Fitbikeco High-Top V2 Stem


Fit‘s High Top stem just got the forged treatment for their fall 2015 line. The V2 High Top stem does away with the 49mm, 52mm and 55mm size options (still) available with the V1 and went for a one-size-fits-all 51mm reach and a slightly wider body according to Fitbikeco‘s site.  The V2 comes in black, raw, polished or translucent green and RRP’s for twenty dollars less than the V1 due to the more affordable nature of forging over CNC machining.

Kink LHD/RHD Switchable Freecoaster Clutch


This is the kind of wild, money-saving, problem solving solution that got me into BMX journalism in the first place… Kink BMX have come through with a great invention for traditional freecoaster clutches, a dual tapped clutch thread; essentially making your coaster L/RHD switchable simply by changing the driver (ie. not taking out the axle and changing the clutch too) I’ve found that 2015 has been the year of idiot-proofing freecoasters, and this is definitely a step in the right direction in that respect.  No word on a release date but I’m sure this will be coming out on more than just Kink’s coasters if it gets licensed out.  Nicked from The Union’s Kink Interbike 2015 coverage.

S&M Stealth Pivotal Seat And Long Johnson Post


It’s been a slow start for the stealth pivotal system overall but it finally looks like companies are starting to invest into this great seat system, S&M‘s venture into the territory takes the form of the seat you see above, they’ve kept things simple on the cover but the foam follows a more ergonomic design (a little like Tree’s seat) and flicks up at the back for comfort and to keep you from sliding off the back.  The stealth pivotal issue of the Long Johnson post is much like it’s predecessors, absolutely huge.  At 32cm long this is the longest stealth pivotal post available and is actually out now.  Photo’s nabbed from The Union‘s S&M Interbike coverage.


Eclat Blind Hub Updated Internals


After the unveiling of the Eclat Cortex clutch coaster a few days ago a lot of inquisitive souls were asking ‘what happened to the Blind hub?’  While it was always public the Blind would carry on being made, what wasn’t made known was that Eclat were updating/simplifying the internals.  A few people had issues with the large circular spring that held the pawls down so it has been replaced by three seperate coiled springs, one for each individual pawl, that slot into the adjoining pawl housing to hold them down.  Having personally tested one of these with the updated internals I can say, even as a huge coaster sceptic, that this thing is solid.  Photo pinched from The Union.


Shadow Conspiracy Structure Pedals


Ah Interbike, it’s like Comicon for bike nerds… The Union have extensive coverage of it going on over at their site and in their Shadow Conspiracy product round-up they briefly touch on the new Structure pedal.  Shadow have come up with the great idea of sandwiching replaceable plastic bodies onto an aluminium core via 4 allen bolts to give a more robust and longer lasting plastic pedal, it also uses 2 sealed bearings and a roller bearing; essentially giving the best properties of both metal and plastic.  Head over to The Union to catch more.


Merritt Brandon Begin Guard Sprocket

merrittguard sprocket

Merritt popped up on my Instagram feed with this shot of the Brandon Begin signature full-guard sprocket and my, oh my… I’d feel like I was killing a unicorn just by putting a chain on it, let alone grinding on it.  You can tell this has been made to last by the super thick grind plate and 5 sprocket holes to rotate around.  No more info as of yet but keep an eye out on Merritt’s Instagram page for more.

Eclat Alex Kennedy Signature AK Guard


Eclat are on form so far this year at Interbike… a certain ex-writer for this very site has been obsessing over making this little beauty a reality for years and it’s great to see it at long last; the AK Guard.  Made from an impact-resistant nylon fiberglass material, this sprocket guard simply bolts on to the sprocket and provides a lighter full bash guard with significantly less friction than it’s aluminium counterparts; perfect for more predictable crankslides.


Eclat Cortex Freecoaster Preview


Our good friends at Eclat posted this sneak peak photo of their new up coming coaster on their Instagram page.  The Cortex is a clutch-type freecoaster as opposed to a pawl-type mechanism found on the Blind hub, ideal for those who are accustomed to the feel and function of a traditional coaster.  While rumoured to have the same old run-of-the-mill KHE internals, I can say with the utmost certainty that this is not the case.  The Cortex utilises Eclat’s own resistance system which eliminates the outdated ‘two-hardened-sprung-bearings-wearing-away-at-your-clutch-from-a-gaping-hole-in-the-middle-of-your-axle’ system as well as a method of keeping the clutch from clamping the drive-side bearing.  Keep an eye out for more info/ specs as they come.

BSD Interbike Preview


The guys at BSD posted a Interbike preview of their 2016 parts line-up ahead of the event in Vegas this week, first up is BSD’s first freecoaster hub ,dubbed the Westcoaster, in which the driver utilises bushings and bearings and a different resistance system to traditional coasters.  It will also be compatible with the press fit Jersey Barrier hub guards which are also included.


Then we have the NASA rim; BSD’s first pop at a wheel hoop.  This is a high-tech I-beam constructed rim with thick tapered sidewalls and tapered, offset spoke holes for cross lacing, sounds tough enough!


Next up are these M-Cap bar ends, these are good if you like the convenience of push-fit plastic bar plugs but break them often.  The M-Cap bar end comes with a metal (Aluminium I’m assuming) ring to protect your plastic bar ends from being pummelled deep into your bars and having to fish them out again with a screwdriver.

There’s more on BSD’s site, on which we will be touching on when there is further info; namely the Dan Paley signature Soulja frame.

Exclusive Sneak Peak: Division Brand Complete Bikes


Complete bikes have really changed since I started riding. You can now go out and find a bike specialized to what you want to ride, in the size you want, that comes with the parts you need. That is exactly what Division did, and they brought out 3 models built to take on a handrail straight out of a box. Besides that, they’re some of the best looking bikes I’ve seen in the last few years. I’ll let the photos and specs speak for themselves.

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