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Carson Leh Custom Seats

Custom-Leather-Bmx-pivotal-SL-Chaos-symbol-ODI-Custom-leather-lock-on-grips-hand-made-Austin-Texas-BMX-brogue-Leh-Seats  6 copy

Carson Leh is a name I had been seeing pop up a lot this past year. I first saw his beautiful handcrafted leather covered seats a few years ago and was actually one of the first things I ever posted on the site. I’ve always been really excited by custom work, especially with things that take time and dedication to learn. Carson’s seats are of an incredibly high quality and are made to order and available directly off his website.

He recently got in touch and sent over some photos of his latest masterpieces. Click through to check out some of the best custom leatherwork BMX has ever seen.  Continue reading

Product Focus – Federal Spring 2014


Ever since the very birth of the brand, the guys at Federal Bikes always manage to refine their product range with every season. From subtle colour changes, all the way through to brand new signature products, Federal never seem to disappoint when it comes to releasing a new season of products. This week the guys in Hastings are showing off their Spring/Summer drop of Frames and Parts which will be available worldwide at the beginning of next month including Stevie Churchill’s signature Bar.

Click through for exclusive first look at what is new for this season…  Continue reading

Exclusive – Kink Stealth Pivotal Seats

Kink Stealth System with 5mm Allen

Our friends at Kink Bikes just hit us up with an exclusive first look at their new Stealth Pivotal Seat system which they have been working on for a few years now.

I first saw the idea when they had it on show at Interbike two years ago and was intrigued as to how it works. With the pivotal bolt tightening from directly under the seatpost, it removes the need for a slit on the top of the seat giving it a much cleaner look. Matt from Kink got in touch and explained their new take on the Pivotal system.

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The Union Products: Vol. 96


Getting close to the centenary edition now…. Kurt over at The Union shows us through the following components for the 96th ‘Products‘ section; the BTR cassette hub from The Shadow Conspiracy, the Stratos top load stem from Stolen Bikes, the Knox guard sprocket from Sunday, the Badge pivotal seat from Madera and finally Chase DeHart’s signature Butter frame from Cult.  Go on, go and have a good ol’ drool.

Spotted – Federal Tripod Seat


I spotted this gem at weekend on the one and only Mad Jon‘s new ride. He was riding a sample of Federal‘s entry into the Tripod Seat market. Using the new updated Tripod seat base that a lot of brands are starting to use now, this seat will be available wordlwide this Summer. Just as I was about to post this, Stu from Seventies hit me up with some more info on what the production version will look like.

“At the moment it looks as if it’s going to be available in Camo (with Black embroidery) and Black with White embroidery. So in short; not the sample Royal version seen here. Both of these seats will be available late July/early August.”

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Spotted – Stress Camo UBS Seat


Russian brand Stress just posted up some photos of their new UBS Camo pivotal seat which will be available this Summer. Let’s be honest who doesn’t love camo these days? This thing uses a nice and fat piovtal base with a tough camo upper with Kevlar on the front and rear to prevent any tears or damage your seat may suffer when things get loose…

Get a closer a look after the jump…

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Custom Cult X Native Leather Seats

Is a cow’s ass beef? Not necessarily… Native Bike‘s James Covington has certainly been busy, he recently came through with these absolutely beautiful custom/limited edition, real leather ‘Dak’ and ‘Dehart’ seats for Cult which are now available through Cult’s Online Store while stocks last.  I think to say these will go quickly is a huge understatement…


Spotted – Demolition Dennis Enarson Parts

Bike Check: Dennis Enarson

Dennis Enarson has a bike check up on Ride BMX where you will spot a few new prototype signature parts he has in the works with Demolition Parts. The Rig Bars will be available in both 9″ and 9.25″ along with the Rig Cranks which use a 24mm Spindle and a squre ratchet to tighten them up which is pretty rad. Along with that Dennis’ signature Markit Tripod Seat will also be available which uses the new larger base and padding. Look forward to see all of this in March.

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Shadow Conspiracy Lahsaan Kobza Seat


If you’re going for that bohemian/’which-way-to-the-farmers-market?’ look on your bike (I know I am…), then feast your vegetarian peepers on this little beauty.

Here’s a sneak preview of Shadow Conspiracy‘s Lahsaan Kobza signature pivotal ‘Penumbra‘ seat as seen on Shadow’s website. This seat features a 4 panel constructed cover made of USA sourced canvas material, hollow pivotal bolt and mid-sized padding, all weighing in at 11.8 ounces (that’s about 334 grams to the rest of us)  This seat looks like it’ll be on bike shop shelves by this summer so keep an eye out. Until then, smelling perpetually of Nag Champa will have to do….


Eclat Unify Seat Combo

Another great promo video from the guys at Eclat. This time it’s for their Unify seat/post combo, which is available now in Slim or Fat padding and a heap of colors including Camo which is hot shit right now.

“The Unify seat is really the simplest form of seating you could hope for, with no hassle adjusting angles and offset, just drop it in and off you go. An alloy inner core provides strength then has the plastic injected around it to form an incredibly strong one piece post and seat base. The Unify is beautiful in its simplicity and is available in two options, slim and thick padded with durable hard wearing top covers.

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