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Sneak Peak: Division Brand Complete Bikes


Division Brand has been putting in work lately. With a new frame on the horizon, it looks like they’re also getting into the complete bike game, and you should be glad that they are. All their bikes will be coming brakeless, and with four pegs, with the amount of hub guards included increasing on the higher-end models. For someone who only rides street, it’s great to see bikes made to ride right out of the box, set-up similar to my own and taste. Hopefully we get some more info on these soon because I’m dying to see what they look like. You can get more info on the Division Brand site as to when they’ll be available, and pricing. Also peep the ‘read more’ button for some more shots. Continue reading

Federal Stance XL Rim


I’m a big guy; 6’4″ to be exact. I’m gotten used to having to use bigger bars, longer frames, smaller cranks (to not catch my feet) and now I find myself trying to find a reason to need wider rims because I’m really, really into these Federal Stance XL rims. Although not the first to make an extra-wide rim, the guys at Federal definitely nailed making a clean and simple product for those out there willing to try new things. The idea is that a wider rim will keep the profile of these +2.3″ tires, while creating a stiffer and stronger rim. Not only that, but they claim to help reduce the amount of flats you may get in session due to a thicker wall where the spokes are located, minimizing the chance of your spokes popping through on a high drop. I think these look great, and they come in black or silver to keep a classic look on your ride. For more info, peep the Federal site and click through to see a few more images of these rims.

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Cult Glow In the Dark Grips


Winter is always around the corner and those long nights for months on end can ruin your barspin game if you can’t see your grips properly, it’s a hard life, I know…  Cult have got your back though, they’ve just released their Dak, Faith and my personal favourite, Cult X Vans in this glow-in-the-dark flavour so you’ll be slinging your bars all year round.  They’re also available in the clear colourway you see in the above picture and manufactured in the US by ODI Grips so you know they’re top quality.


Eclat Mercury Stem Promo Video


In this video Kilian Roth and the guys over at Eclat demonstrate to us the ins and outs of the new cold-forged 6061-T6 aluminium Mercury stem.  Cold forging is a great way to make strong, unique looking parts without using expensive and wasteful CNC machines, much like investment casting.

Reach: 50mm
Rise: 33mm
stack: 33mm
Colors: black, high polished, dark blue
Weight: 313g (11.5oz)

The Mercury stem is out now and available from your local Eclat dealer or webstore.

New Tractor and Tractor XL Sprockets from Fly Bikes

Tractor Single

Ever since I was able to ride a Tierra a few years back, I’ve been extremely appreciative of Fly’s minimalistic, but efficient products. Everything they put out tends to have a real clean and simple look to it, and these new sprockets are no different! Here we have two new versions of their new sprocket dubbed the Tractor and the Tractor XL, respectively. The Tractor is made from CNC machined 7075 alloy, and is 6 mm thick all around. It comes in 25 and 28 tooth sizes, in black, misty silver, and one colorway that they’ve yet to release. Click through to see more photos, along with info on the Tractor XL.

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Colony & Locals Only Collab Floral Seat

Locals Only X Colony

Colony has partnered up with Locals Only to bring you one of the nicer patterned seats that we’ve seen in a while. With other brands bringing in a rainbow of floral print along with tie-dye, it’s refreshing to see a simple black and white floral seat being put out. For more info on this seat, you can peep the Colony site here, and Locals Only site right here.

Fiend Palmere Frame in New Colors

jj frame

Jj Palmere’s signature frame has been a popular frame for a lot of riders ever since it’s been out. Because of it’s popularity, it’s also gone through a lot of colors. First it was black and avocado green, then it was eggplant purple and carrot orange. Now he’s kept the theme of food, but decided to go towards the opposite spectrum from healthy: candy. You’ll soon be able to pick up his frame in a cacao bean maroon, and a cacaco butter yellow with some updated graphics to match. Can’t wait to see what’s next for Jj’s frames.

Here are the frame’s specs in case you were thinking of picking one up:

Head tube: 75 degrees
Seat Tube: 71 degrees
Chainstays: 13.5″
BB Height: 11.5″
Standover: 9″
Weight: 4.75 lbs

For more info on this frame, and all other Fiend products, check out their site here.

Morgan Long’s Signature Frame and Bars from Fit: The Hood Bird

hoodbird 1

Morgan Long is definitely one of the modern-day pioneers when it comes to pegless riding. He might make it look easy, but it’s a lot harder than it looks. I remember trying to go pegless after watching a few pegless sections, and it was a week full of cut up ankles and bruised wrists from falling and missing as often as I did. Morgan definitely knows what he’s doing, and it looks like Fit took notice and graced him with his own signature frame and bars. We have the specs after the jump. Click through for more info.

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Merritt Option Tires


Merritt has been putting in work with they products lately, and their Option tires have become a personal favorite of mine. With the likes of Charlie Crumlish, Brandon Begin, and more riding and testing them out, you can rest assured knowing they’ll last up to all the grinds and skids you can put them through. They come in 2.35″ width and weigh 27.4 ounces, and are made with a Slidewall, which is fancy for a low friction compound that’ll make your grinds feel a whole lot smoother. Plus, if you’re into colors, you can pick them up in tan or blue. If you’re not into colors, you can pick them up in black and get to riding your bike.  Peep the Merritt site for more info.