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Sunday Thundercoaster Wheel


Freecoaster’s are pretty much the go to choice for every street rider these days, and now the chaps at  Sunday have made it even more friendly on your wallet to own one.

Their new affordable Thundercoaster wheel starts out with a basic freecoaster hub that uses KHE-style clutch internals laced to the Thunder double wall rim. This wheel is available for $219.99 and can be picked up at your local Sunday dealer today!

LUX BMX Leopard Wheelset


We posted this up on our Facebook page this morning and it got a huge amount of you talking. Here is a one off wheelset that Aussie store LUX BMX put together for team rider Tom Stretton. At a guess I would say the guys have taken a set of Colony Rims and hydro dipped them in a very similar way to many of these new Camo parts are being made. These are one off at the moment but after the reaction we received and the popularity of hyro dipping BMX parts right now, I find it very hard to believe that some brand wont step up to the plate and offer a production run in the near future.

I’m sure Sean Burns and the Bone Deth crew are stoked on this…

Product Focus – Federal Spring 2014


Ever since the very birth of the brand, the guys at Federal Bikes always manage to refine their product range with every season. From subtle colour changes, all the way through to brand new signature products, Federal never seem to disappoint when it comes to releasing a new season of products. This week the guys in Hastings are showing off their Spring/Summer drop of Frames and Parts which will be available worldwide at the beginning of next month including Stevie Churchill’s signature Bar.

Click through for exclusive first look at what is new for this season…  Continue reading

Shadow Copper Tie-Dye


Damn this is rad. For 2014, The Shadow Conspiracy will be released a whole line of their components in what they call Copper Tie-Dye. More of a marble if you ask me but it looks different for sure!

We are so stoked on this new Copper Tie Dye color way. Soon we will have everything from our Corvus wheels & rims to our Serpent Sprocket available in this color. This stem is a closeup of Shadow pro’s Ben Hucke ‘s bike.

Subrosa Turbo Wheels


Check out the new Turbo Wheels from Subrosa featuring their Turbo Rim, Straight 14 gauge stainless steel spokes laced up to Posi-Trac Hubs. They feature matching rim & hub color with black spokes in a 3 cross spoke pattern. These things will be available in Black, Polished, 69K Gold, and what you see here, Red Fade which goes well with their High Life Stem we saw last month.

These will be shipping out worldwide at the end of the month, arriving to the US mid March. Hit up your local Subrosa dealer today to get your ordered up!

The Union ‘Products Vol.88′


This week over at The Union, Kurt reviews the following stuff and things for the weekly ‘Products‘ section; Lahsaan Kobza signature “Crispy Cream” colorway for the Subrosa ‘Nostra’ frame, the ‘Lightning’ back wheel from Sunday Bikes, the heat-treated ‘Protocol’ cranks from Madera, Freed Bikes‘ ‘Original’ 3/4 length baseball shirt and finally Stolen‘s steel pinned ‘Thermalite SP’ pedals.  Go and have a butcher’s over at The Union.

Bone Deth 48 Spoke Porn Hub and Biodome Rim

Burns is the man! In this video of zombies, boobies and roof drop, Sean talks you through the new 48 spoke Porn Hubs and Bio Dome Rims which will be available soon from Bone Deth.

These will only be available in 48 spoke, and for those of you who are unsure about the benefits and weight gain of the extra 12 spokes, Sean actually sits down for a minute and goes through why and the Bone Deth team chose to run them, and why they might be the right choice for you. I personally can see the advantages if you’re heavier on your wheels or dont like to have to true they every now and then. Interesting to see if the 48 spoke resurgence takes off and other brands follow?

Review- Halo Priest Wheelset

Click images to see bigger.

There is a lack of good, honest and impartial product reviews in BMX right now. Parts aren’t cheap, and in an already heavily saturated market, a few nice words about the paint finish in a magazine doesn’t really cut it when you’re about to part with your hard earned cash and need some insight into how good a product really is.

