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Cult X Vans Tire


Be ready to see these fly off the shelves! The Cult X Vans tires have had a lot of you excited and those of you will be happy to know that they will be out next month in black and a hefty 2.35 size. Maybe a gum version will be next…?

The Union Insight: Fit Bike Co. T/A Tyre


The Union just posted this Insight article on the 2.4″ gum FitBikeCo T/A tyres they got to sample over the winter.  These look to be available in the next few days so if you like your bike looking like a lean, mean, wheelie busting tangerine then Fit has your back (they’ll be available in black and black/gum wall too because not everyone’s gonna be into the 1989 look)

BSD “Donnasqueak” Tire Promo

Every time Grant sends over a new BSD edit for me to watch I instantly know I’m going to have my mind blow. Alex D puts his new signature Donnasqueak Tires to the test on the hot squeaky streets of Cyprus in this banger of a promo video.

The Donnasqueak Tires are available worldwide right around now. Go find out all about them in the exclusive product releases we did earlier this year.

Spotted – Animal GLH Tire


After our Yesterday’s News earlier this week, its awesome to see that Animal are working on giving the classic GLH Tire a makeover. Spotted on Jared Washington’s bike is a look at the new updated version which looks to be nice and big and have a dark red sidewall. Animal are working on a lot of new products right now so I’d expect we will see more on this one soon…



Fernando Laczko is United‘s new Spanish street recruit. They have a bike check with him up on their site showing off a few prototype parts they have coming out later this year inlcusing a Digi-Camo seat, Grey 2.4″ Direct Tires, Alex V Pedals and the solid sprocket we’ve seen pop up here and there. There is also mention of a Untied cassette/freecoaster switchable hub which I’d expect is based off the Ezra model that a lot of brands are using now.

You can check out Fernado’s bike in full HERE.

Spotted – Cult X Vans Tire


Spotted over on Bike Rumor is another look at Cult’s collaboration Tire with Vans which uses the same infamous waffle pattern as their shoes. This was seen at the Taipei Tradeshow in Taiwan at tire manufacturer Vee Rubber’s booth. Vee are known for making high quality race tires so I’d expect this thing to grip like hell. The Vans Tires are due out in May in 2.35″ and Black only.

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Yesterday’s News – Animal GLH Tires

0153_animalglh-500x500 (1)

This week’s Yesterday’s News is kind of a history lesson and delayed product review all rolled into one. Animal’s GLH Tire has been around for a good while now and is the tire of choice for street riders around the world. If you’ve got a spare five minutes, put the kettle on and get ready to read another of my usual ramblings about another BMX product that stands out from the rest… Continue reading


Texas shredder and Smith grind master Jared Swafford has a bike check up on Odyssey which you can check out in the above flipbook. In addition to other new parts, he’s running the new Grey Hawk tires that we posted a few weeks back that got a lot of you talking. These tires will be available around August time along with a certain chain that they have been working on…

Spotted – Alienation Tubesless Street Tires and Rims


Damn, I knew Alienation had been playing around with a street ready tubeless tire and rim but it looks like the job is finished and they should be available soon. Spotted over on their Instagram is a sneak peek at the 2.3″ TSC 138 Tire that uses their priority TCS tubeless system , which according to them saves over a pound in weight for each wheel.

Click through to see a diagram of how it all works and head over the their website to get more info on the 138 Tire and the rest of their tubeless TCS products.

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Spotted – Grey Reflective Odyssey Hawk Tire


If you told me two years ago that Odyssey would be making a Slick 2.40″ Grey Tire with a Reflective sidewall I would have called you mad, but hey never say never. It looks like colored Tires are here to stay and Odyssey’s first fully colored tire looks pretty wild. Combining their best selling Chase Hawk Tire with a reflective stripe and a sticky Grey compound, you can expect to see these things available later this year.

Spotted – White Cult Tires


After the huge success of their Gum topped Dehart Tires, it looks like Cult are trying out a white version. These samples are being tested right now after 2 months of shredding they are still looking good. I’m sure we’ll be seeing these badboys hit the market later this year, but the question is will they be as popular?

Spotted – Odyssey Black Hawk Tire


After the success of the Night Hawks, it looks like Odyssey are going to be keeping you seen at night with the new Black Hawk tires. Working in effectively the same way, these tires look like a standard Hawk tire in the day, but use a highly reflective strip that is only visible at night. Available in both 2.20″ and 2.40″ sizes, both hitting stores at the end of March along with the Aaron Ross Tire will also be getting the same treatment which you can check out if you click through…

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Spotted – KHE Mark Webb Tire


Spotted on Alex Coleborn’s new ride is a sample of Webbie’s signature Tire from KHE Bikes that we’ve seen pop up a bit recently. The tire should be out later this year, and from what I’ve been told, these things are as light as the inamous KHE Mac Tires which have been a huge hit with park riders over the past few years.

Spotted – Duo Gum Tires


Corey Martinez just built up a new ride loaded with a bunch of sample 2014 United and Duo Brand parts. They have a new Duo 2.40″ Tire in the works which will be available in flavor of the month Gum, along with a shorter 165mm version of the United Nathan Williams Nash Cranks which will keep all you 4 peggers happy. Look out both of these products as well as a few more later this year…

The Union Products: Vol. 91


For the 91st installment of The Union‘s ‘Products’ section, Kurt takes a closer look at the ‘Tall T’ bars from Sunday Bikes, the ‘Member’ V2 sprocket from Cult, the new ‘Valor’ tire from The Shadow Conspiracy, the ‘Aegis’ hub guards from Profile Racing and finally the 2014 ‘Malum’ complete from Subrosa.  Hit the picture above or this link for the full low-down on all the featured bits ‘n’ bobs.