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Morgan Long’s Signature Frame and Bars from Fit: The Hood Bird

hoodbird 1

Morgan Long is definitely one of the modern-day pioneers when it comes to pegless riding. He might make it look easy, but it’s a lot harder than it looks. I remember trying to go pegless after watching a few pegless sections, and it was a week full of cut up ankles and bruised wrists from falling and missing as often as I did. Morgan definitely knows what he’s doing, and it looks like Fit took notice and graced him with his own signature frame and bars. We have the specs after the jump. Click through for more info.

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Merritt Option Tires


Merritt has been putting in work with they products lately, and their Option tires have become a personal favorite of mine. With the likes of Charlie Crumlish, Brandon Begin, and more riding and testing them out, you can rest assured knowing they’ll last up to all the grinds and skids you can put them through. They come in 2.35″ width and weigh 27.4 ounces, and are made with a Slidewall, which is fancy for a low friction compound that’ll make your grinds feel a whole lot smoother. Plus, if you’re into colors, you can pick them up in tan or blue. If you’re not into colors, you can pick them up in black and get to riding your bike.  Peep the Merritt site for more info.

GSport G.L.A.N.D Mk4 And Uniguard


GSport‘s highly anticipated Uniguard chromo rear hub guard is now available along side an exciting new mk4 version of GSport’s ever reliable G.L.A.N.D. hub guard. The Uniguard eliminates the need to spread your rear end by bolting to the outside of your dropouts and utilises anti-spin bolts to keep them stable.  They come in 14mm or 3/8th” sizes and fit both left or right/drive and non-drive sides.gsport-uniguard-640x4271

The G.L.A.N.D. Mk4 has a polymer construction that comes in front or rear options (shown below) is simply held to the hub via 3 zip-ties around the spokes and is given extra stability from the bobble pattern on the back. The way this hub guard rolls with the wheel can make grinds a lot faster and more predictable than grinding on a fixed guard… or bare spokes.


Head over to GSport‘s website for more pictures and info on these great looking guards.

Wethepeople Royal Cranks



Wethepeople’s Royal cranks have been kicking about for an age in one form or another, here we have the latest incarnation in 19mm sized spindle (as opposed to the super beefy 22mm versions of yesteryear) that are available in regular 175mm arms or shorter 170mm, perfect for shorter riders or 4-pegged street demons looking for a bit of back foot clearance.

Arms: Full seamless japanese 4130 chromoly tubing.
Liquid post heat-treated
Spindle: 3/4“ (19 mm) 4130 butted chromoly spindle
Arm length: 170mm or 175mm
Comes with fitting and removal tools
lightweight butted spindle
Colours: black, black titan, chrome polished
Weight: 858g (30.26oz : 1.89lbs)

Eclat 25.4mm Bar And Stem


A little birdy from Éclat posted this exciting little gem onto Facebook a couple of days ago; by all outward appearances this is just a normal stem and bar combo but these particular ones are oversized and measure at 25.4mm diameter instead of the usual 22.2mm we’ve been all been using since… well, forever. No word on whether the 25.4mm diameter is used throughout the whole bar or just the stem clamping area (like a lot of MTB bars) but with the plethora of bar spinners around today, it would make sense to make the grip area diameter larger to take the sting out of slinging the b’s extra hard, and that’s not even touching on the strength advantages of a larger tube. Could this be a new standard emerging? Answers on a postcard.


Spotted: New Tire from Stranger


Stranger has been putting out new products pretty consistently. Their latest product is this new slick tire, that looks like the Dugan tire from Odyssey and the Wright tire from Kink had a love child, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I think they look rad, and they remind me of motorcycle tires. Expect to see these out soon and stay tuned to Stranger’s site for more info.

Exclusive: Interview on Custom Frames with David Harrison of Pedal Driven Cycles


When it came down to starting this series, the first guy that came to mind was Dave at Pedal Driven Cycles. I grew up on the east coast, in NJ actually, but spent a lot of time in NYC. Of course, the east coast style of riding rubbed off on me, and one of my favorite riders was always Tyrone Williams, who not too long ago, started riding a Pedal Driven frame. You know how that goes; your favorite rider rides something, so you investigate to see what makes it so awesome. Sure enough, Dave comes through with more than enough backing and photos to prove that he’s one of the best there is at what he does. Click through to read the full interview.

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New Alex Kennedy Parts from Cult

ak 2


In my opinion, Alex Kennedy is one of the best freecoaster riders out there today, so whenever I see something new with his name on it, I get stoked. Now it’s a new bronze colorway of his frame, as you can see above, and a new set of bars with some bigger dimensions. I think it’s very well deserved. If you want to see a photo of the bars along with some dimensions, just click through!

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The Union Frostbike Coverage Highlights


The Union is alive with coverage from this year’s Frostbike right now, head over to their site to check it all out in full, and there is A LOT so we took the liberty of showcasing our one favourite piece from each of this year’s stalls; firstly at number 9 with Stolen‘s rad headtube badges.


At number 8 we welcome back FBM‘s CB4KS forks in all their beefy US made glory. Continue reading