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Spotted – Alienation Alloy Freecoaster Internals


Alienation are prototyping an alloy drive and clutch to fit their Freecoaster hub. According to them, this will drastically reduce the weight;

The standard freecoaster cone and driver weigh 135 grams. This alloy one weighs in at 66. Currently testing.

I’m sure the guys have done their research on this one, but who really wants an alloy driver? I know Demolition used an alloy driver in the past and it wore down faster than raw skin on tarmac. And then with the clutch, why use a softer material on a hub that suffers an incredible amount of lateral stress? I guess we’re just going to have to wait and see how this one pans out…


Available now – Primo Plastic Hub Guards


Primo‘s new snap-on plastic hub guards are available now. These nylon hub guards are designed to be run with the Re-Mix Cassette and the Freemix Freecoaster Hubs. Available in both drive and non-drive side options, they come with a special cone-nut which replaces the already installed cone-nuts and enables you to run dual hub guards without having to spread your dopouts.

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Demolition Rolls Hub – How-To Switch LHD/RHD

Here is a quick video to explain how you can convert the Demolition Rolls hub from right side drive to left side drive. Check out this video and get a step by step look at how it’s done. This how to is actually helpful to anyone who uses an SDS style hub, so will work for the Eclat Pulse, Subrosa Posi-trac, Cinema VX2 and a fair few others.

“This Rolls hub how-to walks you through taking apart the hub and how to switch between LHD and RHD with the Switch Drive System (SDS) driver.“

Spotted – Total BMX Hubs


Everyone makes hub nowadays, and now it looks like Total BMX are working on their own. Posted earlier today on their Facebook page is a sneak peek at the front and rear female hubs which will be available in Black, Polished and Purple.

They also say that they are working on what they call the “Loud Hub“, which was a prototype 28h Cassette Hub that Mark Webb had on his bike a few years back but never seemed to make production. Interested to see what comes from that…

Click through to see a photo of the matching front hub. 

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Aaron Ross Bike Check

Sunday just posted up a bike check with technical street wizard and social media fiend Aaron Ross. Aaron is riding his new signature Motoross Frame which will be available from Sunday dealers worldwide at the end of the month.

If you look closely you will also notice he is running the prototype Odyssey Freecoaster we spotted a while back. I’m looking forward to finding out more about that one…




Fernando Laczko is United‘s new Spanish street recruit. They have a bike check with him up on their site showing off a few prototype parts they have coming out later this year inlcusing a Digi-Camo seat, Grey 2.4″ Direct Tires, Alex V Pedals and the solid sprocket we’ve seen pop up here and there. There is also mention of a Untied cassette/freecoaster switchable hub which I’d expect is based off the Ezra model that a lot of brands are using now.

You can check out Fernado’s bike in full HERE.

88 Bike Co Freecoaster Instagram Giveaway



The guys at 88 Bike Co hit us up with the first look at their new Freecoaster Hub which just dropped. Eight Eight is run out of Seventies distro in the UK so it only makes sense that this hub is based on the super popular Federal Freecoaster and uses the proven KHE internals that most freecoasters are using right now. The best part about this hub is the price. After bringing the Freecoaster to the masses with their Federal coaster over 7 years ago, Seventies are continuing the idea with the 88 Hub. Much like the bikes, the 88 Bike Co Freecoaster was designed to be functional yet cost-effective and retails for the wallet friendly price of £99.99, making it the most affordable freecoaster out right now.


The same coaster will be available later this year both on their street-ready £350 Psycho complete bike, and as a complete wheel build for a sub £200 price tag. This makes it perfect for the growing amount of riders who are wanting to try out a coaster but don’t have a massive budget to invest. The hubs are available now from Seventies distro in the UK and are only available in LHD for now, but RHD versions and complete wheels are expect later this year. Stu Dawkins from Seventies hit us up with a bit more about this new price-point freecoaster;

“The new 88 LHD freecoaster has been designed with KHE internals to create a technically advanced hub at an entry level price. This is the perfect price point hub for either the pro rider or someone just trying a freecoaster for the first time. The tried and tested KHE internals insure that this hub won’t let you down!”

GIVEAWAY – Want to win an 88 Bike Co Freecoaster? We have teamed up with 88 Bike Co and have ONE of these LHD Freecoaster Hubs to give away! All you have to do is the following;

1. Follow @themerged on Instagram.
2. Follow @seventiesdistro on Instagram
3. Re-post this photo on Instagram with #88freecoastergiveaway in the description.

The winner will be picked next week on Thursday the 3rd of April. Good luck!!

Stress BMX Disco Hub


We’ve had a few sneak peek’s at the new Disco hubs from Russian brand Stress, but here is a closer look at the rear cassette which uses 14mm female bolts into a super large 17mm axle much like the BSD Backstreet Pro, Odyssey Antigram and a few select others. The Disco Hub will be available later this year in either Black, Polished or Oil Slick with a matching front version available at the same time.

Through to see more pictures of the Hub, as well as a neat video showing the Disco in full effect…
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Profile 14mm Elite Hubs Out Now


Profile‘s Elite Hubs have proved super popular since their release last year, and now the guys in Florida have added in a whole bunch of new options for those of you who want your bike to sound like a swarm of bees.

The Elite hub is CNC machined in Florida out of aluminum and features a ratchet ring with a one-piece chromoly 9 or 10 tooth driver with 6 pawls creating 204 points of engagement and 5 sealed bearings to keep you rolling smooth. The option of running a 14mm male axle for those of you who want to run the hub, but would also like to grind without the fear of wrecking the female axles.

You can find out more about these hubs by clicking here or you can have your local shop hit up Profile Racing directly to get you one ordered in today.

Tree Woodgrain Parts


After going on about how much I love woodgrain parts  a few months back, it’s awesome to see that the guys at Tree are doing another run of their components in a wood finish wrap.

Tree Woodgrain finish is going to be available for all our parts this summer! Handlebars, stems, sprockets, sprocket guards, hubs, headset caps, headsets, seat post, pegs, forks, and barends.

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Magnetic Drive Hubs


This is rad. Working within the bike industry I’ve always got my eye out for upcoming technology from outside BMX, and lets face it, huge brands like Specialized have a hell of a lot more revenue to spend on R&D than say Odyssey so some pretty wild ideas get tried out. It looks like hub manufacturer DT Swiss along with component brand Spank are working on a mountain bike hub that uses magnets to engage the drive a opposed to the standard pawl/spring setup.

You can check out the full article HERE.

Pretty interesting concept and I’d love to see how this would work in person. Pretty sure there is some way you could get that setup to work as a freecoaster maybe?…

United Spring 2014 Products


More good stuff from United.  This time it’s the spring 2014 range of ‘Supreme‘ parts (of which are designed to be more affordable than some of United’s other aftermarket parts) that gets a look-in, the most notable parts are the Supreme cassette hubs which come with either male or female heat treated chromoly axles, sealed bearings and LHD/RHD driver switchability as standard.  Can’t argue with that.

Hit this link for some more photos of these hubs and more from the Supreme range including bars, seats, cranks and complete wheels, or through for all of United’s up-range stuff including all your favourite rasta and oil slick colourways…

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The Union Products: Vol. 96


Getting close to the centenary edition now…. Kurt over at The Union shows us through the following components for the 96th ‘Products‘ section; the BTR cassette hub from The Shadow Conspiracy, the Stratos top load stem from Stolen Bikes, the Knox guard sprocket from Sunday, the Badge pivotal seat from Madera and finally Chase DeHart’s signature Butter frame from Cult.  Go on, go and have a good ol’ drool.