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Spotted: GT Four-Piece Bars


Originally posted over at The Union, here we can see a cheeky glimpse at GT‘s prototype-remakes of their classic 4-piece bars of which Animal’s discontinued Bob Scerbo bars were based upon.  There’s no information on release dates, sizes or specs as of yet (other than they’ll come in black and chrome…) but here’s to hoping they stay true to the originals.

Spotted: The Make 4-Piece Bars

the make

At first glance, these look like some Bob bars from the guys at Animal. Then you realize that it’s The Make whose behind it, and suddenly you’re a bit confused. We actually have no info on this set of bars, so you’ll need to stay tuned to see what they’re up to, and you can do that on their site.

Volume Broc Raiford Captain Bars


Volume Bikes‘ Broc Raiford signature line of nautically themed parts looks to be growing with the addition of the Captain bars, of which are out in 9.25″ rise next month with 9″ versions coming out shortly after.  Check out the specs below;

Rise: 9” or 9.25”
Width: 28.5”
Backsweep: 10°
Upsweep: 2°
Crossbar height: 6.75”
Crossbar width: 11.3”
Weight: 33.5 oz
Colours: Flat black, black/white splatter and chrome

Volume Bikes 9″ Maddog Bars



I’ve been really feeling these 4-piece bars that have been popping up all over the place. It seems like every other brand has a set of them, in all sorts of heights and widths. It is really refreshing though to see a set of 4-piece bars with a different look to them, and because of that, i congratulate you Volume bikes. Eric Balman posted these up on IG, saying that they’re sample 9″ Maddog bars from Volume. If you are old enough to remember, Brian Castillo had a signature pair from Volume years ago, although they were a lot smaller. If you’re waiting on these to drop, stay tuned to the Volume bikes website for more info.

Wethepeople Sterling 4 Piece Bars



These are the latest incarnation of Pete Sawyer’s popular Sterling bars from Wethepeople as seen on Facebook and this time he’s opted for a 4 piece construction.  The smoothed end caps on the bottom of the bar are an interesting touch. These look to be hitting shops later on this year and will feature updated geometry of 1 degree extra upsweep and an extra 0.3″ rise from the 2 piece version.

9.5″ rise
29″ width
4 degrees upsweep
11 degrees of backsweep

Stranger Brooks Bar

Brooks Bars

Stranger is dropping a new set of bars, dubbed the Brooks Bars, after the one and only Gabe Brooks. Available in 9”, 9.5”, and 10” inch rises, these’ll work for just about anyone. They all come with a medium 28” wdith, and are finished off with 4 degrees of up-sweep, and 11 degrees of back-sweep. The heights will accommodate just about anyone, the width will keep the bars spinning, and the up-sweep and back-sweep will make sure your wrists feel good. They look perfect. The Brooks Bars will be available soon, so be sure to check out the Stranger website for any more info.

Kink Rex Bars


The guys at Kink have added the new Rex bar to their already booming handlebar range.  These 13 butted, post weld heat treated chromo steering wings feature a lofty 9.5 inch rise, 29.5 inch width for even the lankiest of riders as well as a 12 degree backsweep, 1 degree upsweep and a very reasonable weight of 29 oz.  Ticks all my boxes.  Hit up your local Kink dealer or mailorder to get hold of these bike bananas.

9 Inch FU-Bars from S&M


You wouldn’t know this, but I’m a tall guy. As in, I-ride-10-inch-bars-because-I-need-to tall. So when S&M dropped the Charlie FU-Bars in 10”, you know I was stoked that a 4-piece bar was made with the proper dimensions of people my height. Sadly, a lot of you will never, ever need a 10” bar, so S&M decided to be nice and produce some 9” FU-Bars for all of you below-giant height people. Go check out the S&M website and stay tuned for release dates soon.

Kink Rex Bar


Kink Bikes have a huge list of bar sizes and have now introduced the new Rex Bar which is super big at 9.5″ high and 29.5″ wide. Available now in Black, Chrome and Raw. Look’s like Kink now has a bar to fit everyone!

Weight: 29.0oz
Colors: Black ED, Chrome, Raw
Rise: 9.5”
Width: 29.5”
Backsweep: 12°
Upsweep: 1°
13-Butted 4130 Chromoly Steel TruTherm Post Weld Heat Treated

Odyssey Highway and Boss Bars


Odyssey have released their new taller Highway and Aaron Ross signature Boss bars. The Highway bar is made from multi-butted 41-Thermal heat-treated 4130 chromoly with a 9.5″ rise, 29″ width, 12-degrees of backsweep and 1-degree of upsweep. The Highway bars are available in black and chrome.

The Aaron Ross signature Boss bars are made from multi-butted 41-Thermal heat treated 4130 chromoly with a 9.125″ rise, 29″ width, 12-degrees of backsweep
and 2-degrees of upsweep. The Boss bars are available in black and chrome as well.