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Stranger Switchable Cassette/ Freecoaster


The next coaster related news of the day comes from Stranger who posted this snap of their soon-to-be-released switchable freecoaster/cassette hub.  From the name we can tell this is going to adopt the newer and lighter retention ring system (used by Kink, Vocal, etc) rather than KHE licenced internals.  More info and mysterious instagram snaps as they come.

Wethepeople Helix Frecoaster


Wethepeople have been busy bees recently and the fruits of their labour are starting to come to… erm…. fruition.  Here we have a sneak preview of the yet-to-be-released Helix freecoaster hub (yeah that’s right kids, oil slick hub shell…) as seen on their Facebook page;

We took the tried and tested features from the best freecoasters to date and then developed our very own patented clutch retention system making this thing the most durable and reliable freecoaster of it’s kind. Paired up with our new freecoaster hub guards, the Helix hub will take you backwards in style and hold up to any peg abuse that comes it’s way.’

Being a purist at heart, you’re unlikely to see me trading in my cassette for a freecoaster but if any coaster could sway me into riding backwards on the regular, I think it might be this one…. as long as it comes in black.  No solid word on when this hub will hit the shops for Joe Public to buy but word on the streets says it’ll be soon.  Watch this space.

The Union- Products: Vol. 113


For the 113th week running Kurt from The Union brings you a look into 5 popular components of which you could do worse than running on your own bike.  This week we get a glimpse at the new Raptor freecoaster from The Shadow Conspiracy, the limited edition French flag colourway Mini and Elite hubs from Profile Racing, the Octave fork from Sunday Bikes, the plastic Butter pegs from Cult, then we will wrap things up with the bearingless Senec plastic pedals from Kink.  Head over to The Union for more on these great parts.

Shadow Raptor Freecoaster Available Now



The Shadow Raptor freecoaster hub is now available! Shadow have taken the traditional KHE style hub and put their own spin on it with a needle bearing driver and a new set of cone nuts. Go hit up your local shadow dealer today and start going backwards!

“We’ve taken the best features of the KHE internals and put them into one hub, along with some updated features that we feel will make it more durable and run with less resistance as well as have a consistent engagement – – Raptor CNC 6061 alloy hub shell – 14mm solid cro-mo male axle with 8mm hex broach – Cro-mo cones and inserts for durability – 9T 1pc CNC cro-mo driver with needle and cartridge bearings – Angular Contact Bearing and oversized cartridge in hub shell – Thrust bearing behind the clutch reduces drag during rollbacks” – 36H left or right drive – Weight: 23.2 oz. – Colors: black, raw polish

The Union- Products: Vol. 112


I think it was raining cats and dogs last time I posted a Products feature from The Union too so it’s definitely long overdue…. I’m such a slacker.  This week Kurt has a closer look at Kyle Hart signature 4- piece Party bars from Subrosa, the City front hub from The Daily Grind, the brand spanking new Corvus rim from The Shadow ConspiracyMadera‘s Producer sunglasses and finally the Fly Bikes Manual brake lever.  Head over to The Union for the full story on all these products.

Profile Hub Guard Guide.


When I was younger putting pegs on your Profile hubs was seen as pure heresy but times have certainly changed in favour of you rail slayers out there.  To help clear up and avoid any confusion with the compatibility of Profile Racing‘s many hub guards, they released to following Q&A to help you determine what hub guard is right for you and your shiney new Profile or Madera hubs;  Continue reading

Profile Orange/ Blue Splatter Colourway Hubs





If you woke up this morning and thought to yourself ‘I wanna roll on what looks very much like slimmed-down cans of Lucozade Sport on LSD’ then Profile Racing are your guys.  This extremely limited edition blue/orange splatter colourway is available on LHD and RHD Mini hubs and RHD Elite hubs for the more extravagant of you out there.  Get in touch with your local bike shop or contact Profile directly through their webstore to snap a set of these trippy-ass hubs up.

Profile Elite 14mm Titanium Axles


Is that Elite Hub of yours just a bit too low-fi for you?  Want some bike bling or just need to shave off a few ounces to get that ankle-murdering flyout-tailwhip around quicker?  Profile Racing have just released this 6AL4V titanium axle to go with the already tricked out Profile Elite hub, get yours right here at the Profile Racing Webstore or get your local shop to get at them.

Spotted – Eclat Blind Hub


Probably one of the most anticipated BMX products for the last 6 years, and also the product with the most “spotted” posts on the site, Shane Weston’s Eclat Blind Hub is FINALLY due for release this Summer, so what you here is the final production sample.

The Hub will be RHD/LHD switchable as well as both male and female axle options available depending on your preference. The Blind hub also has some cool unique features you probably wont be expecting, but we’ll leave the explaining up to the guys at Eclat closer to the release date…

Spotted – Animal Freecoaster


After speaking to Jay Dyer at Interbike he said Animal were working on a Freecoaster so I was stoked to see this photo of the prototypes that Jared Washington is testing out. Looks like a similar KHE style clutch system that many are using nowadays but I’m sure there is some Animal magic inside there somewhere. Looking forward to hearing more on these…

Rasta Cult Hubs


Its seems like Cult arent done with Rasta just yet. After posting a sneak peek of AK’s signature grips in the Rasta colors yesterday, here we have a sneak peek of the new Match V2 Cassette hub which features the same Primo Mix internals, a nice tapered hub shell, smaller non drive flange and will be available later this year in Black, Raw and Rasta.

The V2 Hubs will be available in May as well as the Match Front and Freecoasters Hubs which you can check out in Rasta HERE >  Continue reading