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Stranger Thrash Bars


I’ve got a soft spot for four piece bars so I’m pretty stoked to see that Stranger’s infamous Thrash bars are now available (again) in both 8.8″ and the larger 9.2″ rises. Got hit up your local Stranger dealer today and get them to order you in a set.

• Available in 8.8” or 9.2”
• 11 degree Back sweep and 1 degree Up sweep
• Black or Phosphate raw

The Union- Insight: Nowear Candybars


I’m sure Pepi Winder (R.I.P) would have had a go on a set of these; The Union just posted an Insight feature on these wild looking bars from Karl Hinkley’s brand ‘Nowear‘ dubbed the Candybars.  You’d be forgiven for thinking these were flatland specific, infact they’re suitable for ramp and street use and are handmade in the U.S. by Standard Byke Co…. ’nuff said really. They come in 8.5″ or 9″ rise, both of which come with a modest width of 28″, 10-degrees of backsweep and 2-degrees of upsweep. Head over to The Union for the full scoop and how to get a set if you’re into them.


Product Focus – Federal Spring 2014


Ever since the very birth of the brand, the guys at Federal Bikes always manage to refine their product range with every season. From subtle colour changes, all the way through to brand new signature products, Federal never seem to disappoint when it comes to releasing a new season of products. This week the guys in Hastings are showing off their Spring/Summer drop of Frames and Parts which will be available worldwide at the beginning of next month including Stevie Churchill’s signature Bar.

Click through for exclusive first look at what is new for this season…  Continue reading

FBM 9 Inch Black Flag Bars


FBM‘s new Black Flag Bars are now available in an additional meaty 9 inch rise. These bars are handmade from straight gauge 4130 in house at FBM’s machine shop in New York and tested by FBM’s finest so you know these are built to take it.  Hit up your local shop and get ‘em to nab you a set.

Colours: Gloss Black, Clear
Rise: 8.625″, 9″
Width: 29.5″
Back Sweep: 12 degrees
Up Sweep: 2 degrees
Material: Straight Gauge, 0.065″ wall main bars, 4130 Chromoly

Click the image to see it supersized or head over to FBM’s site to see more.

Volume Drew Hosselton Barista Bar Promo

More fire from Volume Bikes. Here’s Drew Hosselton’s promo for his signature Bars which are available now…

Here’s some extra clips that didn’t make the cut from Mr Hoss’ upcoming Volume DVD section to promote his new signature handlebar, the BARISTA! With a solid 9″ rise and a 29″ of width, this bar is perfect to meet your size quota while still allowing you to spin em when you want. Grab a cup of your favorite morning brew and give Drew a few plays.

Fit Trans Ice Blue Mac Frame



The Fit Bike Co MAC Shawn McIntosh signature frame has been out of stock for a little while but Fit just dropped a new batch with the addition of this translucent ice-blue finish shown above and it’s looking sexy as hell.  Mac’s signature Bars are also available in this rad finish if you felt like getting the matching set. Hit up your local Fit dealer to bag yourself one of these beasts.

90East Tremont Bars

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Here is a look at a new set of handlebars from the east coast based brand 90East. The Tremont Bars are 8.5” Tall, made in the USA, and come in gloss black and clear. Lino Gonzalez had a big input on these bars and they are the perfect option for anyone looking for a solid set of bars with reasonable dimensions.

-Made in the USA from 0.65” Wall 4130 Chromo
-28” Wide
-8.5” Tall
-4˚ Upsweep
-11˚ Backsweep
-10.75” Crossbar Width
-6.25” Crossbar Height
-0.75” Crossbar O.D.

The Tremont Bars are available now through 90East dealers worldwide or can be ordered from their online store HERE. Hit em.

Tree Woodgrain Parts


After going on about how much I love woodgrain parts  a few months back, it’s awesome to see that the guys at Tree are doing another run of their components in a wood finish wrap.

Tree Woodgrain finish is going to be available for all our parts this summer! Handlebars, stems, sprockets, sprocket guards, hubs, headset caps, headsets, seat post, pegs, forks, and barends.

Check out some more photos HERE-  Continue reading

Spotted – Autum Berlin Bar


Here’s a sneak peek at the new four piece bar from German brand Autum Bikes. Aptly named the Berlin Bar after their home town, these unique street ready ape hangers will be available in both flat black and chrome and feature a nice lazer etching for the logo and graphics. No word on the specs yet, but if you are looking for something a bit different up front with an old school vibe go hit up the boys from Berlin today find out where you can pick up a set this Summer.

Chase Hawk Bike Check

Chase Hawk Bike Check

Head over to Ride BMX for a bike check with the one and only Chase Hawk. Chase is riding a prototype of his Cult Hawk V2 frame which we posted last month and you can get a much better look at the wild graphics and s-bend seatstays which got a lot of you talking.

Chase is also running an updated version of his signature Cult bars and talks about a new signature stem he has in the works with Odyssey…

Deluxe Welcome Bars


Deluxe’s new USA made Welcome Bars are now available. Welded up in California by Solid Bikes, these bars made to Mark Potoczny’s spec and size preferences and are made of straight gauge 4130 chromoly to keep them super tough and stiff. Available in both 8.5″ and 8.7″, the Welcome Bars come in either Black or Raw and can be ordered from any Deluxe dealer today.

Hoffman 2015


After some mystery as to the fate of Hoffman Bikes, it looks like the Condor and his brand are back with big plans for 2015. Head over to Matt’s Instagram page for a sneak peek at their 2015 product range including bikes, frames and what will get a few of you older riders talking, a re-release of the old Low Drag bars spotted above on his new ride. I’m excited to see Hoffman back in the game and cant wait to see what they have planned for the rest of the year.

S&M Seahawks Kit


I know next to nothing about”Football” but our US contributor assures me that a few of you football fans will be psyched on this one. Mike Hoder had S&M Bikes do a limited run of these Seattle Seahawk colored BTM frames, Hoder Bars and Pitchfork XLT forks in the neon green and navy fade. If you’re looking to get your hands on these, you better have your local shop hit up The Building Distribution to get you some ordered up before they’re all gone…

New Fit Dugan Bar


Tom Dugan’s bigger Fit Bike CoDugan Bars are now available in gloss clear and this sexy-regal-ass ‘trans ox blood’ red to match his signature frame. These bars now come in at a taller 8.75 inches tall, but the 8.45″‘s are also still available. Measuring up at 28.5 wide, 12 degree back sweep and 1 degree up sweep….oh and they weigh 2.1 pounds in case you’re asking.