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Spotted – Sunday Radocaster Frame


Bikeguide is stoked, Sunday have a new frame in the works. Seen here is a sample, trans red, 20.5″ TT Sunday Radocaster frame is shipping out to AM rider Sharrif for testing. The Radocaster has a 75 HT, 71 ST, 11.5″ BB and 13.25″ chainstays. The frame will be available in 20.5 or 20.75″ tob tubes and features a much taller, 9″ standover height. Expect the Radocaster to be available later this year.

Pedal Driven Cycles- The Slab Frame


The Union posted this Product feature on their site where they take a look at the latest Hand-crafted U.S. built frame from ex-FBM frame builder, Dave Harrison at Pedal Driven.   He’s designed and built a street orientated frame dubbed The Slab of which has apparently been in the works for quite some time. The Slab comes with a snappy 75-degree head tube angle, classic 71-degree seat tube angle, a 11.625″ bottom bracket height, 9″ standover height and a chain stay length of 13.375″. This frame also features raised chain stays for extra grind clearance, head tube gussets on the top and down tubes, wider stays for 2.4″ tyres and 3/16″ heat-treated dropouts. Hit up the Pedal Driven website to find out more.


FBM Hard Way Frame Promo

The Hard Way from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

Anyone who’s been riding for a while knows that FBM are at the forefront of in-house production in BMX and for good reason as this video portrays perfectly.  In the above edit we get a closer look at the processes involved in making of the new FBM Hard Way frame and the finesse and skill with which the team ride it;

“This video shows how The FBM Hard Way is made, and how it’s ridden.
Starring Dylan Cole, Jonny Corts, Neil Hise, Latane Coghill and Eric Holladay.
Filmed by Latane Coghill and Steve Crandall.
Edited by Steve Crandall”

Spotted – Fit Dan Conway Savage Line


Looks like Fitbikeco are rewarding East Coast shredder Dan Conway with his very own signature frame, bar and grips. The “Savage” line will be out later this year, and whilst we dont have any specs yet, I’m thinking those bars are for sure on the +9.5″ side and that head tube s looking mighty steep…

Update: We have a second sneak peak of Dan Conway’s new Savage frame thanks to Jared Swafford who is also riding a prototype. The frame has a 13.25″ slammed rear end with a 75.5 degree head tube angle, and it’ll come in bunch of sizes including a manly 21.5 top tube size.

Check out Jared’s bike HERE… Continue reading

Exclusive – Wethepeople Sterling Frame & Fork Test

The observant of you will have noticed a few changes with The Merged recently. Namely our shiny new logo as well as a few minor cosmetic changes to the site. With all these changes, we got thinking. As fun as it posting content from all the awesome brands we get to work with, we decided that it was time for us to up the amount of original content we produce and start doing our own series of web edits dedicated to testing out some of the new products we get sent, and seeing how they perform once built up.

What you see above is the first in a series of exclusive product tests here on The Merged in collaboration with our regular contributor Yakob Swyer, our new filmer/editor and art director Sam White and the rest of the team. So for the first test, the good folks over at Wethepeople hooked us up with a beautifully slick Pete Sawyer signature Sterling frame and fork combo in Chrome to test out on the mean streets of *eh-hem* Surrey and Sussex… and we were only too happy to oblige. We’re super stoked on the end result and cant wait to start working on the next one! We hope you enjoy it!

Click through to see the full test… Continue reading

Ryan Taylor’s “Taylor Made” Prototype


Amateur champion UFC star Ryan Taylor just posted up a sneak peek of his new brand “Taylor Made”. Ryan parted ways with his previous sponsor Hyper earlier this year and had hinted at starting his own brand. Spotted here on his Instagram page is a sneak peek at his first prototype which looks to use KHE’s new Affix rotor which you can find out more on HERE.

FBM Hard Way Frame


The fine old boys at FBM have a new frame in the works, and this one is designed for the streets. The Hard Way frame is nippy and responsive, and best of all this thing is built at home in New York, USA.

TT sizes: 20.25, 20.5, 20.75, 21, 21.25
HT angle 75.5
BB height 11.875″
Standover 8.75″
ST angle 71
Rear end 13.2 slammed

The Set Zeitgeist Frame


The Set give us a look at Alex Jo…. I mean, Callan Stibbards’ signature Zeitgeist frame that will be out in a fortnight in Australia, New Zealand and the majority of Europe.  The U.S. and rest of the world will get them shortly after.  This frame features a super steep 75.5 degree head tube angle, a tiny 13.125″ chain stay length, a nice and low 11.5″ B.B. height, 8.25″ stand-over height and is available in 20.85″ and 21″ top tube lengths with either gloss black or satin(matte) black paint. You can check out more photos of the Zeitgeist here on The Set’s website.  While the measurements sound spot-on in my book, I still don’t see any head tube gussets from The Set….


Spotted – S&M Crumlish/Passero Frame


After being added to the infamous S&M pro team earlier this year, it looks like Charlie Crumlish are getting a joint signature frame from the boys in Santa Ana. Spotted here on Craig’s instagram page is a sneak peek at the prototypes they are running at the moment. No words on specs just yet, but it will be coming in a longer 21.5″ option as per Crumlish’s request for the taller riders.


Expect to see these in production later this Summer as well as Charlie’s much anticipated 4pc FUBAR. ‘I’m loving the BMXFU face on the back…

The Set Kym Grosser Dirty Deeds Frame


The Union just popped up with this sneak peak of Kym Grosser’s The Set Dirty Deeds frame that’s due out in the next month.  It looks like it’s got all the bells and whistles including a seat clamp integrated into the top tube, removable brake/gyro hardware and even a cool little logo engraved into the bottom bracket (no sign of any external head tube gussets mind you…)


4130 Sanko chromoly tubing
75 degree head tube angle
71 degree seat tube angle
11.5″ bottom bracket height
8.25″ stand over height
13.75″ (13.50″ slammed) chain stay length
20.75″ and 21″ top tube lengths

Head over to The Union for more in-depth info and a load more close up photos.