You guys asked us to step up to the plate and that we have. Here is the first of many reviews we have got going for this year and forward into 2014. We want to be the most helpful BMX product site out there, so we decided to take a selection of parts and give them to a real, everyday riders to see how they fair up to just about everything you guys are going to put them through.

Halo Wheels got in touch and sent us a pair of their new Matt Priest Signature Wheels to test out and see what we made of them. We fired them over to our resident wheel destroyer and grind enthusiast Mark Sutton to see how they held up to the dirtiest peg chinks, hang ups and cases known to man.

Click through to see how they held up…

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Tree X Sun Ringle Wheelsets


You can now pickup Tree’s amazing Straight Pull Hubs in a complete wheelset laced up to Sun Ringle Rims. These are available over on Tree’s online webstore where you can mix and match what kind of hubs, rims and spokes you want in your perfect wheels. Superb.

“After many requests from fellow riders and customers, we decided to contact the dudes over at Sun and found a way to offer complete wheels! Head over the the Tree Store and click the “Build your own complete wheels!” tab. You’ll be directed to every component necessary to build a bad ass set of wheels! Choose your hub, spoke type, and rim and we’ll do the rest.      

Allow us 3-5 days to figure your necessary spoke length and build your wheels in house free of charge”

Spotted- Cinema ZX Hubs


Here is a sneak peek at Cinema‘s new ZX Hubs, part of the full ZX range of Hubs and Wheels which will be available later this year and sit slightly cheaper in between the high end VX range, and their entry level Wheelsets. The new ZX range will be laced up to the 333 Rims and will feature high end technology from the VX Hubs like Alloy Hub Guards, but at a slightly more affordable price. Expect more info on the ZX Wheels to drop soon along with pricing and availability. It would be sweet if the Wheels came pre-packaged with the Hub Guards…



Shout out to Unleaded for the images.

Primo Freemix Freecoaster and Complete Wheel


With a large amount of their pro team running a Freecoaster now, Primo have brought out their very Hub version called the Freemix, which will also be available as a complete wheel laced up to their VS Rim. The Freemix Hubs and Wheels will be available this November in both RHD and LHD options, as well as Black and Silver colour options for the individual Hubs.

No word on the details or pricing on the Hubs just yet, but much like the Colony and Demolition coasters, they look like they use the popular KHE internals, with an Alloy cone nut on the non drive side. We saw a sneak peek of this Hub earlier this year, and although we’re not sure if there will be a female version available, it looks like Ty Morrow and the rest of the team have been putting it through it’s paces to ensure it holds up. It seems every day that another street rider has switched over onto “the dark side” and is now going backwards freely so it’s great to see more freecoasters on the market, especially pre-built into a complete wheel.



Available Now- Odyssey A+ Front Wheel


Odyssey’s new Antigram Front Hub is now available fresh out of the box and laced up to one of their Aerospace Rims to make a premium Front Wheel dubbed the A+. Only in Black for now, the A+ is a great idea for anyone looking for a top-end front wheel that’s going to hold up to serious abuse.


Available now so hit up your local bike shops and favorite mail orders to upgrade your bike. Odyssey’s matching A+ REAR WHEEL is also available now too.

Primo Rasta Wheelsets

tumblr_ml28x4xiGp1s3da2po1_1280Primo now have stock of some limited edition Rasta spoked wheelsets. These feature Red/Green/Yellow pattern spokes laced to VS rims with N4FL front and Remix rear hubs. There are only a small number of these available so be sure to hit up your local Primo dealer if you are interested in grabbing a set.

I must say despite the whole Rasta thing being almost played to death, these would look incredibly good on all all Black bike…

Cult Female Match Hub

2893e4229bef11e2b65722000a1fb376_7Cult‘s Match Cassette Hub was on show at Interbike last year with a prototype female axle, but is now finally available. Expect to see these worldwide soon, sold in LHD or RHD, or laced up to a Match Rim as a complete Wheel.