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Flybikes 2016 Fuego Frame And Bars


Devon Smillie’s signature Flybikes Fuego frame underwent a few significant tweaks for 2016, the most notable being the addition of external head tube gussets as well as the existing internal ones that Fly utilises and the shift from Fly’s proprietary Spanish BB to a larger Mid;

For 2016, Devon wanted to make a few changes to his Fuego frame. The first thing you will notice is that we’ve added external gussets. These gussets are an addition to the internal integrated gussets we already utilize on the frame, making for an extremely strong front end. Next, we’ve raised the seat tube height a half inch to 9.25″ and shortened the back end to 13.35″ making for a strong frame that’s built to take on the streets.  We have also added an additional top tube length for those of you who are looking for a smaller frame. This year, the Fuego will be available in 21″ and 20.5″ top tube lengths. We have also switched to a Mid bottom bracket to accommodate our new 24mm Dolmen cranks, the spindle size was too large for Spainish bearings, and our traditional Dylan removable brake mounts for a clean looking frame for brakeless riders.

FUEGO_insta_1 (1)

Top tube: 20.5” / 21”
Head tube angle: 75.5º
Seat tube angle: 71º
BB height: 11.75”
Stand over: 9.25”
Chain stay length: 13.35”
Weight: 2.531 kg. / 5.57lb. (21″)
Colours: semi-translucent brown, flat grey, trans black.


The Fuego bars are also now available in a higher 9.5 inch rise for those of you on the tall side.  The Fuego bars and frame are out now in some countries with others following close behind, get your local shop to grab a set if they are your bag.

Rise: 9”  or 9.5”
Width: 29”
Back-sweep: 10º
Up-sweep: 3º
Weight: 796g / 1.75 lbs. (9″)
Colours: semi-translucent brown or trans black

S&M Dagger Frame


Back in September, Kurt at the Union gave us this brief look at the new S&M park-specific frame, dubbed The Dagger, that they had on display at the Interbike trade show.  While information on it is limited right now, what we do know is that it has double headtube gussets, removable seat stay brake lugs, an integrated seat clamp and is going to be made in small batches; sold with a pair of the responsive 26mm offset Widemouth forks.


As well as the forks being very manoeuvrable, the frame itself is something of a nipper with it’s tight headtube angle, short rear end and low bottom bracket, all making this frame as responsive as possible.  No word on available top tube lengths as of yet but with only two weeks until it’s released, we won’t be waiting long.

75.75 degree head tube angle
71 degree seat tube angle
11.6″ bottom bracket height
7.25″ seat tube height
12.8″ to 13.2″ chain stay length

If it looks like your cup of tea, hit up your local bike shop and get them to pre-order one for you ahead of it’s release date.

FitBikeCo Benny L V2 Frame


The guys over at Dig have a great first look at the new V2 FitBikeCo Benny L frame and an exclusive interview with UK street hero Ben Lewis on how it differs from the first incarnation, the shift from US to Taiwanese manufacturing and it’s general snappy and responsive nature;

Sizes: 20.5″, 20.75″, 21″, 21.25″
Rear end length: 12.8″-13.1″
Head tube angle: 75.5°
Seat tube angle: 69°
BB Height: 11.7″
Standover: 8.25″
Dropouts: 14mm 4Q Baked
Seatpost size: 25.4mm
Weight: (S) 20” – 5.08 lb (2.3 kg) , (M) 20.5” – 5.1 lb (2.31 kg) , (L) 20.75” – 5.13 lb (2.33 kg) , (XL) 21” – 5.15 lb (2.34 kg)

It’s a good read so head over to Dig to read the whole thing, then get onto your local shop to order you a V2 Benny L as it is out now.

FBM Bike Co Prototype Street Frame


FBM are currently testing out a new unnamed street frame they have in the works and in our opinion, it looks built to take it.  Details like double headtube gussets and a traditional slotted seat post as well as the OG frame decals are great additions to this nippy little beast.  Boasting a steep 75.25 headtube angle, 9.125 stand over, 13.625 rear end, low 11.625 BB height and steeper a 72 degree seat tube, this frame is built to move.


