA made Gypsy frame.  While FBM continued to make the Gypsy in a 16″ wheel size, we haven’t seen a ‘20 inch‘ version since the Gypsy 2 in 2012.  Updates include a top tube/head tube junction gusset, steeper 75 degree head angle and shorter 13.5″ chain stays.  Be sure to get your local shop to bag you one via FBM’s many distros.


Featuring Artwork by Thomas Hooper, and a smooth but aggressive geometry, it will be available in 20.5″. 20.75″ and 21″ top tube length, with a 75 degree Headtube angle, 71 degree seat tube angle, 11.5 inch bottom bracket height, 8.75 inch standover height, 13.5 inch Chainstay (rear end) length and removable seat stay brake mounts.

Prototype Mutiny Bikes 29mm Forks

What I Ride - Grant Castelluzzo

RideBMX put up this bike check feature spec’ing Grant Castelluzzo’s Mutiny steed where they give a brief glimpse at Mutiny Bikes’ prototype 29mm offset forks that Grant is testing out right now.  With 4mm less rake than the Wand fork, there’s a small recess in the bottom of the investment-cast leg/dropout junction to accommodate plastic pegs while still keeping them more responsive than the Wand fork.

What I Ride - Grant Castelluzzo

Hopefully they keep the rad Wand top-caps…


Fitbikeco MAC V2 Frame


Fitbikeco have dropped a flipbook on the newly revised version of their Shawn McIntosh’s signature MAC V2 frame in time for Christmas.  This year’s model features longer chainstays (from 13.35″ to 13.5″), a slightly higher BB shell (from 11.6″ to 11.65″) more conventional top tube sizes (from 20.625″, 20.875″and 21.125″ on the V1 to 20.75″, 21″ and 21.25″) and a bunch of rad graphics penned by popular BMX freelance artist Eben Fischer.  Get onto your local shop about snapping one of these USA made badboys up.

Wethepeople 2016 Supreme Hubs

Know Your Roll - Wethepeople Supreme Hubs

The guys at RideBMX posted an article on the new Wethepeople Supreme hub, of which has been revamped for 2016 after a brief hiatus from making it.  This year’s model features WTP’s very own female axle system where 12mm axle bolts with 14mm ‘shoulders’ or ‘built-in adapters’ thread into a 17mm chromoly female axle, the hub comes with two sets of  bolts, one with longer shoulders for pegs and one with shorter ones for those without so you’re covered whatever the weather.  WTP have been messing around with the concept of 12mm axles for about 10 years and it’s good to see it cross over on a female hub, word on the street is that no one has come close to breaking one during testing.

Know Your Roll - Wethepeople Supreme Hubs

The Supreme also features their L/RHD switchable Q-lite driver (the pawls are mounted onto the hub shell and the ratchet teeth are on the driver instead of vice-versa) IGUS driver bushing, dual non-drive side bearings to dissipate the largely ignored leverage on that side of the hub.  Even the bolts have some crazy styling to them, and at a mere 391g, well, someone at Wethepeople clearly knows their sorcery…

Know Your Roll - Wethepeople Supreme Hubs


Material: 6061-T6 alloy refined hub-shell
Axle: 4130 chromoly female axle – 3/8″ thread
Bearings: 2 high quality Japanese sealed bearings
Spokes: 36h
Features: Alloy CNC’d cones
Weight: 262g (9.24oz)
Colors: Black or Polished
Hub Guards: Alloy available, Nylon coming 2016


Material: 6061-T6 alloy refined hub-shell
Axle: 4130 chromoly female axle 12mm thread bolt with 14mm extension shoulders
Bearings: 3 high quality Japanese sealed bearings
Spokes: 36h
Driver: 9t only
Full IGUS bushing driver system
Q-Lite system. Ratchet is machined into 1pc driver for maximum strength.
WTP-unique 12mm female bolt system.
Two bearings on non-drive side to increase hub life
Switch drive LHD/RHD system, new one piece pawl & spring system
Weight: 391g (13.79oz)
Colours: Black or Polished
Hub Guards: Alloy available, Nylon coming 2016

Head over to RideBMX for more photos.