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The Inaccuracy Of Tyre Labelling/ The Birth Of The 21″ Wheel


The term ’20 inch bike’ gets thrown around a lot, usually by douchebag pseudo-journalists like me trying to contextualise their gonzo style drivel about dudes riding or making little 20 inch kids stunt bikes… see, i’m at it again. Cruising on the interwebiverse one day I came across this photo on 22 inch BMX‘s Facebook/Instagram/whatever of Kye Forte’s ride;


The striking thing about it is the addition of 22 inch forks and front wheel whilst the rear wheel remains 20 inch… yet, somehow, it doesn’t look too odd at all.  While one could argue all day about the benefits or hindrances this set up might provide(a big one being head angle, but I’ll get to that shortly) one thought awoke and wouldn’t slumber; what even makes it a 22 inch wheel? What, for that matter, makes a 20 inch wheel a 20 inch wheel?! Continue reading

Merritt Option Gum Tire


Here’s a gum color way of the new Option tire that Merritt will be dropping soon! These tires look extra clean in this gum color which looks kinda cool with the way the gum is only on the tread. This tire also uses a harder compound sidewall to help you slide on grinds.

New Cult Vans Tires


Here are some new color ways of the Cult Vans tires. They go from casual gum and brown to a wild fluorescent green to a very popular grey. Be sure to pick some up when they drop.

Win a years supply of tires from Salt


Going through rubber fast? The guys at Salt/Plus are giving a way a year’s supply of tires to one lucky person!

Head to now and find the salt shaker! If you find it then send a message to our FB page here and let us know where it is in the site? – you could be in with the chance of winning a years supply of Salt Tires! GO GO GO!

KHE Dan Lacey Tire

1782080_952341404794487_8306187276513062759_n (1)

So we’ve been seeing a few sneak peeks of these for the past year, but here is the final look at Dan Lacey’s new collab signature tire with KHE. Designed with KHE and Federal Bikes and produced by world renowned tire manufacturer Schwalbe in Germany, these 2.35″ lightweight street rubbers will be available next month in both a regular beed and a lightweight folding version. Lacey, Bruno and a few other of the Federal crew have been running these things all year and have passed with flying colours. Could this be the comeback of the folding tire?…,

“Absolutely buzzin on my my Signature tyre collaboration with KHE dropping in the next month or so. Here’s a sneak peak at the @federalbikes tread designed by my homie Aggie. They will be available with regular beaded or a lightweight foldable option.”

New cult tire colours


Cult pretty much restarted the whole coloured tire thing a couple of years ago and its no surprise they have been working on some more. Look out for their new bigger range of rubber coming in Dark Gum and White in the next few months.

The classic DEHART TIRE comes in 2.2 & 2.35… The DEHART SLICK comes in 2.40…Both DEHART tires will be coming in the new DARK GUM and WHITE as well as the traditional Black & Gum…The VANS TIRE comes in a 2.35 and only available in Black… New colors available worldwide in October…