Head over to FBM’s website for more photos.


Lairdframe Promo Video

It’s no secret that lately Mike Laird has been killing it just as much in his frame fabrication as he ever did during his pro riding career but the promotional video above gives us a good insight into just why his frames are so special.  We’ll let Mike do the talking but it’s great to see such attention to welds, as the saying goes; a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link.


Volume Bikes Ltd Edition Mint Chip Bermuda Frames


Ever wanted a frame that looks like a Stone Roses album cover? Me too. Volume Bikes have released a super small run of 40 Bermuda V2 frames in this Mint Chip colourway (20 in 20.75″, 20 in 21″) so better get onto your local bike shop and reserve yours quick.



Top Tube: 20.75″ & 21″
Chainstay: 13.5″-14″
BB height: 11.7″
Seat Tube height: 9″
Head Tube Angle: 75°
Seat Tube Angle: 71°
Seat Post: 25.4
Headtube: Integrated (45°X45° Campy Spec)
Brake Mounts: Removable Seatstay Mounts
Dropouts: Heat Treated, 7mm thick Investment casted. Now clears hub guards and pegs of all sizes. 14mm slots
Gyro Tabs: Thread-On
Weight: 5 lbs 1 oz
Colors: Flat Black, Limited Edition A. Raban Penny, & Limited Edition D. Hosselton Electric Blue

Federal DLX Dan Lacey 10-Year Anniversary Frame


For 2015 Federal Bikes have redesigned Dan Lacey’s signature frame to mark his 10-years on Federal and to say it’s the best looking one so far would be an understatement.  Dubbed the Federal DLX, they’ve plied it with a load of tidy additions like an investment cast seat clamp and super clean 6.5mm investment cast dropouts with built-in adjusters to stop your axles slipping inward during icepicks.  The standover height has increased to a whole 9 inches as opposed to 8.8″ from the year before and it’s topped off with more style than you can shake a doobie stick at in this regal translucent-gold colour.

Top Tube 20.5″, 20.75″, or 21″
Head Tube 75.5°
Seat Tube 71°
Chain Stays 13.75″ Slammed
Stand Over 9″
BB Height 11.8″
Weight 5.3lbs
Colours Matt Black or Clear Gold


Pop over to Federal Bikes’ site for more close-ups of this great addition to their frame line up.

Fitbikeco HartBreaker Frame


Trail killer Chris Harti has been blessed with a brand new USA made signature frame dubbed The Hartbreaker from Fitbikeco and it’s looking a little different from the usual cookie-cutter type frames.  With a traditional, trail inspired design, Fit have opted for features little seen on frames these days like chain stay welded on AD990 mounts, welded down tube cable guides as well as seat tube cable routing and a lack of an integrated seat clamp; something I have personally missed.
Geometry wise, this thing is long and super stable with a 74.5 degree head angle, a slammed 13.8 inch rear end and probably the lowest bottom bracket height available since the Hoffman Bama frame at 11.35 inches; perfect for keeping steady at high speeds.


This thing is ‘built like an ox’ for the trails with Supertherm 4130, wide tyre clearance, double head tube gussets and is available now from all good Fitbikeco dealers.

Top tube sizes: 21″, 21.125″, 21.5″
Chain stay length: 13.8″-14.5″
Head tube angle: 74.5°
Seat tube angle: 71°
Bottom bracket height: 11.35″
Stand over height: 9.15″
Integrated head set
Mid bottom bracket
14mm dropouts, 3/16″ Thick, 4Q Baked
Chain stay Welded 990s
Traditional Slotted seat tube
Seat post size: 25.4mm
Colours: gloss black and clear
21” – 5.18 lb (2.35 kg)
21.125” – 5.235 lb (2.37 kg)
21.5” – 5.3 lb (2.4 kg)

Subrosa Scott Ditchburn Thunderbeast 2 Frame


Spotted on this Scott Ditchburn bike check via The Shadow Conspiracy‘s website, here is a sneak peek at Scott’s newest prototype of his Subrosa Thunderbeast 2 signature frame. No info on exactly what has been revised since the original was released but it sure looks pretty in this dark red.  Watch this space for more info as it comes.