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Animal Bikes 2015 Sneak Peek


A few months ago, I got the privilege to go visit the Animal Bikes warehouse on a dealer’s night and see what the guys were cooking up for the upcoming year. Between a huge jam that was going out on in the parking lot, sitting down to talk about upcoming parts and apparel, and all the free pizza and beer you could possibly drink, the hours flew by.

Luckily, I was able to get some pictures of parts that’ll dropping soon, along with some more info on what went into making them a reality. With that being said, let’s get started on this. Click through for more…

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BSD Grey Colourway


Now this is more like it… far from everybody’s little brother’s garish rasta/oil-slick paint jobs, BSD Forever have just released this awesomely understated grey colourway for the Donnasqueak tyres, Reed Stark’s Safari pedals, the Forever grips and Kriss Kyle’s Passenger seat.  Hit up your local BSD dealer and get them to order a set of these in for you.

Product Focus – Federal Spring 2014


Ever since the very birth of the brand, the guys at Federal Bikes always manage to refine their product range with every season. From subtle colour changes, all the way through to brand new signature products, Federal never seem to disappoint when it comes to releasing a new season of products. This week the guys in Hastings are showing off their Spring/Summer drop of Frames and Parts which will be available worldwide at the beginning of next month including Stevie Churchill’s signature Bar.

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Subrosa Spring 2014 Products Print Ad


Hit the pic for a  close up of the photo and try not to dribble, here’s Subrosa‘s spring 2014 product line in its entirety on this print ad found in Dan’s Comp’s latest catalogue.  All these bits ‘n’ bobs are being shipped worldwide as I type (with one hand) and will be with your local Subrosa dealer or mail order any day now.  Watch this space for more info as it comes…. and somebody please get me one of those cool-ass rucksacks.

United Spring 2014 Products


More good stuff from United.  This time it’s the spring 2014 range of ‘Supreme‘ parts (of which are designed to be more affordable than some of United’s other aftermarket parts) that gets a look-in, the most notable parts are the Supreme cassette hubs which come with either male or female heat treated chromoly axles, sealed bearings and LHD/RHD driver switchability as standard.  Can’t argue with that.

Hit this link for some more photos of these hubs and more from the Supreme range including bars, seats, cranks and complete wheels, or through for all of United’s up-range stuff including all your favourite rasta and oil slick colourways…

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Profile Racing – Military Green Colorway Out Now


Need something army-esq yet understated to match your new ‘you-can’t-see-me’ (camouflage) colour scheme?  Profile Racing are bringing out this cool military green colourway for their Mini hubs, Elite hubs, Mark Mulville’s signature Push stem in both 48mm and 53mm, Spline-Drive Sprockets (19mm spindle size) in 25 and 28 tooth and finally the Galaxy Spline-Drive Sprockets (22mm spindle) also in 25 and 28 tooth sizes.

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